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Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - The Ship of the Imagination


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I can't really describe what an honour it was to have @Geoffrey Teller agree to take part in this insane scene, but to have him do it with such an amazing quality of writing is a gift in itself. This sim, heading to the wrap up of the mind meld scene is a real treasure where he demonstrates his amazing knack to weave drama, humour and action together, even more so to leave us with the message that creativity can take you everywhere and that is just top notch.

Thank you so much for jumping into this madness and a well deserved call out to @Quen Deena and @Roshanara Rahman for having jumped in and delivered up and better than I could have ever dared to imagine.




((Purplewhitehaven Beach, Limbo, within Geoff Teller's mind))
Geoff knew what he was 'seeing' was somewhere between a ghost and a memory, but that didn't matter.  She felt deeply real to him even as her appearance rippled and changed.  For a moment, Geoff caught a glimpse of something behind the mask.  Something sad.  Something hiding.  It was gone a moment later and the Skipper returned to the form he had always known.  
Rahman: But *this* is the woman you still remember.
The woman returned a playful smirk as she reached down and lifted her right pant leg slightly, revealing some Trill-like spots that ran down the side of her leg.
Rahman: She told you that was inaccurate.
Geoff felt himself blushing in slight embarrassment. 
Teller: You know how it is, Skipper.  You get an idea in your head it can be tough to dislodge it.  ::Geoff turned back, wagging a finger accusingly:: Wait a minute, what the hell am I embarrassed about.  You're just in my head, you're not the real Rahman.  
This Roshanara shrugged before looking down at her chest.
Rahman: Well, I suppose it could be worse.
Geoff paled deeply, forced to recall the entire embarrassing situation with his ill chosen tattoo.  He gasped, the full force of the memory hitting him all at once, unfiltered and in too perfect clarity.  It was as if all the emotions of the original experience were back with him at once, magnified and distorted.  
Rahman: Now... I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat.
((Campfire,  Purplewhitehaven Beach - Day))
The "New Risa resort" that Teller had helped construct with the other Veritas survivors in the real world no longer existed in this iteration of Limbo. So instead, Teller and Roshanara had set up a small campfire near the escape pod. 
Rahman: ::to narrator:: A campfire in the day? No, that won't do...
((Campfire,  Purplewhitehaven Beach - Night))
Geoff's head whipped around, trying to process the sudden changes as the terrain shifted and reformed.  The memorial stone was again in the distance and he was back at the escape pod, standing before a large stone encircled fire pit he could not remember ever building in the real world.  The brutal tropical sun above made the fire pointless but in another moment, night had fallen and along with it the temperature.  The woman in his mind was looking to the sky, and Geoff's eyes followed.  With the sun gone, the brightest star in the sky had become the Veritas herself, suspended in time like a fly in amber.  It had infuriated Teller ever single day he was trapped on this moon to be within sight of the ship but completely cut off.
Roshanara cut a piece of fish they'd caught earlier in the day that had been cooking over the fire before handing it over to Teller.
Rahman: You look like you could have a bite.
Geoff looked down, accepting the stick with a deep scowl.  Among the things which had competed for his most hated experience on Limbo had been the food.  Fish.  Fish stew.  Baked.  They were lucky to have had it and lived on it, and almost exclusively it, for months.  Geoff no longer ate fish.  Ever.  
Teller: I think I'll pass if it's all the same to you.  
Rahman: I promise it'll be even better than you remember.
She sat up a little straighter, clearly proud.
Rahman: I added some berry juice I found earlier.
Geoff shook his head at the sudden warmth and eagerness to please.  It made the Skipper seem vulnerable in a way Geoff had never consciously imagined.  She'd never once acted this way in person, he was certain of that.  Whatever it was, it compelled him to take a few hesitant bites.  His eyes widened in surprise.  
Teller: That's actually..not..bad.  Thank you...I guess.  
Geoff slumped down on the sand, suddenly tired of standing.  He chewed through another mouthful of fictitious fish before leaning back against the escape pod in exhaustion.  He was warm from the fire and considered closing his eyes for a moment, the lapping of the nearby waves calming him more than it ever had on the actual planet.  Captain Rahman's voice sounded far away, but it kept Geoff anchored.  
Rahman: What we need to figure out, Mister Teller, is how you're going to get us back up there!
Geoff shook his head, confused again.  
Teller: I...we did already.  This was almost two years ago.  We got off that world, all of us.  ::Geoff thought again of the memorial stone::  Most of us.  
Rahman: Well how did you do it last time?
Teller: What, you're going to make me explain it to you like I did last time?  That took all night, and I don't have Wil here to draw the diagrams.
