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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

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JP - Capt Greaves, Ensign Richards, & Ensign Glass - Morning Drop Part

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I really enjoyed the sarcasm and banter in this JP between @Anton Richards, @Kellan Glass, and @Wes Greaves.  A fun read, y'all!


((Main Corridor, Deck 6, USS Thor))

Wes Greaves strolled down the corridor, a towel tossed over his shoulder and his face red from exertion. Small beads of sweat rolled past his eyes and with a single motion he wiped them away with the towel.  It’d been a good run. Despite the ship looking generally the same, Wes had wanted to get away from the beaten path of Deck 9 and run somewhere else. Running circles on Deck 6 looked generally the same, but felt a little different. More importantly, it reminded the crew that there were Marines aboard.  To Wes, it contributed to the friendly rivalry between the Marines and their sister departments. A way to say We’re here, and we’re getting ready for the next crisis. Are you? 

Another bead of sweat and another flick of the towel put an end to it. Wes could feel his heart rate starting to return to normal as he made his way to a turbolift. He didn’t recognize many of the faces he saw in the corridors on this deck, which made the face nearby jump out at him. A dozen meters to Wes’s front and walking in the opposite direction, he spotted someone that he thought he recognized from somewhere. The man was familiar, but Wes was having trouble placing the name. After a second, it finally came to him. Ensign Richards. One of the new joins  that checked in when Wes was in command of the Thor. Security if he remembered correctly.

As the two closed the distance on each other, Wes plastered his signature smile on his face.

Greaves: Ensign Richards. I see you’re starting to get settled in.

Anton, who was deeply engrossed in his padd, jumped a bit at Greaves’s greeting. 

Richards: I… Yes Sir! It’s been quite the experience. Talk about getting dropped right into the action! Although I feel that as soon as I got on the ship I was already leaving. I’m looking forward to returning to duty.

Greaves: Good to hear. I’d like to say checking into a new ship isn’t always like that, but I had a similar experience a while back.

Richards: Oh really? Well I’d love to hear about it sometime Sir. 

Greaves: I just finished up with a workout, but I’m starving. Care to join me for breakfast? I could tell you all about it.

It took almost every muscle in Anton’s body to stop the smirk of accomplished that attempted to protrude from Anton’s skull upon getting invited to breakfast with the Chief Security Officer. Some things really did just fall into Anton’s lap. Having just ate Anton makes the only obvious judgment call. 

Richards: Absolutely Sir! I’m starving. After you. ::gestures forward::

Kel was wandering, wandering and thinking were two things that he tried to make time for. Vulcans had their meditating, but Kel prefered to move and think. With Kel’s Tactical role onboard being one where you had to think quickly and work on your wits, he had to make sure that he allowed time for contemplating and taking his time with decisions in almost every other aspect of his life. A ship as huge as the Thor was a great place to wander, its arching corridors seemingly stretching on for miles as they ran their course around the ship. Kel was contemplating what the ship’s doctor had dropped on him and his mind was racing. As he reached a junction, he let his feet do the deciding as he pondered on exactly what could have warranted a memory reconstruction. On autopilot Kel turned the corner and ran straight into two officers coming the other way.


Glass: Ouufff...Sorry::Looking at the two officers:: Sir’s….::Then noticing that the two were the most familiar members of the crew he had met so far:: Ahh Anton! ::Nodding at Ensign Richards, then straightening up a little more:: Captain!

Wes laughed softly and shook his head back and forth a bit seeing the Ensign. Memories of his first meeting with Fleet Captain Kells flooded his mind, although that encounter had been slightly less sweaty…. Or had it? Looking the Ensign over, there was now plainly a wet spot on the man’s chest where Wes’s sweat had rubbed off on the man’s uniform. With a final shake of his head, and a smiler still on his face, the Marine tossed the towel from over his shoulder into Glass’s hands.

Greaves: Ensign Glass. Good to see you again. Might want to wipe yourself off. Sorry, I just finished up a run.

Anton looks at the startled Ensign Glass and smiles.

Richards: ::pretending to tap his COM badge:: Security we have an intruder alert. Some type of walking zombie Ensign. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Kell wiped the stubborn stain, that really wasn’t going to go anywhere until his top was washed….gave up and tossed the towel back at Richards.

Glass: Well I guess Zombies like eating brains...so your safe Anton! ::Flashing him a smile::

Greaves: Jokes aside, we’re on our way to breakfast if you’d like to join us. I figured we could grab something outa the replicators at the lounge. I’ll probably get fewer dirty looks being in workout gear there.

