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Lt. (jg) Serren Tan - Mysteries Equal Parts Dark And Terrible, Involving The Bloodiest And Greenest of Vulcan Hearts

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(( Mandatory @Alieth @Meidra Sirin terrorist tags! ))
"you know, probably could be AWESOME let the story roll and the details being not exactly accurate or greatly exaggerated, due this is how legends born XD"
- Alieth, unwisely.
(( Outside the Vulcan Science Academy, Deck 231, Deep Space 224 ))
He had a whole space station to explore, and Serren wasn't about to waste the opportunity. The food areas were given a cursory look—everything smelled delicious and no doubt he would have the chance to confirm his suspicions at a later date—and eventually, he found himself down on Deck 231. Home of the famous Vulcan Science Academy.
The Vulcan Science Academy was a highly prestigious, quadrant renowned institution and Serren found his curiosity piqued. There might be a bit to learn... or at least, maybe brush up on the latest scientific developments. Read something interesting. The possibilities were endless.
As he approached the main entrance, though, something caught his attention: a small metal sign hung to one side of the door, small but insistent, consisting of a metal plate embossed with neat Vulcan script. A pair of holographic images hovering below it. Inscribed were simple words in the written form of Vulcan.

Serren scratched his chin thoughtfully, studying the two faces. He did not recognise either of the women. The sign had either been there for a while, with great care had been taken to ensure that the power supply for the holographic emitter was maintained and the metal plaque appeared to be brushed every day... or it was new. Since it was impossible to tell, whoever was in charge of maintenance of this particular piece of station hardware evidently took their job seriously.
Tan: ::To himself,:: No idea what that's about.
Shrugging helplessly, he walked up to the door, expecting it to open automatically. It did not, the computer emitting a mournful chime.
A voice echoed from the plaque, stern and male, flat and Vulcanoid judging by the accent.
Voice: Unrecognised entry attempt. State your business.
Vulcans were not well known for their hospitality, but this was something else. The voice was almost trying to tell him to go away.
There were many entirely legitimate reasons why the academy might not want visitors at any given point, but he had seen no evidence of any kind of dangerous research, maintenance or the like. Curiosity overtook him and he wandered over to the plaque.
Tan: Uh, hi. Hello there. My name is Lieutenant Serren Tan. I'm with Starfleet Security on the Gorkon. I was just wanting to visit the famous Vulcan Science Academy.
The voice audibly bristled, sucking in air on the other end of the line.
Voice: A junior officer. Are you a Vulcan?
Serren squinted, eyebrows raising. He reached up and felt his ears. Definitely rounded.
Tan: Not to my knowledge.
The voice paused, considering. Serren wondered if he was being watched through some remote camera.
Voice: Then entry is possible. Your profile will need to be verified.
That surely wouldn't be a problem. His eyes lingered on the holographic image of the two Vulcans.
Tan: Sooo... had some problems with, um. I wanna say... "unwanted visitors"...?
A long, pregnant pause came down the line.
Voice: Yes.
Tan: Anything I can do to help?
Voice: Certainly. Assist us in keeping the two identified individuals away from this facility.
He had no idea who the two were, but if they were being asked not to enter, there was probably a good reason. A good reason he was determined to find out.
Tan: I mean sure, if I see them. But... why?
Voice: They are terrorists.
Now that he had difficulty believing.
Tan: Terrorists? They're wearing Starfleet uniforms.
Voice: Apparently that does not, a distinction, make.
Suppose not. Serren felt vaguely silly talking to a plaque.
Tan: So they blew up the place? What did they do?
Voice: ::The voice took a breath, his composure immaculate and perfectly Vulcan.:: There were noise complaints. Significant disorder. Several experiments had to be restarted or abandoned outright. Suffice it to say, the cats were not pleased—
Tan: Wait, cats?
Voice: Yes. They were disturbed. Fed out of schedule.
Tan: You have cats in there?
Voice: We have many scientific experiments here.
Serren squinted.
Tan: I'm not an expert on cats, but surely that's... not really a huge problem. Is that a huge problem?
Another long, uncomfortable silence. Serren glanced over his shoulder, unable to shake the profound feeling that he was being watched. Possibly from the plaque itself, possibly from somewhere else, but regardless he felt eyes upon him, watching him, evaluating him. A vague sense of absurdity hung in the air, as though the whole thing was a giant prank and Jona was going to jump out of a cake any second and shout, "Surprise!".
Voice: Upon consideration, your access to this facility has been denied. Please vacate the area.
The abrupt change of tone and intention startled him. His jaw fell open.

Tan: Wait, huh?
Voice: Please vacate the area. You are disturbing our scientific experiments.
Serren stared in confusion at the voice, then just shrugged helplessly and straightened up.
Tan: Okay, well... good luck with the cats I guess.
Voice: And to you as well.
The voice crackled slightly and the connection ended.
What a weird moment. Serren scratched his head as he wandered away, trying to process what kind of nightmarish sequence of events could have possibly caused a blow-up of this magnitude. It was tempting to investigate, but... no. The truth was probably confusing, and he only had a day more left on the station before shore leave ended.
Some mysteries were better off undisturbed.





USS Gorkon


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