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Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - Souvenirs


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I've been resisting putting this SIM here for a few days now because I think it's too self-indulgent as this scene revolves around my character and one crazyof my own crazy ideas. However, today, when I have re-read it to write a reply, I couldn't help but appreciate how WELL written it is, the perfect mix between letting some space so that others can add to the scene and an absolutely delicious description and development of the scenario as well as the great prose, full of humour and subtleties to which @Geoffrey Tellerhas accustomed us to. So I have no choice but to put it here, because it is well worth reading.

A call out, again, to @Roshanara Rahmanand @Quen Deenabecause without them it wouldn't have been possible, and my absolute and sincere thanks to them too. I hope I can live up to your standards one day.


((CMO's Office, Main Sickbay, USS Thor))
Alieth:  I’m fine. ::She frowned deeply and reworded the statement:: I am fine.
Geoff managed to sit up largely because Cheesecake had a firm grip on the front of his uniform.  With limited dignity and no small amount of slobber on his torso, Geoff found himself propped up against the wall of Alieth's office.  The pain in his skull was diminishing, but in its place was a strange ringing.  
Somehow, he recognized it as the sound of Vulcan bells, although he'd never heard them before.  They rang across a blistering, sandswept ceremonial battleground.  He saw two fighters, wielding the lirpa with desperate, deadly intent.  Geoff realized he was watching a fight he'd seen before, but that time it had been from Serns eyes.  As the fatal blow was struck, Geoff felt a wave of anguish like nothing he'd ever experienced before.  He felt Alieth's pain like it was his own.  The memory faded but the emotions stayed sharp and clear.  
Teller:  But...what about Sern?  What the hell was all that?  
Alieth:  That is rather more complicated, I…
Alieth had managed to keep her seat and most of her dignity, so when she struggled to rise and stand without toppling over Geoff's concern for her was renewed.  She steadied herself eventually then came to his aide, displacing Cheesecake to one side with a few friendly pats and then hauling Geoff to his feet.  Geoff could've been imagining it, but somehow Alieth seemed...different to him.  Her body language had changed, and along with it her tone.  He couldn't be sure what this would mean, but he doubted it was good.  
Alieth:  Sern needs help, expert guidance. Assistance that I can only find in Vulcan.
Geoff found his strength and balance returning, but he still felt profoundly drained from the experience.  He kept having phantom sensations, like the certainty he had sand in his boots or that his non-existent beard was itchy.  Other sensations, like the thrill of driving a nearly out of control ground vehicle and joyfully fleeing trouble with a sister, were not his own.  The taste of chocolate on his tongue and in his nose, far richer and more potent than anything a human had ever experienced. Voices that sounded like shouting Klingons.  It was a distracting collision of memories and experiences, something his brain was apparently having trouble sorting through.  
Teller:  We're in trouble, aren't we?  ::Geoff tapped his temple::  Both of us.  
Geoff met Alieth's gaze and crossed his arms.
Alieth:  I cannot answer that, Geoff, not now, but whatever it takes, I will sort it out, he can count on me :: She gazed into his eyes earnestly, her concern well hidden behind her impassive mask :: And so will you.
Geoff looked to Alieth, and saw many things all at once.  Like looking at light split through a crystal, Geoff saw many shades of Alieth.  The officer he'd come to know and respect.  The woman Sern had loved.  Even Alieth's perspective mingled in, her self-doubt and struggles with her family, her grief, her love of this ship and its crew.  Geoff had to blink it away and focus hard to keep from getting distracted.  Distantly, he wondered how joined Trill kept it all sorted out.  
Teller: I'm not sure how many sets of memories I have in my head at this point, but all of them tell me to trust you Alieth.  ::Geoff forced a grin, if for himself if nothing else::  We'll sort this out, together.  Sern's kinda like family to me at this point, and I'd hate...well, you two have been through enough.  So, now what?  ::Geoff held his hands up defensively::  If you say another mind meld I'm getting a phaser.  And a helmet.  
Alieth:  We shall see, but for the time being I think you should have some rest. And in the next few weeks just... make sure you stay out of trouble. And for once play it safe, troublemaker.
Geoff snorted, glad to see Alieth loosening up fractionally.  oO...troublemaker...Oo Geoff looked back to Alieth's desk, almost forgetting the small package he'd dropped off when he arrived.  
Teller: That reminds me....you should really open that.  
Alieth:  Response
Teller:  Well, you can call it whatever you want, I mostly consider this a warning for others.  
Alieth:  Response
Alieth took the heavy parcel in hand and unwrapped it deftly, exposing the contents Geoff had put together in one of the ships machine shops.  Made from a piece of duranium salvaged from the front engine cowling of his demolished SAG, Teller had worked the metal until it was smooth and flat, with only slightly jagged edges as a reminder of its origin.  On the front, etched into the metal in both Federation Standard and Vulcan were eight words:  
Chief Medical Officer Alieth
Professional Troublemaker
USS Thor
Teller:  I figure you can leave that on the desk, at least give your patients a heads up.  
Alieth:  Response
Teller:  If that was a thank you, you're welcome.  ::Geoff rose, finally confident he could make it to the turbolift without hitting the ground::  I think I'm going to head back to my quarters and sleep for a week.  You need anything else from me? 
Alieth:  Response
Teller:  I'm not sure what worries me more...that you know to ask that question, or that you're not even sure about the answer.  I'll try to explain...Silas...another time.  
Alieth:  Response
Geoff smiled weakly and beat a hasty retreat out of sickbay.  As confusing as the meld had been, he felt a strange vitality returning to him.  For a few moments, he had again been himself as a younger man.  He remembered the passion and drive that had gotten him to the Thor, and more importantly the people who had been part of his journey.  As much as he wanted to sleep on his return to his quarters, Geoff instead sat in front of the computer console and opened a new message.
     Thought you should know you saved my life, again, today.  Appreciate it.  
Separately, you guys ever get the starboard plasma manifold alignment issues under control?  You know how the core gets.  
I owe you one,
     Geoffrey John Teller   
Geoff smiled and sent the message off, then collapsed into bed with his boots still on.  
[Tags/End for Teller!]
((OOC:  Special thanks to Fleet Captain Rahman of the Veritas for taking the time to join us for this arc! I think this turned into something really special.)) 
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding
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