Geoff tried to stand but his exhaustion was growing deeper the longer he sat around the fire.  Some part of him knew the truth, that the meld had gone wrong.  If he didn't find Alieth, or more likely if Alieth didn't find him, they'd both end up trapped within their own minds, slowly going mad as their bodies failed.  
Rahman: Then let's think outside the proverbial box. I don't care how red that shirt gets, you'll always be a Starfleet engineer.
Something in the Captain's voice connected with the earliest moments in his Starfleet career.  Stepping off the shuttle that had delivered him from Starbase 118.  His orders, partially garbled by the subspace interference of the Shoals, had led him to believe he'd be a helmsman.  He'd met the Captain minutes later, already deeply embroiled in a crisis.  She had immediately overawed Geoff in those first moments, and he'd spent the rest of his career trying to live up to that titanic memory.  Geoff struggled up unsteadily but managed to come to his feet.  He felt calmer and more focused.
Teller:  You know, I had a whole plan for mass producing hydrazine on this planet...::Geoff imagined the little cave workshop he had built, far from camp for safety reasons.  He'd never had the time to get much beyond the experimental phase before he'd figured out a different path home for the crew.::...and I was planning to launch a rocket.  Unmanned, of course.  Thought we might be able to get a transporter relay into orbit...
The beach shimmered again but what now stood there had never existed in reality.  Beginning at the treeline, a launch ramp made of lashed together logs pointed towards the sky.  It had been planed down to create a smooth slide, and the surface had been coated by something that looked like petroleum oil.  At the head of the ramp, a small vessel of equally improvised construction sat with bamboo door wedged open, a single seat inside.  Geoff thought about it and his thinking became more clear.  He was trapped within his own mind, and his creativity had always been his greatest strength.  Here, it could be unbounded by the laws of physics or material science.  Here, Geoff could make any ridiculous contraption he'd ever dreamed of.  Right now, he was dreaming of a bamboo rocketship that would take him to the Veritas so he could rescue his friend and get the hell out of this place.
The rocket motor of the bamboo ship sputtered to life, a small stream of smoke and fire from the rear.  Geoff took a step towards it.  
Rahman:  Response
Teller:  Skipper, you're right.  You're always right.  The minute I start forgetting what I'm doing, you remind me I'm here to build things.  Mad, wonderful, fantastic things.  ::Geoff took the wicker seat in the center of the improbable craft.  The controls were all coconut halves and bamboo levers.  Geoff tugged at a few confidentally, certain now this would work.::  You want to come with me?  ::Geoff nodded, and suddenly a second seat appeared in the small craft.::
Rahman:  Response
Teller:  Well, it's up to you, but in about ten seconds I'm pressing the big red coconut so either get in and hang on or get out and wish me luck, because I swore I wasn't going to die on this beach once and I'll be damned if it beats me now.  And that's a God Damn Good Job Guarantee, Skipper.  
Rahman:  Response
Geoff smiled and winked, pulling the door closed and settling back in the chair.  
Teller:  Thanks, Roshanara. For everything.  
Geoff fixed his eyes on the falling Veritas out his seaglass viewport and smacked the launch control.  As his imaginary ship rocketed down the launchway, bits and pieces collapsed off the sides and top while the ground behind it vanished into nothingness.  The beach and the island and the whole of the world vanished away as Geoff took flight, all the elements of the fantasy falling away around him as he grew closer towards his goal.  His eyes stayed fixed on the point of light that had been the Veritas, but Geoff realized now it was something more.  He leaned forward, calling a name out into the dark.  
Teller:  Alieth!  
He flew like an arrow towards that point of light within his mind.  It was the only thing left in a space that had gone pitch black.  This was his last chance.  He called out again.  They'd escape this place together, or not at all. He felt himself growing closer to something familiar and shouted again.  
Teller:  Alieth!  We have to go!  Now!
Alieth:  Response
Teller:  It won't matter if we don't get out of here.  You have to break the meld!  
Alieth:  Response
Geoff felt himself tumbling again, spinning out of control as Alieth's voice became large in his mind.  Then, a light.  
And a very large dog.  
((CMO's Office, Main Sickbay, USS Thor))
Geoff pitched backwards in his chair but could not catch himself in time and ended up sprawled on the floor of Alieth's office, a monumentally bad headache throbbing behind his eyes.  Before he could move or speak a single word, Cheesecake was hovering over him, the dogs huge face upside down to Geoff's perspective.  Cheesecake then very helpful provided resuscitation services by licking the entirety of Geoff's face and at least one of his eyeballs.  Teller groaned and tried to stand without success.  
Teller:  Doc...Alieth...are you...
Alieth:  Response
Teller:  But...what about Sern?  What the hell was all that?  
Alieth:  Response
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding
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