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Starfleet prisoner extradited to Qo’nos, rumours of Cult and Syndicate involvement abound

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STARBASE 118 OPS — Klingon Janul of Kravzo’ch, who submitted himself to the authority of Starfleet after an altercation with the Cult of Molor, taken forcefully as Starfleet prisoner to the Klingon Embassy.

Janul was subsequently extradited to Qo’nos along with two officers, while rumours of Cult and Orion Syndicate Involvement abound.

When the officers of Starbase 118 Ops last faced the Cult of Molor, they found in Janul an unexpected ally. Originally thought to be a part of the Cult, during a battle with General Krala, who had ordered him to fire upon the USS Narendra (NCC-26595), he instead sided with the Federation and destroyed the General’s ship.

Since then, the Klingon Empire has sought to return him to Qo’nos. There, he would stand trial for treason and murder.

That ambition came to fruition when someone suddenly seized Janul and dragged him to the Embassy without warning. Sources showed Lieutenant Commander Arturo Maxwell, upon hearing of the Klingon’s detention, immediately raced from his office to intercept.

“Commander Maxwell was only here a few hours ago, and now he’s been forcefully taken away by the Klingons,” commented a spokesperson for the station’s Tactical Department, Petty Officer Third Class Janice Whittaker, on the second officer’s sudden departure. “I — that is, the department — just want him returned as soon as possible.”

Usually requiring a medical exam, before transporting off the base, witnesses testified while Lieutenant Sheila Bailey, Ops’ Chief Medical Officer, did indeed enter the Embassy in order to conduct a medical examination, has not since returned.

Rumours of the Cult abound on the Starbase, sowing more unease, but of even more concern were whispers of the significant role the Orion Syndicate played in sowing unrest between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony by providing supplies to the Cult.

“The Syndicate? The Cult of what?” When asked about the Syndicate’s involvement, Major Tatash deflected all questions. “Is this some sort of weird Holodeck fantasy thing? Not my scene.”

Within hours, however, officers and crewmen alike mobilised. One source stated an old Klingon vessel docked in a hidden bay, silently launched and almost immediately cloaked, though we received no confirmation. Both Commodore Sal Taybrim and First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau, have departed Starbase 118 Ops, leaving the base in the care of Captain Theo Whittaker.

Speculation is teeming as to the outcome of what is likely to be an intense and possibly even violent confrontation, and no one is certain what the consequences might be. More to come as we continue our investigation.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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