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Poll of the Week: Let’s Talk About Ships, Baby

StarBase 118 Staff

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For once, we’re not going to be asking about relationships, but STARships.

One thing Star Trek has done really well in their fifty-plus year history is that almost every show has a completely different style of spaceship on which the stories take place, and in many of them, the ships themselves almost become characters in their own right (certainly I think the Deep Space Nine and the USS Voyager have distinct personalities).

So, our question this week is, should a new series be commissioned tomorrow, what kind of spaceship would you like to see our heroes (or villains) flying through the stars?

The original Enterprise had the most wonderful colour scheme (why doesn’t anyone else have lavender walls and bright red grilling?) that is very much a product of the time (it’s the 60s! Throw in every colour for new televisions!) and I’m really hoping that when Strange New Worlds starts, the Enterprise looks as mental as it did in the Original Series.

The Enterprises D/E had that giant, massive, humongous entire-culture-on-a-ship vibe, which was really interesting (why don’t we ever see anyone else getting their haircut on a ship) and is something that a new series could explore in more detail (Cetacean Ops anyone?), whilst Deep Space Nine had that we-can’t-go-anywhere-so-bring-the-plot-to-us vibe on their immobile space station. Again, a future series could show us a lot more than *one* promenade and half a dozen offices, and an anthology series exploring the different lives of the different people on board could be cool.

Then, with Voyager and the Cerritos, you have smaller, more specialised spaceships that perform completely different roles in the fleet.

And the less said about Archer’s Enterprise, the better… (jokes).

What kind of ship would you like to see focused on in a future instalment of the fleet?

Click here to head to the forums now and vote in this week’s poll on which you would choose, or let us know your own! Be sure to leave a comment in the thread!

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