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USS Constitution attacked by Orion Syndicate in Shahar Nebula

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SHAHAR NEBULA — Sent to investigate unusual energy readings and an under-producing dilithium mine, the USS Constitution discovers Orion pirates.

Despatched to the Shahar Nebula near the southern edge of Federation space, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) to investigate some unusual energy readings coming from a stellar nursery within the nebula, and the expected reduction in production from a nearby dilithium mine.

Sending a team to the mine and an array of probes to the stellar nursery, the crew of the Constitution appeared to face a simple mission of scientific exploration and a routine well-being check on a Federation installation. However, the situation deteriorated rapidly when two of the energy anomalies were revealed to be ships belonging to the Orion Syndicate.

Under attack by both ships and faced with the additional problem the pirates appeared to have determined the ship’s shield frequency, Commodore Jalana Rajel elected to separate the ship in order to mobilise the stardrive and create two targets.

Unfortunately, one of the pirate ships was equipped with an illegal tricobalt torpedo, which it fired during the ultimate phase of separation, shearing off one of the Constitution’s warp nacelles. Modulation of the shield frequencies reduced their vulnerability, but it was too late.

The Galaxy-class starship is a solid and formidable platform, and the Constitution still delivered significant damage to the pirate ships from her phaser arrays and torpedoes. The crew had no intention of losing the fight, given the pirate captain’s stated intention of taking them all captive.

“I intend to blast that ship apart if it’s the last thing I do!” Lieutenant Lystra reportedly exclaimed.

At last contact, the Constitution made preparations to utilise an unorthodox improvised weapon, involving the tractor beam and her own damaged warp nacelle.


Written by Saveron

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