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Captain Oddas Aria: Failure of Possibilities

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The way that @Oddas Aria wrote this sim really  made me feel what Captain Oddas was feeling. All the little mannerisms of anxiety and anger. The weight and responsibility of what it really means to be a Captain in a really tricky scenario. Really had me connecting to Aria a lot in the moment. I've been thinking about it for a good hour or two now, honestly. So I thought it warranted an appreciation. It was well done.
((Bekanar’Klan’s Office, Jem’Hadar Colony, Aturn VII))
Oddas: =/\= Can you confirm that? =/\=

The map with purported mining veins and traps set took a secondary position in her list of things to do for the moment.  The thought that her crew members were captured and being subjugated to Prophets knew what caused the tension headache she had been experiencing back with a vengeance.  The last thing she wanted was to lose crew, not only did it come along with the job she wasn't as aloof as others saw her.  She didn't care to sacrifice life ever.  

Iovianus: =/\= Response =/\=

Any: Response

Dekas: This is all very odd.

Bekanar’Klan: Odd? How so?

Dekas: Do we know what they’re looking for? Or what they’re guarding?

Han: Response
Oddas: Regardless, taking hostages is a surefire way to make sure I believe them less.
She gave the Jem'Hadar pair a sideways glance - she knew she had just obliquely said she trusted the Jem'Hadar more.  In a way, she realized it was true.  The Jem'Hadar were fighting their nature in order for a better life.  It seemed Kaybay was leaning into his own worse pah'wraith in order to further his very typical goals.  
One took heroic effort, the other took practically none.  Her narrowed eyes betrayed some of her discomfort at the idea and tension with the idea her crew were hostages.

Han: Response
As the Marine spoke she realized the tension was layering on top of something else - anger.  Anger was something she was familiar with, anger at her family, anger at some of her instructors, anger with others, anger with aliens taking her crew.  It didn't even matter what the Major was saying she kept thinking about the failure she could become.
By the time Bekanar'Klan responded she was struggling to keep it at bay.

Bekanar’Klan: Then, perhaps we should mount a foray into the mines while we wait on Strapek to arrive? I have more than enough soldiers here, along with your own people Captain.

It was a plan, a solid plan, and one that might give them answers.  She paused to count the Major and Minor Vedeks to be sure she wasn't reacting out of anger.  Her fingers clinched more tightly, digging her artificial nails into her upper arm where she had crossed her arms.

Osasad’Mon: We should attack the DaiMon's ship at the same time use the element of surprise!
The words had come out as a snarl, the Second was obviously itching to do something.  Looking at the Jem'Hadar's face she saw the hardened battle ready face of a brutal warrior staring back.  Aria had seen the same face on militia fighters back home - including her mother.  She had even seen it more recently on the face of a Starfleet Marine that had been the source of consternation for her.

Oddas: If we attack Kaybay could simply decide to kill the hostages. ::she paused and considered:: We'll give the Juneau a chance to rescue the hostages, if that doesn't work we can resort to ::feeling her nails dig deeper:: other measures.

Han/Dekas: Response
Bekanar’Klan: I can have a tactical unit ready in 5 minutes, Captain. And I will accompany you. And since the Second seems eager for a fight, he can come along as well.

She looked at the map and back towards the others.  Bekanar'Klan's statement brought up an unfortunate reality - she tended not to go into battle.  Aria could fire a phaser, hit most things she aimed at, if the object wasn't moving too quickly and precision wasn't required.
As if sensing her discomfort the Second perked up in that happy disappointment of a tone she had heard on bullies before.

Osasad’Mon: If you feel your team is up for it, of course.

Oddas: We're up for it.  Major Han, prepare a team, recall anyone you need from the Juneau.  I want us to be ready to transport to that location 5 minutes.
She pointed to the map and a location where it seemed the traps were most concentrated - directly around the entrance of the tunnel the Away Team had disappeared from.

Han/Dekas: Response
Oddas: That's how long the Juneau has to get our people free peacefully.
The snort of derision from the direction of the Second was enough indication of what he thought of the plan.
Bekanar’Klan: Response
Oddas: We have experience with that too.  We'll all beam over together.
Han/Dekas/All: Response
Suddenly the weight of the phaser on her belt - long forgotten since the beam down - made itself known.  She knew some people felt the weight of a weapon as power, for Aria it meant she had done something wrong, missed a way out, missed the path that didn't require violence.  The feeling added to the anger that was welling up in her.  Before long the nails would be drawing blood from the pressure she was pushing into them.

Any: Response


Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Juneau, NX-99801

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