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pNPC Cdr. Hatfield - Into The Wilds

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I just love a good bad guy sim ❤️


((High Orbit. Qo'Nos.))


Hatfield: Open fire!


Idiots! Buffons! Morons!

The trap had been sprung upon the Narendra far too soon by overeager commanders of third-rate Cult vessels.

Her opening shot smashed into the Federation vessesls shields. And then the Narendra vanished. Actually vanished like smoke into mist.


Hatfield: Where did she go!? Find the Narendra!


Federation vessels didn't have cloaking devices as standard, and especially not clapped out old buckets like an Ambassador-class. Suddenly, the minefield began to move, swarming after an unseen target.

It had to be the Narendra and Hatfield slammed an angry fist into the arm of the command throne. An instant later she was out of her seat, a heavy blow landing upon the shoulder of her helmsman.


Hatfield: Follow them, you fool!


She hissed in anger as the wildly flowing stream of mines detonated in a ripple of explosions that inflicted crippling damage upon the Cult vessels shields. The Narendra flickered into view, smashing a torpedo into the exposed belly of one vessel. There were more explosions as the ship began to break apart, it's death throes ensaring and dragging down it's companion.

The main viewscreen brightened then, as the Vakh'Tol powered up and heaved to. Her eye darted around the viewscreen as the rapid series of events were processed, watching still as other Klingon vessels scrambled to get clear of the disintegrating Bird of Prey and the seemingly wild torpedo volleys.


Hatfield: Get the Narendra back on screen. Now!


The view snapped instantly to the Narendra, and she was bearing down upon them rapidly. There was the flash of a torpedo launch and Hatfield barely had time to open her mouth to bark an order at her stunned-looking helmsman. The torpedo missing them, but only just.

The shockwave from it's detonation shook the Chang-Vor'ch like a toy in the bath, shattering screens and causing consoles to explode outwards. The main viewer was reduced to scrolling static, and Hatfield was slammed sideways against her throne. Pain blossomed in her side and face, with her spitting blood onto the deck. Her bridge crew and bodyguards were scattered as leaves on the wind, being banged about just as much as her. And Malle Zistra, her Betazoid navigator was the worst off laying face down in a spreading pool of her own blood.


Hatfield: Get us out of here!


The green-collared helmsman looked at her dumbfounded, his face bloody mask from the slice across his cheek.


Hatfield: Now damn you!


In the end, it was her chief weapons officer Lieutenant Danzuc that got behind the helm controls and put them into a rapid about turn. The hefty Klingon punched the engines, getting them well clear of Qo'nos before sending the ship streaking away at warp. Spitting another gobbet of blood onto the deck, Hatfield stalked to the lift at the rear of the bridge. She clicked her fingers at her guards and they hauled the helmsman to his feet, dragging him between them as they followed her from the bridge.

They dragged him along the ships main corridor, stopped beside their commader beside an airlock door. Hatfield jabbed the button and they hefted him. Suddenly realising what was happening, he began to kick and scream and plead. The guards simply tossed him in and Hatfield sealed the door.

Silently through the glass he screamed and pounded at the door.


Hatfield: You failed me today. And one failure is one too many times. Goodbye, Mr Fredericksen.


She pressed a key, ejecting the former Marine from a ship that was travelling only a little under warp eight.



Commander Vivienne Hatfield.

Former OC, USS Valeria.

Former FL, House Kravzo'ch.


Simmed by;


Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell.

Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer.

Starbase 118 Operations.


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