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USS Arrow begins shore leave, reassigned from Theta 122

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STARBASE 821 — As the situation on Theta 122 grows stable, the crew of the starship Arrow (NCC-69829) returns to Starbase 821 for rest and reorganisation.

Before the start of shore leave, the crew met their new doctor, Ensign Cassandra Mason, a welcome addition to the medical staff. Counsellor R’Ariel busied working with various members of the crew, dealing with personal issues culminating over many months of stressful duty abroad.

Starbase 821 has also made vague reports of a brawl between certain members of the Arrow crew and starbase inhabitants, though this has yet to be reported in an official capacity.

Meanwhile, preparations began to refit the Sabre-class vessel with a somewhat unconventional holodeck. Arrow was not designed with one, and the crew had painfully noted the effect of such a deficiency during the Theta 122 campaign. An ambitious plan, put forward by Ensign Maria Alvarez and then improved by Ensign Hayley Caden and then-Ensign Lase Ander, was authorised by Commander Shayne. In the course of the refits made to the older vessel, space was allocated for the project.

The highlight of the shore leave was a combination party and awards ceremony in the starbase’s holodeck. Lieutenant JG Regan Wilde graciously provided his own family estate as a template for the festivities. There were several promotions, including that of Ander to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and Chief of Security Artinus Serinus to Lieutenant Commander.

After the ceremony, Commander Randal Shayne brought the crew together for a new mission briefing. The planet Venthis, which had recently put its wars behind it and had discovered crude warp capability, were ready for the second contact with the Federation.

While the mission seems straight forward certain lingering questions remain.

The second contact will emphasise diplomatic talks, with a tour of the surface of Venthis used to collect relevant information with which to inform the Federation Council. This may lead to a strengthening of relations between Venthis and the Federation.

“We hope both the Federation and the planet Venthis will benefit from this first overture toward closer relations,” said Rear Admiral Th’yquirn, when asked about Arrow’s reassignment.


Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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