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Ensign Talas Beck: Oliver Branch Mk2

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Just a bit of wonderful character development...

((USS Narendra, Crew Quarters, Deck 9)

It had been a long day, and a stressful one. Talas had slumped into his temporary quarters aboard the Narendra. One of the benefits of being a support vessel is less people onboard, which meant he did not have to double up with anyone, he had some small quarters to himself which was always a welcome relief.

The recent mission had once again, like the Borg did, shown Talas how close they come to losing their lives in Starfleet. One mistake, one surprise by the enemy, one system failure could doom a lot of people. It was this thought that kept bringing Talas back to his family, his mother was king and caring and genuinely wanted what was best for Talas even if she didn’t agree with his choices. His Father was different, his Father despised him and his choices and wasn’t afraid of making that clear.

Talas knew he did not want to leave this life without having at least attempted to reconnect with his Father. Their last conversation had ended quickly, he knew his Father was angry and had never really got a chance to vent at Talas, in truth Talas could not put up with it.

Grabbing his pad, he opened a blank letter and started to write.


Before you disregard this letter, I implore you to read it through and take time to consider my request. I know you’re angry and I have never truly given you the time or space to tell me about your frustrations, and for you to hear mine. I want us to have that time.

I’ve recently had some quite frightening experiences, I expect most the details are classified but they’ve involved the Borg and as you may have seen on the Federation News Service, the Klingons. The ship that was involved in a battle over Qo’nos was the ship I am currently on, I was at the helm for the battle, it was a truly scary experience. It has made be re-evaluate a lot of things, including my relationship with you and Mother.

Putting my thoughts down in writing, I hope, will serve as a platform for us to reconnect. We would just get angry at each other speaking in person, whereas writing gives both of us time to think about over points of view, and understand the others point of view, they key to a good debate is both sides understanding the view of the other, why they hold those views.

I want to assure you that I understand your viewpoint, the Cardassians committed horrific atrocities to you, our people and our planet and I don’t doubt that many Bajoran’s would happily see the Cardassian population wiped out. However we have to understand that the occupation is over, to continue to punish and not attempt to build connections to create a stronger bond that will stop things like the occupation happening again is key. Hoarding resentment at something that has a viable solution is illogical. I understand why that’s difficult and why you find it hard to move on from what the Cardassian’s did to you

I know you did not approve of my relationship with Gilana, but she was right for me, and that’s all that should matter. Neither Gilana and I were born when the occupation finished, she, nor I can be punished for the actions of her people. I think Cardassia received enough punishment at the hands of the Dominion. Gilana died several months ago, in an shuttle accident, it’s a shame you never got to meet and understand that she was a good person, she wasn’t a Cardassian officer in the occupation, she was a normal citizen.

There is a planetary controller’s conference at Starbase 118 in a few months, where I posted, in a few months. I’d like to invite you and Mother to come and visit, it could be part of your work. I’d be proud to show my parents around the base.

Please consider the request, I know it’s a long flight from Bajor to this side of Federation space, but I hope it’s worth it.



Ensign Talas Beck
Starbase 118

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