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Scotty Reade - Old Wounds

Scotty Reade

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Scotty was getting ready for what was a big day. He was being re-assigned as Captain to the USS Artemis, a newly retrofitted Sovereign-class vessel. He was to meet his new crew today at Starbase 20 as he was walking towards the XO's room on the base. He arrived outside the XO's cabin. He did a gentle knock on the door. "John! You ready to go to the briefing?" said Scotty. John replied, "Yes! One second." The door opened, and John appeared.

They both walked to the briefing room, where they met the commanding officer of Starbase 20. They were going to go over some briefing items before they were allowed on the ship.

"Welcome, All!" said the CO. Scotty and John both took their seats. After a few minutes of introductions, the discussion went into operations. The first thing that was brought up in the debate on how the ship design was changed to reflect the issues of the previous Sovereign-class vessels. These changes were mainly intended to overcome the problems that were present during the visit to Telstrus 3. Scotty remembers this well as he was the XO at the time on the USS Galway. Scotty was asked by the CO of Starbase 20 to provide a brief response to what happened on Telstrus 3.

Scotty started his flashback into why he hated that mission so much.

The crew of the USS Galway was on a routine patrol mission when they received a distress signal coming from Telstrus 3. The Captain musted an away team from the Galway that would beam down to assist. The away party consisted of me, an engineer officer, a science officer, and one security officer. I oversaw the away team. After gathering our gear, we beamed down to the surface.

The first thing that we noticed was a heavy dust storm on the planet's surface. This severely impeded our vision and made our tricorter useless due to the dust in the air. The team started walking towards the colony. The first thing that we noticed was the colony looked like it had been abandoned for a long time.

"Phasers on the alert team!" said Scotty. He was nervous that they might be walking into a trap as they walked into the colony. Scotty decided to radio the Galway bridge give them an update.

"Bridge, Scotty here do you Copy," said Scotty.

"Loud and clear, Scotty, what do you have?" replied the bridge.

"The colony seems abandoned; looks like no one has been here for years," said Scotty.

"Copy Scotty, look around, but preceded with… "replied the Galway bridge.

"Bridge, message was choppy, say again," said Scotty.

Suddenly, a bunch of people started firing their phasers at us.

"Take cover! Fire back!" said Scotty.

The teams started to shoot the intruders. They managed to subdue all the intruders. One of the security officers took a phaser shot but was expected to survive.

"Bridge! What the hell, we were shot at!" replied Scotty.

"Beam us back up!" said Scotty.

"Beaming up now!" replied the transporter team.

As we resurfaced on the vessel, we noticed that the ship was on a red alert. I asked what was going on.

"What's happening!" said Scotty.

"Were under attack! They were hiding in the clouds of Telstrus 3." Replied the transport officer.

Scotty ran immediately to the bridge. He walked into the bridge and noticed there was a bulkhead breach on the bridge. Luckily the forcefield had engaged in containing the breach.  It seemed the Captain got injured from the debris field.

"Scotty! I am transferring the conn to you." Replied the Captain.

"Copy! Commander, I will get us out of here," replied Scotty.

Scotty asked the helm to warp us out. But the damage to the ship was so severe that it knocked out the warp drive.

"How've shields?" asked Scotty.

"10%, sir. Failure eminent," replied the tactical officer.

"Copy! Fire all we have got into that ship; I want it destroyed," replied Scotty.

After a few moments of tense fighting, the team was able to destroy the enemy vessel.

"Vessel destroyed!" replied the tactical officer.

"Good! Damage report please," replied Scotty.

"Major hull damage. Breaches on Decks 1,6,7 and 10. We have no warp drive/impulse engines now as well. Engineering is working on getting the warp drive back online. 15 casualties." Replied the tactical officer.

Scotty felt his heart sink, they were lured into a trap, and it almost got the ship destroyed.  

After a few hours passed, engineering was able to get the warp drive online. The only downside is we could only go max Warp 3 due to the damage done to the warp core.

"Starbase 20, this is Scotty, acting captain of the USS Galway. We have sustained major damage from a rouge vessel in orbit near Telstrus 3. We are limping our way back to base. Request immediate medical and engineering teams on hand." Stated Scotty.

"Copy! Glad you guys were able to make it out!" replied Starbase 20.

Scotty was relieved that they made it back, but the Sovereign-class starships needed serious upgrades, he stated.





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