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USS Thor crew causes an infinite diversity of mischief on Vulcan

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VULCAN — Within days of the ship’s arrival, authorities reported a disturbance and theft at the venerable ShiKahr Museum of Political History.

“It was certainly a shock!” Ensign Kellan Glass, recently assigned to the Thor, was on scene and spoke vigorously in defence of their shipmate. “I graduated with Anton (Ensign Anton Richards) and I share quarters with him on the Thor so I should know him pretty well.”

What should have been a reserved and sedate period of leave for the Thor has been marked with near-constant shenanigans from officers old and new alike. Glass continued to reflect on the man.

“I mean, you should see the number of moisturisers, balms, hair conditioners and general beauty products he clutters up the bathroom with, but there is no way he would ever steal a coin from the museum to add to his collection. He’s a stand-up guy and as honest as they come!”

Accompanying Glass and Richards was Lt. Cmdr. Lia Rouiancet, the Thor’s Strategic Operations officer.

“To be honest, Cmdr Rouiancet kept a level head throughout it all and didn’t let things get out of control.” On her contribution to the fiasco, Glass had these kind words. “She’s good like that!”

Elsewhere on Vulcan, surprise wedding bells were ringing at the nuptials between Chief Engineer Sirok, son of S’Vek, and the Romulan national Rekika. Reports that this union is politically motivated and part of the so-called NiVar movement are, as yet, unsubstantiated. About his marriage, Sirok offered a few timelessly romantic thoughts.

“It is the most logical course of action.” Nearly overcome with emotion, Sirok paused before going on. “One more step in what must be the future for our peoples.”

With most of the crew still scattered around the planet, the Thor was forced to break orbit to join in a critically urgent search for two officers feared lost in a shuttle crash while travelling home. Early reports are the shuttle crashed after jettisoning its warp core and the ship’s medical team is preparing for the worst.

At the time of writing, the ship’s duty crew could not be reached for comment.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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