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Our 2022 Donations Drive starts today – we need your help!

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SB118 Donation Drive

Our community and game are 100% member funded, and we’ve been very thankful to have a growing cohort of recurring and first-time donors who are helping us meet our growing costs every year. In 2020 and 2021, some very generous donors even donated so much we were able to end our monthly donation appeals and complete the drive before they even started! Many thanks to those who contributed to get us here, and we’ll be doing another post in a few weeks with a full recounting of their names.

We’ve now flipped over to our 2022 fiscal year, and need to set our sites on our May 2022 donation drive deadline. We already have $1,197 (68%) of our $1,762 goal, which means we have $565 to go before next May.

Can you donate today to help get us toward that goal of being fully funded by next May? It only takes a few minutes and your contribution is securely processed.

Our donation costs go toward website hosting, software licensing, and other gadgets and gizmos that keep the site online and humming along. Without fundraising these costs, there’s no way we could keep our site online, including the massive wiki that houses over 46,012 pages (13,115 meaningful content pages) and 18,898 uploaded files. Not to mention our forums which carry hundreds of thousands of posts going back to 2003.

We offer the option for one-time and recurring donations if you prefer to donate less on a longer-term basis, we’ll handle the charge for you monthly!

Please consider the value and enjoyment our community brings to your life and join our donors with a $5, $15, or even $50 contribution today.

Thank you so much for your support!

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