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USS Resolution to mediate colonisation conflict on Vionus IV

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VIONUS IV — The USS Resolution (NCC-78145) has arrived at Vionus IV, an uninhabited planet whose colonisation rights are currently in dispute.

Rights to the plant’s colonisation are contested by two races: the Thama and the Nascaik. Vionus IV occupies an area of space not currently claimed by either race. Each believes the planet is critical to their survival. The dispute could turn violent as both parties threaten war.

The Thama claim they can use the flora and fauna on the planet to further their medical and scientific research, while the Nascaik believe rare minerals in the world’s crust would serve to further their militaristic ambitions. Neither race sees a solution allowing them to cohabitate on the planet.

Both races have agreed to allow the Federation to serve as third-party mediators, and Starfleet has dispatched the crew of the Resolution to facilitate the discussion.

As Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti is under observation at Starfleet Medical, leading the talks is the Resolution’s Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, and Counselor Lieutenant Junior Grade Meidra Sirin.

“One of the most logical progressions of exploration is to become invested in the continuous peace of the various cultures we encounter,” explained Sirin. “I look forward to working with Commander MacKenzie to determine how best to maintain that peace while serving in the best interests of both sides involved.”

The crew has made several modifications to the starship systems to accommodate delegates from both races, including modulated gravitational systems for the Thama, used to a lighter gravity on their homeworld, and re-breather units for the Nascaik, whose atmosphere contains higher amounts of methane, typically lethal for most humanoids.

“Commander MacKenzie hopes these amendments will serve as a demonstration to both races of the commitment by the Federation to serve as an impartial third party,” added Cultural attaché Lieutenant T’Shel.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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