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Ensign Anton Richards: Anton's Having a Bad Day

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Awesome job with this one! @Anton Richards!


[[Inside the burned-out library, Calabrum, Unknown Planetoid]]

Richards: It looks like Christmas has come early. 

Alieth sighed. He couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. 

Alieth: Ensign, what did I say about remarks about elves??

Anton’s impulses already had another joke already loaded into his verbal slingshot, but with his eyes finally reaching normal levels of light reception, he decided against it. 

Richards: You didn’t tell me there were going to be consequences for my actions! ::Rubbing his head again::

Alieth observed Anton with her typical Vulcan concern. This comforted and concerned Anton both at the same time. He preferred to pretend things like these didn’t happen.

Alieth: Are you sure you have no symptoms that could be concerning? I would be interested to check you, what you have done a minute ago…

At that moment, voices were heard closer and closer, in the direction in which the children had fled, followed by the guards.

They were running out of time.

Alieth: Pick up everything you have found useful and that you can hide in your clothes, ensign, and let us go, we cannot be discovered here.

Anton shook his head once more, finally starting to feel half-human again.

Richards: Yes sir!

Anton looked around at the nothing he had found and just began gathering anything that looked like it could be salvageable. These items included, his vendor advertisement, a golden chain with markings Anton didn’t recognize, and a half burnt book titled “How to write explosive endings… in which the last half of the book was lost to the fire. 

Just before leaving Anton bent down and picked up the feather that had fallen from Alieth, he tucked it away and made a mental note to ask about it later. 

Alieth had gathered what looked like a collection of tombs before heading towards the exit, Anton shortly joined her, Alieth gathered one last piece of evidence, and they headed to find the rest of their team.

[[A few minutes and a lot of wandering later, Fountain at Guilds Square, Calabrum, Unknown Planetoid]]


When they finally made it to the guild square, Katsim and De Scheppes were already waiting for them there, as well as a new member of the group, a tiny Coffee Drake sleeping on the scientist's shoulder.

Alieth:  ::As a greeting, gesturing at the purple creature:: Why do you have that on your shoulder?

Anton chuckled childishly, he liked this little drake, he pointed out one finger and curled it playful towards the drake. 

Richards: Is he friendly?

Katsim /De Scheppes: Response

The Vulcan's unslanted eyebrows furrowed deeply.

Alieth:  :Take that back to... "our home" is both highly irregular, and perhaps hazardous, I cannot allow it :: Alieth noticed the look in the two women's faces and, at this stage, she decided to leave the subject for later, focusing on what was most relevant::: What have you found so far? Anything you can tell us about these Guilds?

Anton looked over at Alieth with an exaggerated open mouth, and began talking to the drake in a child like tone. 

Richards: Oh, don’t listen to the mean lady. You're the cutest. 

He then playful placed his finger on the drakes nose, the drake bit him without hesitation. A faint image of a steaming cup of hot liquid shot into his brain. It was relaxing for a moment… Then he took a step back and felt an itch in his eyebrow. His face twitched and wrinkled, it was like an itch somewhere between his skin and his eye socket. It couldn’t be scratched. 

Katsim /De Scheppes/ Alieth: Response?


Richards: I think I’m fine. I’m just…. Itchy.


Anton relentlessly waved his arms around trying to scratch a part of his back in which he apparently could not reach. His eye still twitched with a slight but very annoying discomfort.


Katsim /De Scheppes/ Alieth:


[[Tags! & TBC]]


Ensign Anton Richards

Security Officer

USS Thor


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