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Missing Rear Admiral Returns to the Gorkon, New Mystery to Solve

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BORDERLANDS — With the crew back on USS Gorkon (NCC-82293), more details became available of the recent visit of the senior staff to the pirate asteroid Nassau as the crew heads to Deep Space 224.

According to our sources, a pirate acquaintance of Lt. JG Lena Josett rescued Lt. Cmdr. Jo Marshall together with Ens. Tahna Meru and Sarah Phillips out of the hands of Theeda, a well-known enemy of the crew, just before the registered explosion on the Mares de Oro Casino grounds.

“It was an enormous blast,” exclaimed Ens. Gheeka, Engineering Technician, compiling notes from the report. “Unfortunately, it meant the end of the luxurious yacht, the Latinum Beluga, which had taken the team to the asteroid. We gained a few extra shuttles in return. It’s getting cramped in the shuttle bay at the moment.”

Different shuttles ferried the crew back to a rendezvous point established with the Gorkon, along with the Rigelian named Delis Jhakra, who also escaped Nassau on one of the smaller spacecraft, finally revealed herself as the missing Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.

“Why couldn’t I have been a fly on one of those shuttles? Seeing all their faces when the Rigelian announced her true identity,” announced Petty Officer Drialy. “Can you imagine, you’ve had the flagship admiral of the sector with you the entire time?”

The former Intelligence Director clarified to her stunned senior officer team her classified undercover operation required absolute secrecy. Concluding the operation has taken the Gorkon on a tour of the Borderlands, home to the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) on a mission of exploration and patrol between uncharted regions without a distinct faction in control, boasting such scientific intrigues as the Briar Patch and Azure Nebula.

Deep Space 224 will also see the crew of the Gorkon for shore leave, as the Sovereign-class vessel docks for repairs to the USS Azetbur yacht.

Near the neutron star of Klatax, the station has a varied history of use ranging from 2320, including occupation by Klingons during the Dominion War. It now serves as the centre of Federation interests within the Borderlands, comprising 397 decks and approximately 11,000 occupants. With a prominent commercial hub and Vulcan Science Academy, undoubtedly the crew will enjoy their time there.

Before they reached the station, however, the crew took part in a shore leave beginning ritual to celebrate their previous mission achievements and award commendations. All crew received the Intelligence Star Service Ribbon for their valiant efforts in participating in an undercover mission, the Good Conduct Ribbon for “acts of staunch cojones”, and the Operation Safe Harbor mission medal for their work in combating pirate factions within the sector.

Reynolds also saw fit to promote Ens. Serren Tan to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the rights and privileges thereof, while Lt. Jona ch’Ranni received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, prompting much fanfare and celebration from the senior crew. The FNS extends their congratulations.

However, this now leaves the crew to solve another mystery — who is the secret writer behind the Captain Marisol novels sweeping in popularity across the galaxy? With several copies brought back to the ship, the novels are spreading like wildfire. We at the FNS even heard rumours the writings have already reached Starfleet Academy.

None other than Lt. Corliss Fortune herself, for whom the character is supposedly based, is currently leading an investigation, while the rest of the crew enjoy their visit to the different shops, eating establishments and holosuites back on DS224.


Written by Samira Neathler

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