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Lt. Alieth - Welcome back colour

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Now this is how you write an angry doctor! I love the bluntness and harsh vibes you put into this @Alieth. @Addison MacKenzie should be proud.



((Hours after the Odin’s rescue,  Main Sickbay, Deck 10,  USS Thor)) 


Usually the chief medical officer would not push a hover stretcher from the operating room to the recovery room but, once again, Alieth did it. It wasn't the first time that day, just as it wasn't the first time she'd carried a patient into that same box.


With measured movements, she placed the gurney next to the biobed and made the transfer from one to another. Carefully, very slowly, to avoid straining her friend's wounds.


When the procedure was complete, she dropped into a nearby chair and sighed. Her red surgical scrubs were riddled with darker stains, red over red, the collar of the garment sweat-darkened, as if she had run a marathon in the sun in the desert.


Maybe worst.


She closed her eyes for a second and let her shoulders slump. Just for a second. A second of respite. A minute to reminisce, to assimilate and to breathe.


Footsteps approached, soft and quiet almost to where she sat.


A couple of beeps on the side of the biobed.


A deep breath.


She opened her eyes.


The nurse had left, but on the trolley beside the bed was a cup of tea.


One corner of her mouth curved lazily, barely a millimetre.






Alieth: In the sickbay my friend, you held out for seven hours before Quen could take care of you.




She rubbed her eyes, and looked at her friend. Pale and with dark circles around his eyes. Bruises that they hadn't bothered to remove, not for the moment, on practically half of the exposed skin of his body.


Alieth: Before that, I want you to understand how you had been doing. You had plasma burns over 36% of your body, a broken arm in three places and seven broken ribs. I had to reconstruct four vertebrae and despite EXTENSIVE use of the osteoregenerator, you have a good handful of medical supplies inside your body to keep everything in place for a few weeks.  I would kick you to the gator deck right now if I did not already know that you were going to ruin my work there, but at this moment I do not even want to look at you. 


She gave him THE STARE. One that, however, wasn't as caustic as it used to be since there was a noticeable concern in her dark eyes, one she couldn't suppress in spite of her self-control.




Alieth: Unfortunately, that concussion you had was a bad one, and I want to keep you under observation. Nauseous?




Alieth: Well, if it changes, let me know. Now, follow the light.




She extracted a small torch from the trolley where the tea was cooling and moved it from right to left, up and down in front of his eyes. Despite his protests, she did not speak until she was satisfied with the test.


Alieth: Okay, now you can inquire




Alieth: She died, Wes.




She ignored his words and carried on.


Alieth: She was dead for seventeen minutes and forty-three seconds before we were able to restore her heart rate.


A faint groaning sound rang out from the next biobed.  Alieth allowed herself a smile, tiny and bright, before she hid it behind her tea cup and took a short sip.


Alieth: Mister Greaves, welcome Miss Katsim to the world of the living. And be grateful to the Prophets and her Cardassian heritage.


Greaves/Katsim: Response
[[Tag! & TBC]]

Lt. Alieth
Chief Medical Officer
USS Thor NCC-82607
Image Collective Facilitator /Art Director


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