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Captain (SFMC) Wes Greaves - Cruelty of Vulcans


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The closing of this scene is a new emotional roller coaster to which we have become accustomed, @Wes Greaves and  @Alora DeVeau as Katsim Peri. Using their characters to make a mini mission of their own they have written more than 40k words (I have no facts but no doubts about this number) with a delicious and exciting arc that has made the characters and the relationship between them grow a lot.

Good job guys! Here for the next arc of this

Now, kiss ;)


Capt Wes Greaves - Cruelty of Vulcans 


((Hours after the Odin’s rescue,  Main Sickbay, Deck 10,  USS Thor))  

Nothingness slowly resolved into something. A sense of feeling. A sense of awareness. The feel of a shifting air on his cheek. A dull aching pain deep within his body, dulled by medication. His ears became aware of a faint beeping sound not far off. Then he heard soft footsteps approach, and then recede. His head swam, trying to process it all.  


How long had he been asleep. Where was he?  


Slowly, Wes Greave's eyes fluttered open. The stark contrast between the lights overhead and the darkness of unconsciousness made him squint his eyes. Ever so gently he turned his head to the side. Alieth sat a few feet away. Dark red surgical scrubs were soaked in sweat… and other dark splotches spoke to the work she'd recently finished. His throat was dry, and as he attempted to speak his voice was weak and raspy.  


Greaves: Alieth… where… where am I? 


Alieth: In the sickbay my friend, you held out for seven hours before Quen could take care of you. 


He turned his head back to the front. Laying flat on his back in the bed, his view consisted of only the ceiling and the lights overhead. Each passing minute made the light seem less harsh as his eyes adjusted.  


Greaves: (Weakly smiling) Well, seems like I made it doc. I'm sure I'll be up and about any moment now, yeah? 


Alieth rubbed her eyes, and looked at her friend. Pale and with dark circles around his eyes. Bruises that they hadn't bothered to remove, not for the moment, on practically half of the exposed skin of his body. 


Alieth: Before that, I want you to understand how you had been doing. You had plasma burns over 36% of your body, a broken arm in three places and seven broken ribs. I had to reconstruct four vertebrae and despite EXTENSIVE use of the osteoregenerator, you have a good handful of medical supplies inside your body to keep everything in place for a few weeks.  I would kick you to the gator deck right now if I did not already know that you were going to ruin my work there, but at this moment I do not even want to look at you.  


He turned his head back to look at his friend. Rattling off his injuries gave Wes a new appreciation for how bad it had been. He was lucky to be alive. Or rather, he was alive due to the exceptional skill of the medical staff. Luck really only played a small part. 


When he finally met Alieth's eyes she gave him THE STARE. One that, however, wasn't as caustic as it used to be since there was a noticeable concern in her dark eyes, one she couldn't suppress in spite of her self-control. It had taken a year, but Wes finally could see past her façade more often than not. She was angry, but she was worried about him. The thought sent a chill through his heart and a shudder down his spine.  


Greaves: So… I take it I won't be up and about any time soon. 


Alieth: Unfortunately, that concussion you had was a bad one, and I want to keep you under observation. Nauseous? 


Greaves: No, not right now. 


Alieth: Well, if it changes, let me know. Now, follow the light. 


His mind was still foggy, and Wes hoped it was due to the drugs in his system and not some lasting injury. Through the fog however broke a single powerful thought. Something that had driven him on that icy rock. A single word that had given him the strength and focus to stay alive until the Thor could save them. Peri. 


Greaves: Wait, Doc, before we start… 


She extracted a small torch from the trolley where the tea was cooling and moved it from right to left, up and down in front of his eyes. Despite his protests, she did not speak until she was satisfied with the test. 


Alieth: Okay, now you can inquire 


Dread filled his chest, preparing to ask the question. He almost didn't want the answer. The unknown was more comforting that the possible. Still, he needed to know. 


Greaves: What about Peri? 


Alieth: She died, Wes. 


The dread popped like a balloon and the man physically recoiled in the bed. Immediately tears sprang to his eyes but he fought them back as best he could, blinking several times. A battle of sorrow and anger began roiling within his mind and threatened to overwhelm him.  


Greaves: No, Alieth, she can't… she can't be.. 


He couldn't bring himself to say it. He tried so hard. Driven so hard. He'd stretched himself past where he ever thought he could have. Fighting through some of the worst pain and exhaustion of his life to keep Peri alive. To save them both. To save her. Her final words echoed in his mind as a tear escaped the corner of his eye and slid silently down his cheek.  


Alieth: She was dead for seventeen minutes and forty-three seconds before we were able to restore her heart rate. 


A faint groaning sound rang out from the next biobed.  Alieth allowed herself a smile, tiny and bright, before she hid it behind her tea cup and took a short sip. 


Alieth: Mister Greaves, welcome Miss Katsim to the world of the living. And be grateful to the Prophets and her Cardassian heritage. 


For a moment he had nothing to say. The weight of the reveal was so shocking, so utterly foreign to the rage and sorrow fighting in his mind, he simply had no reaction. Wes didn't know what or how to feel. Finally, a shocked laugh broke his silence. A laugh that sounded out of place, but felt so right. A laugh that contained within it shock, joy, and life.  


From his bed he couldn't see Peri, even when he craned his neck to try. Still, he called out to his friend.  


Greaves: Peri?  


Katsim: Response 


Greaves: It's… It's good to hear your voice. 


Katsim: Response 


Alieth: Response 


Greaves: Are we going to have any lasting injuries? 


Alieth: Response 


Katsim: Response 


Greaves: I understand. (smiling wider) No more shuttle rides for a little while then.  


Alieth/Katsim: Response


Greaves: Now that you mention it, I really could use a nap. You'll never believe this doc, but I feel like I got hit by a freight train.  


[[End Scene for Greaves]] 



Captain (SFMC) Wes Greaves
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Thor - NCC 82607

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