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MSPNPC Rossk Shes Ar-Dev — Free and open-source society simmed by Yogan Yalu

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Before reading, I'll give some background. Rossk Shes Ar-Dev is a Hypermale (third sex) of the Nascaik. A highly militant society. Hypermales are dying breed and no more are being born and this is also causing population loss planetwide. After much disagreement and a terrorist attack on them by a lone Thama, the Nascaik and the Thama have now agreed to help one another rather peacefully. Foss is Ar-Dev's son, who has voiced his free will of not wanting to become a Hypermale through genetic modification.

It seemed as though the boys voice was the voice of change and reason. The voice that changed the future for others like him. The voice that softened his fathers heart. Justin has again written brilliantly. In this piece he has his trademark humor but then throws in a heavy tragedy that is now unknown to the rest of the characters. The writing and idea is beautifully painful...and the first thing I read after waking this morning.


(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Resolution ))

Ar-Dev:  I have been granted wide discretionary powers to conclude an agreement with the Thama.  I am confident that if we were to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution, Unified Command would ratify it.

Such a solution might also go a long way toward saving Shes’ career, and quite possibly his life.

Vey-Dex: If there are no arguments, I will begin the process of writing the agreement?

Sirin: With the Representative Delegates input, of course.

Vey-Dex: Of course. 

MacKenzie: Counselor Sirin, please work with the delegates to craft an appropriate agreement.

Adea: =/\= Adea to MacKenzie. Check your PADD =/\= 

The commander studied her handheld device for a long moment, then looked back up to each of them in turn, her gaze finally landing on the Thama.

MacKenzie: =/\= I’ll send her down. =/\= ::to Niran:: Delegate, it appears our teams may have found a solution that will bring the rest of our systems back online, but they believe your assistance may speed up the process.

Niran: I would be pleased to serve.

MacKenzie: Ensign Sherlock, please escort Delegate Niran to Sickbay. ::to the group as a whole:: Once Niran has finished in Sickbay and you’ve all had a chance to work on the treaty, we’ll meet back here in several hours to ratify it.

Sherlock: Yes, ma'am. ::gesturing to the turbolift:: Delegate Niran, if you will.

Niran: Of course.

As soon as the interesting security officer had departed the room with the Thama, Shes felt the gravity return to something approximating normal, and he no longer had to brace Himself against railings and consoles to keep from floating away.  The counselor who had been assigned to assist in drafting the agreement approached, but there was unfinished business left to complete first.

Ar-Dev:  Counselor, if you would allow us a moment to speak in private.

Shes didn’t wait for an acknowledgment from the officer, striding instead through the nearest pair of doors and waiting for Malyk to follow.  The space was strange, and Shes couldn’t immediately determine its purpose.  He peered through one of two small cubicles to find an alien-looking bowl-shaped contraption mounted low onto the bulkhead.  It must have been outfitted with a proximity sensor, because as soon as Shes moved in front it, it made a most peculiar flushing sound.

Toilet:  Have a Starflee-terrific day!

Ar-Dev:  ::wearily:: I cannot wait to go home.

Shes moved to the far corner of the small room and spoke in barely audible voice.

Ar-Dev:  Before you begin working on this agreement, Malyk, I need you to do a few things for me. First, have someone from our vessel come get Foss immediately and secure him in quarters until this mission has concluded.  Next, contact the headmaster of the Youth Academy on the homeworld and tell him that I am withdrawing Foss from classes there, effective immediately.  If he asks for a reason, tell him it is a Father’s prerogative.  He will not be pleased, but that will end the conversation.

Malyk was expertly taking notes, and Shes was confident his directives would be followed to the letter.  He paused to let her finish, but not long enough for her to ask questions.

Ar-Dev:  Finally, I need you to contact Re-Education Encampment 29 and inform them that they need to make a bunk available for Foss immediately.  ::beat::  I know the intendant of Encampment 29.  Ask to speak to Avssk Grev Fol-Gan, and tell Him that it is a personal request from Me.  We will arrange to have Foss delivered there once we have returned to our vessel.

No matter how promising this agreement with the Thama, the first of its kind in Nascaik living memory, might be in solving the Hypermale problem, the benefits would likely come too late for Foss.  He would begin maturing soon, and by then, it would be too late for him to be transformed.  Better to send him away for re-education now, than allow the boy to cause more problems later.  Fol-Gan would ensure that Foss’ stay at Encampment 29 would be handled discreetly, sparing Shes the public and professional embarrassment, and that his re-education would be conducted properly.  With dedication and some good fortune, Foss might be able to return to society before he was 30.

Shes and Malyk stepped back out onto the bridge and parted ways, with Malyk ushering Foss with her into the turbolift.  Shes glanced over at one of the bridge consoles, which was coloured differently to all of its neighbours.  Shaking His head, he disregarded the console and the illegible alien script displayed on it:



1.  FOSS  1 780 659

2.  YALU      6 250


[End Scene for Ar-Dev]

[End Future for Foss]


MSPNPC Rossk Shes Ar-Dev
Military Commander, Nascaik Planetary Expeditionary & Defense Forces
Diplomatic Representative, Nascaik Defense Coalition

special appearance by

Wilhelmina Christelle Khazi
Deck 1 Toilet
USS Resolution NCC-78145

simmed by

Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


As you liberate yourself in metaphor, think of others, those who have lost the right to speak.
— Mahmoud Darwish

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