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Ens. Jehe Saja - Dive! Dive! Dive!

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Ensign Jehe aka @Brutus  is a real delight to read. In the short time she has been writing her character she has left us with little gems like this one, in which she juggles several scenes outside the bridge to coordinate her own, with the input of all her writting partners and is able to combine tension, humour, snark and a fine, direct prose that lets us getting to know Saja really well. Plus, why deny it, it's a blast to read this intelligence officer trying to park a whale in a thimbleful of water.

Good work Bru!



((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Thor))

Jehe: Sorry Ma'am, that's about as refined as I can make it.

Rouiancet: That's fine. (beat, thinking) Ensign Glass, you said that we couldn't transport through the planetoid's radiation belt. But if the Odin ran into trouble, another shuttle might as well, especially if we don't know what caused the crash. (another beat) What if we took the Thor down?

Glass:...Thats true Ma'am...although they would have hit it unexpectedly, while we would have the benefit of knowing what the problem is likely to be....that said though, I'd be happier taking the Thor down rather than a little shuttle!

Saja looked at the mess on the viewscreen, then back over at Glass, and for a moment contemplated tartly asking the Ensign if he'd like to take over helm then, if he was happier taking a ship designed to be in the depths of space into an atmosphere.

Jehe: We're not designed for atmospheric operations - not that there is much of an atmosphere down there. ::A frown graced her lips.:: Please tell me we're not going to need to set down on the planet? I have never landed a ship this big...Does it even have landing gear?

Lia gave a brief shake of her head, far quicker than Saja could look up that specific stat about the ship's configuration. Up until this point, it was not something the young Intelligence specialist had needed to know.

Rouiancet: We wouldn't have to land, but what if we went down below 50 kilometers from the surface? Would we be able to do that? Would the transporters be able to cut through the radiation at that distance?

Glass: If the transporters still can't beam them up at 50 clicks from the surface, then we'll have a shorter distance to travel in the shuttle....so either way it's a good idea!

Jehe: Hard to argue with that logic.

She wondered if his enthusiasm was all from nerves, just like her somewhat snarky demeanor. In truth, both of them cared about the occupants of the shuttle. That much had to be clear to the other officers dotting the bridge. With that in mind, the Bajoran redoubled her efforts to calculate the best approach vector, leveraging the ship's computer heavily and trying to remind herself that she had, in fact, flown vessels in the past, even if they weren't quite this large.

Rouiancet: Let's give it a try. (beat, deep breath) Bring us down.

Jehe: Aye ma'am, beginning descent vector.

Kell gripped the sides of his console as the Thor began descending to the planetoid surface - Saja could damn near feel the tension coming off of the man, but she couldn't look back at him, nor the Lt. Commander. Her entire focus was on the controls ahead, eyes flicked up occasionally to visually verify the readings

Jehe: Brace for atmospheric breach.

A light flashed on the panel in front of her, but a quick sweep of her fingers dismissed it. There was hardly any resistance to speak of on the class D world. The transition was thus much smoother than Saja felt she'd had any right to expect. Not that she was going to complain.

Rouiancet: The moment we're in range, I want them beamed out.

Glass: Atmospheric shields holding at 86% Ma'am....the computer will kick in transport as soon as it acquires lock!

Jehe: We're through what passes for the upper atmosphere.::As she spoke, the ship gave a small shudder, which did nothing at all for her nerves.:: Now it's just dealing with the gravity well. Steady....steady...

A whine began to fill the bridge, and Saja realized it was the sound of wind ripping over the ship's hull. In space, nothing of the sort would happen, but even in the thin atmosphere of this tiny rock in space, it was enough to be audibly eerie.

Glass: Transporter lock established.....beam up in progress Ma'am!

Jehe: oOHey, if you're listening, Prophets, now would be a really good time for a favor...Oo

Rouiancet: =/\= Bridge to Transporter Room 1. Do you have them? =/\=

Quen / M. Salo / Richards: =/\= Responses =/\=

Greaves / Katsim: =/\= Responses, if any =/\=

Kell slumped in his seat, letting out a sigh.

Glass: Thank the lord...I thought we'd lost them there for a second!

Jehe: We're not out if this yet

She hated to have to remind him of that, but even as she spoke the Thor rocked slightly.

Rouiancet/Glass: response

Jehe: Now that we're closer, any chance we can pull the Odin up with us?

She didn't care about the ship, not really. She wanted to keep her mind off the injuries that Wes and Peri might have had.

Rouiancet/Glass: Response

Ens. Jehe Saja
Intelligence Officer
USS Thor
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