Glass: Yeah sounds good, I was on my way there anyhow!

Richards: ::Nods::

With a nod Wes led on toward the nearest turbolift. 

Greaves: You’ll both enjoy the Valhalla Lounge. Its got a great view out the forward windows, little stage off in the corner for small events, and good ambiance. Half the time they keep the lights dim so you can just relax, although at this time of day its probably fully lit.

Richards: Ah yes. I’ve heard of the Valhalla Lounge before I believe.

Glass: Does the ship have entertainment nights?

With a whoosh, the doors to the lift slid open to reveal an empty turbolift and Wes continued in.

Greaves: (Lifting his head) Deck 5. (Turning to the others) Honestly, I can’t remember any. The former Chief of Security did a little rock show in the lounge once.


((Turbolift, Below Deck 6, USS Thor))

Richards: ::Chuckles:: So you're saying that you have a show coming up soon then?

Glass: My father was obsessed with the Beatles, he even went as far as collecting vinyl records of the band. He swore they sounded better than the recordings on the ship, but it all sounded scratchy and terrible to me.

As the Marine opened his mouth to reply, the faint hum of the lift changed in tone ever so slightly, and suddenly the floor dropped out from under him. For several seconds the trio experienced near weightlessness as the safeties failed and the turbolift fell. Finally, the emergency brakes engaged and with the sound of grinding metal, the lift slammed to a stop, throwing Wes hard to the ground. 

Kell’s stomach, although thankfully not full, lurched and he felt nausea building up but the pain of hitting the carpeted floor of the turbolift distracted him from actually vomiting!

Anton fell backwards into a corner of the turbolift. He managed to stand up quickly. But shortly afterwards bent over placing his hands over his knees and rubbing them. 

Richards: Yup. I’m sure I will be feeling this one for a bit. 

Anton stands up straight and then began looking around the turbolift, seeing if there was some type of furthering safety threat. 

Glass: What the hell was that!::Pushing himself back up to standing:: 

Kell looked at the control panel, devoid of lights, the glassy surface just reflected his own image back at him.

Glass: Great...trapped in a lift with Anton, it isn’t bad enough I have to share quarters with him…

Kell looked around at the two other officers

Anton shrugged Glass’s comment off with a quick grin, He was used to them bickering back and forth from the Academy. 

Wes brushed himself off and retrieved the towel from the ground where it had been thrown. His knee was bleeding ever so slightly from being thrown to the ground forcefully, and he was sure there would be a sizable bruise on his left thigh as well. Otherwise the worst seemed to be over. 

Glass: Are you two ok?

Greaves: I’m alright, seemed the lift is dead though. Richards, you good?

Richards: Besides a jolt to my knees. I think I’m good. 

Glass: It should be a quick fix::Tapping his communicator:: Glass to transporter room, we are stuck in turbolift 2a and need transporting out please?

There was a static sound, but no voice replied to the call.

The Marine frowned and retrieved his own comm badge from the gym shorts he wore. The device beeped a warning when he tapped it.

Greaves: Looks like whatever happened to the lift also disconnected it from the internal communications grid. Either of you a whiz with electrical wiring?

Richards: Not particularly Sir. 

Anton looks towards the panel on the side of the wall, and then to Glass.

Richards: Do you think we should take a look Sir? Expert or not. There isn’t much sense being trapped here.

He glances quickly at Glass. 

Kell, sensed a change in his demeanor, all of a sudden the perfectly adequate internal space of the lift started to look just a little bit smaller, more confined and even though he knew it was just him imagination, he felt the need to breath a deeper gulp of air, almost as if the air was no longer enough in the turbolift.

Glass: Whatever we do, I think I’d prefer it to be on this side of today rather than tomorrow::Kell tried to flash a confident smile, but his apprehension was evident to all::

Greaves: Agreed. (Motioning to the blank interface) Let’s pop that panel off and see if we can’t get us talking to the outside world again. I’m sure we can figure it out. 

Richards: ::nodding and standing behind Glass overlooking the procedure as if he had a clue what was going on:: 

Kell moved to the panel and grasped the top edge before yanking it rather too firmly off the wall. Looking inside at the myriad of circuits and bio gel packs, he turned and gave the look most non engineers give when looking at the inner workings of a ship!

Glass: Where the bloody hell do you start?

