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Second contact mission with Venthian in grave jeopardy for USS Arrow

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VENTHIS, ALPHA ISLES — Ordered to the planet Venthis following the conclusion of their guard at Theta 122, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) proceeded to the unusual world, expecting a standard diplomatic conference with the leaders of the Venthian civilization.

After a long, devastating and planet-wide war, the people of Venthis finally placed the most pressing of their problems behind them, concluding the conflict and achieving the technology for warp drive at an astonishing, unprecedented rate. Apart from this oddity, there were no indications of irregularity.

“Starfleet remains eager to make allies and acquaintances in newly explored territories,” explained Lieutenant Commander Balgadar, Communication Adjunct to the command staff of Starbase 821. “Though the Alpha Quadrant has been largely explored, many of our records are out of date, and societies may have easily become space-faring in the years since the last exploratory vessel has crossed their path.”

The Arrow is tasked with a second contact mission with the society on the planet Venthis, both as a prelude to stronger relations and to serve as an opportunity to assess the planet’s readiness for membership in the Federation, a prospect that, according to prior reports, interested the Venthians a great deal.

Commander Randal Shayne detailed an away mission to tour certain facilities, while the Arrow crew welcomed Venthian dignitaries aboard the ship. LtCmdr. Quentin Collins was in charge of the away team to Kordel City, to meet and greet some of the local population and inspect the new technology which had propelled the Venthian civilization toward remarkable stability.

In the Feren Industries Tower, the away team revealed the source of the Venthian power; a stabilised chain of Omega molecules miraculously produced the planet’s entire energy output. Around this time, the Arrow detected these readings, and after a moment’s confusion, the crew decided on retrieving or eliminating the molecule, much to the chagrin of the visiting dignitaries.

Adding to this sudden tumult was the discovery of poison in several drinks provided to the away team. Newly arrived Dr Cassandra Mason, along with the rest of the medical staff, broke away from their consensual study of Venthian war veterans (research designed to speed up treatment options for those with chronic injuries). Along with the poison, signs of radiation from the Omega power source cropped up on the planet.

Between the threat of uncontrolled destruction through Omega, rogue Venthian factions determined to keep the molecule to themselves, and the political obligations of these various parties, the situation on Venthis remains both uncertain and dangerous.


Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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