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USS Chin’toka thwarts invasion of Eladar IV; dialogue opens between the world’s member species

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ELADAR IV — While on a First Contact mission to Eladar IV, the crew of the USS Chin’toka stopped an invasion by Caraadian forces, leading to talks between the planet’s two leading species.

The crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) is now on its way back to Deep Space 26 after an exciting conclusion to their First Contact mission. As previously reported, the ship’s crew detected what seemed to be a test flight of a warp-capable vessel, leading the ship’s Acting Captain, LtCmdr. Serala to investigate and subsequently initiate a First Contact with the inhabitants of Eladar IV.

The First Contact suddenly went all wrong when a Caraadian warship showed up in the system and forced the crew to defend the planet from being invaded.

After having gathered sufficient information to make the First Contact, Serala led a small team down to meet with some representatives from a group of people who identified themselves as Feladoni. While talks were underway, Serala apparently secured permission for a small science team, led by LtCmdr. Lael Rosek to beam down to the planet in a remote location.

The planet has three sapient species, two of which are equally advanced technologically, and it was the second group, called Mekra’fari, who kidnapped the science team and took them below ground while also disabling contact with the ship.

“All I can say is that there are some rare metals and crystals in those caves which interfere with our sensors,” reported Crewman First Class Varng. “Anything more than that is classified.”

Meanwhile, we have learned a Caraadian warship entered the system and began a dialogue with the Chin’toka. Our reporter on the inside said LtCmdr. Toryn Raga attempted a diplomatic discourse with the Caraadian ship, but once they lowered the shields, the Caraadians opened fire. A skirmish ensued, both sides launching fighters and shuttles. They reported no losses of Starfleet personnel in this conflict. Losses on the Caraadian side remain unknown.

Upon learning about the kidnapping of her team, Serala led a small force of her own squad combined with Feladoni troops to rescue her people. They encountered several Caraadians who had made it down from their ship, assaulting the helpless Mekra’fari and the kidnapped away team.

“I can only say the loss of life to the Mekra’fari was high and reprehensible,” commented Serala when pressed. “I am not sure what recourse the Federation has here, but I intend to file a detailed report with them hoping sanctions can be levied against the Caraadians for what they have done here.”

Leaders from both the Feladoni and the Mekra’fari have opened talks to reconcile some differences they have had with each other, and there is optimism that things will work out for the two peoples. Meanwhile, the Chin’toka is now en route to their homeport of Deep Space 26 and looking forward to a quiet downtime.


Written by Toryn Raga

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