Wes frowned. It was a fair question.

Greaves: Worst case scenario, we crack the emergency hatch on the ceiling and climb up to the next deck above us. 

He paused for a second and looked over the faces of the two officers. In all honesty, he kind of hoped for that route. Sounded like fun.

Greaves: Any luck with the panel?

Kell tried to remember anything he had been taught in the academy that might help, but the more he looked at the hopeless mess of components the more he felt a tightening of panic rising in him.

Richards: Do you think maybe that red flashing thing, connects over to this other red flashing thing? ::giving an unconfident and weak smile::

Glass: It’s hopeless...I haven’t the foggiest what half of this does...we move the wrong thing and we could plummet to our ends.

Greaves: Well, climbing we go then. Ensign Richards, I’ll give you a boost. See if you can’t get that hatch open up there.

Wes knelt down and offered a hand and his raised knee as a foot hold. His other knee, still bleeding slightly, dug into the carpet and the Marine gritted his teeth in a momentary wince of pain.

Anton stepped up on Wes’s knee and reached up towards the shaft at the top of the turbolift. He could feel how insecure the turbolift felt.

Richards:  ::Continuing to attempt to reach the top of the lift:: You know? We really gotta start making it a habit to bring an engineer along for our adventures. 

Kell watched as the two men struggled to hoist Richards up to the ceiling hatch. Just as it seemed that they were about to get up there, there was a sudden metallic wrenching sound..the lift fell slightly, maybe only a foot or so, but the sudden movement was enough to give serious thought to the assembled men.

Glass: Jeez...that sounded a lot like the emergency brakes failing to me!

Kell watched as the two men struggled to hoist Richards up to the ceiling hatch. Just as it seemed that they were about to get up there, there was a sudden metallic wrenching sound..the lift fell slightly, maybe only a foot or so, but the sudden movement was enough to give serious thought to the assembled men.

Glass: Jeez...that sounded a lot like the emergency brakes failing to me!

It took nearly all of his effort to prevent Richards from falling and crushing him. As the lift steadied from the short fall, and metal whined in agony, Wes held Richards’ legs tightly to keep him from losing his balance. 

Greaves: Alright, time’s up. Let's get out of this death trap. Up you go Ensign Richards.

Bracing himself against the wall for balance and leverage, Wes stood in a one legged squat, creating a rising platform Richards stood on. With a grimace of effort on his face and a final huff, the man was through the small hatch above. It was a small effort to repeat the process for Glass. Finally Wes was alone in the lift, the two others offering their hands through the hatch above him. He could feel the blood trickling down his leg from the cut in his knee and as he took in the next challenge he winced slightly from a cramping muscle.

Greaves: oO Would’ve gone easier for my workout had I know I’d be doing this afterwards… Oo

Taking a breath and crouching to ready himself, Wes prepared for the jump. Leaping up and catching the Ensigns outstretched hands, he was pulled roughly onto the roof of the lift and into the turbolift shaft.

Glass: We’ve got you sir!

Richards: Up you come now, Sir!

Greaves: (Rolling onto the roof of the turbolift and panting a little) Nothing to it (grin). 

Wes looked around at the walls for a second, his eyes adjusting to the relative darkness. The lift shaft had only sparsely spaced dim lights. After a second he recognized the metal rungs of the ladder embedded in the wall and the Marine pointed in their direction.

Greaves: This lift ain’t gonna wait on us forever. Start climbing. It's just a few meters up to the next deck. Richards, Glass, you two first, but hurry. I don’t feel like riding this thing down to engineering while you two take your time on the ladder.

Kell looked up at the seemingly never ending tunnel and ladder as it snaked its way to wherever these things went. 

Glass: That’s a long way up!

Kell hoisted himself up, the exertion of pushing himself up to the first rung sending whining noises from the turbolift compartment. Eager not to be the solo survivor, he hurried his pace and called down.

Anton was quick behind Glass as he also didn’t feel like seeing exactly how long the lift would hold for. 

Glass: Come on quick, I don’t know how long the emergency brakes will hold!

Richards: I’m hurrying! It’s my damn knee

Anton was moving slower now and beginning to grimace as the shock of the fall had worn off, and he was starting to feel the bruise on his knee begin to swell.

Greaves: Nope, no time. I don’t want to hear it. Get on that ladder. 

Anton nodded once again and gritted his teeth through the climb. 

