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Federation News Service Briefing: Stardate 239804

StarBase 118 Staff

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The Federation News Service is a spinoff of the StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, reporting news headlines from across the United Federation of Planets to Federation citizens, along with other reader-submitted stories from other RPGs and fan works. Here are the latest stories published by the FNS:

Unsealed Cardassian records implicate restaurateur in collaborator controversy Stardate 239804.02
ASHALLA, BAJOR — Iba Sizo, owner of the popular Bajoran-Terran restaurant chain The Orb of Taste, stands accused of having collaborated with the Cardassian occupation government.

Tetraball legend Taase Ripre dead at 109– Stardate 239804.23
ASHALLA DISTRICT — Remembered for her rise to fame playing for the Varan Vipers, winning a record eleven Trinity Sector Champions League trophies, over twenty various league titles, and a record of fourteen Trinity Sector Challenge Cups.

Food poisoning outbreak connected to popular starbase sandwich shopStardate 239804.26
THE BORDERLANDS — An outbreak of food poisoning resulted in over 300 hospitalizations on Deep Space 224 last week, prompting station officials to order the temporary closure of all restaurants in the station’s commercial sector.

Rumours of Iconian Artifacts spark archaeological “Gold Rush” in the Alpha Isles – Stardate 239804.30
THE ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT – After the recent discovery of Iconian “Gate” technology on Isles planet Theta 122, the region has become a new hotbed for independent treasure hunters and archaeological expeditions.

Interested in keeping the public updated on the latest developments across the Federation? The Federation News Service welcomes both one-time and regular story submissions.

Enjoy a creative avenue for simmers, role players, and fan fiction writers to develop the larger prime Trek universe. What’s going on in the entertainment world of the Federation? What’s happening back home on Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, and beyond? You can help shape life in the 24th century! Learn more at fednewsservice.com.

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