Kell began climbing upwards, eager to see the bright lights of any deck over the tight confines of the turbolift innards!

Glass: I see a door!

Richards: That’s good news! How much farther?

Anton wasn’t sure if was going to make the climb, just as he sensed that Glass was about to answer him, Anton lost his footing, causing his left foot to slip backwards on the ladder brushing very close to hitting Greaves in the forehead. Anton twirled around to the edge of the ladder, briefly looking down the turbolift and seeing the fall. 

Looking up at Glass’s call, Wes saw Richard’s foot slip just in time to let himself drop down a rung and narrowly dodge what would have been a swift kick to the face. With a scowl on his face, the man watched Richards twirl to the side of the ladder, but the concerned look on the security officer’s face halted what was about to be a harsh response. 

Greaves: (Growling voice) Richards, for the love of god, get back on that ladder and quit looking down. We’re almost there.

Anton steadied himself and began climbing, faster than before. The sight of the drop “inspired” him.

Glass: Come on Spiderman!

Wes smiled at the comment. 

Kell looked back at the door, with the absence of an actual turbolift the door stood firmly closed.

Glass: Without the turbolift here, it's not going to open easily!

Greaves: I have confidence you can figure it out! Emergency release should be on the right side. 

Richards: Yeah Glass! Any day now! 

It was part sarcasm and part anger due to the frustrating pain he was experiencing as Anton held his one knee up off the ladder to avoid putting pressure on it. He was hoping this wasn’t going to result in a trip to sick bay.

Kell reached over and grasped the red handle to the side of the door and began turning it anticlockwise….slowly the door inched it way open.

Glass: Its opening now, hold on.

With a hiss, the turbolift doors to deck 13 slid open revealing the carpeted corridor beyond. One by one the three climbed up and scrambled to the safety of a solid floor. Bringing up the rear, Wes took the offered hands of the Ensigns to pull him the last bit of the way, and at last they were clear of the danger.  Another hiss and the doors slid shut once more.

Wes took stock of the three. They’d all accumulated a bit of grease and dirt on their uniforms from the climb, and Wes’s workout clothes were still plenty soiled from earlier in the day. Doing his best to brush himself off, Wes stood and gave a stern look to a passing crewman which looked bewildered at their sudden appearance.

Greaves: Congratulations Ensigns, you’ve just survived turbolift seven.

Anton rubbing his aching knee, brushes himself off and stands up straight. Still out of breath Anton looks down the shaft and then up at Greaves.

Richards: Perhaps I will have a t-shirt made.

Kell felt a sudden wave of panic, the room started to spin every so slightly, causing him to grab hold of the wall and steady himself, closing his eyes he counted to ten. He’d never personally experienced a panic attack, but knew the symptoms well enough from his mothers teaching. 

Glass: Ok….is….is everyone in one piece?

Greaves: (Gesturing to his bleeding knee) All things considered, I think I’ll have to raincheck on that breakfast. Engineering and Ops need to know about this lift, and I need to get cleaned up.

Anton nods at Greaves

Richards: Yeah. I believe I have lost my appetite.

Glass: Yeah, I’m going to walk back to my room and have a bit of a lay down!

Greaves paused and looked the two over once more. They hid it well, but there was something in Glass’s look that worried him. A slight hesitation. A lingering look at the doors.

Greaves: Are you both going to be alright? 

Anton extends his arms outright from either side of him, eyeing them back and forth to make sure that he had not in fact plummeted to his death in the turbolift. 

Richards: ::Nodding:: I think I’ll be fine. Just another day at StarFleet I presume. 

Kell shot the pair a luke warm smile.

Glass: Yeah...I’ll….I’ll be ok, just gotta leave off taking one of these again for a while!...see you back in our room later buddy…::then looking back at Captain Greaves:: Thanks for the cool head sir!

Kell tapped Anton on the shoulder, smiled and walked off.

The Marine nodded at the comment but didn’t speak. Instead he watched as the pair walked off deeper into the deck, likely in search of another turbolift. After a moment they were lost to sight in the busy corridor and Wes turned in the other direction.  The two Ensigns both were quick on their feet, at least in the simple adventure they’d all shared. With any luck, Wes would be inheriting two promising officers.



Captain (SFMC) Wes Greaves

Marine Detachment Commander

USS Thor - NCC 82607



Ensign Anton Richards

Security Officer

USS Thor



Ensign Kellan Glass

Tactical Officer 

USS Thor NCC-82607

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding



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