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Sirok son of S'Vec and Rekika of Romulus - Ni'Var's Roots

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I'm really excited to read more of this plot arc @Alieth and @Sirok are writing.  I'm already in love with Rekika.  She's just how I imagined her to be!

((Vulcan - Kyr Province - Sobok family House))


T'Lil had prepared the wedding from multiple functions. On the one hand a show of unification between Vulcans and Romulans. On the other hand an attempt to continue the family saga if all went well. And as an introduction to the Vulcan society for Sirok himself.


The Vulcan matriarch, if in private she had disparaged Sirok's Starfleet career, opted to picked out every positive trait in public, everything of what her son could learn and do for Vulcan and Kyr as a Starfleet officer. And she highlighted his rapid rise through the ranks despite his relatively young age.


The event itself had perfectly fulfilled all the precepts of a very traditional Vulcan wedding, implementing old elements of Romulan weddings, which had quite a few things in common with Vulcan’s. In itself the act was meant to exemplify unification. While for some the Vulcans and Romulans present it was just the most fitting way to carry it, for others it was just too soon for something like that, or even something that should never have happened. Some inhabitants of Vulcan, old and new, thought that Romulan presence was only temporary, until they could once again claim a planet as their own.


For Sirok the situation had resulted to be a test. In the days before the ceremony,  he had tried to memorize the names and faces of each of the attendees. And that was just a quite long list. Although T'Lil had conveniently overlooked to invite any of the Thor's crew, not even the captain. Her excuse, of course, was only logical: those uniforms made some of the bride's family skittish. And she had had just enough to do with dealing with her son's feelings to add other’s to the mix.


The young engineer was not used to such social events. He most time tried to avoid them, even though he understood the usefulness of such rituals. He endeavored to behave like a Starfleet officer in a diplomatic situation and follow the instructions that his parents have give him.


As soon as he saw an opportunity Sirok decided to retreat and took refuge in the secondary house. A building erected by his great-grandfather for S'Vec and T'Lil to live in, while he still occupied the main house, while Sobok remained on the USS Elcano and his wife preferred to live near the Academy of Sciences. It has remained uninhabited since Sirok's great-grandfather passed away,  as Sopeg lived with his wife in the capital.


Even there, at that distance, he could still hear the faint  chimes of vulcan lutes, as much as  the barely audible murmur of multiple conversations. So, he entered the house and without even close the door, he looked for a dark place, a hidden spot where he could shut his eyes and tried to control his breathing. He repeated in his head principles of logic, endeavouring  to free his mind and take hold of his feelings. If he weren’t wearing for the ceremonial robes, he would attempt to practice suus mahna. When he had barely managed to regain some degree of mental equilibrium, his efforts were interrupted by the sound of light footsteps behind him.


Rekika: So this is where you have chosen to escape…


The words were left hanging in the air, sharp, with no trace of sympathy in them.  She followed shortly after, abandoning the shadows she had inhabited. She strode across the narrow chamber to his position, her gait confident and steadfast, the tap of her heels ricocheting firmly against the polished floor, as if she were part  on a martial march.  Only when she was just a few centimetres away from the young Vulcan did she halt, her gaze at almost the same level as his.


She held his gaze as the minutes thickened, cold and tense amid the desert heat. At some point, the Romulan woman determined that she had had enough and examined him from top to bottom, scrutinizing him in unabashed detail.


Rekika: Since my family moved here I have had ample time to learn your language, son of S'vec. So tell me, Sirok, are you so outside of hope as your name implies?


Sirok stood staring at her for a brief moment, the situation was strange. Legally he was linked to that woman and it was a logical link for many reasons. But given the speed of the whole new situation the young man, who followed strong routines to help his memory, was not quite used to it.


Sirok: I thought they told you about my condition.


A smile crept across her features, whether there was mirth or disdain in her was somewhat difficult to pinpoint.


Rekika: They did, but humour me with your version of the facts.


Sirok: We should go somewhere else, now it is also your home, and you should be familiar with it.


She gave a slight shrug and the smile etched in her face became somewhat more skewed, albeit no less ambiguous. A motion of her chin suggested that he should lead the way. Without waiting for a more elaborated answer, he turned on the light and escorted her into the living room. As every chamber in the Sobok’s property, it was tidy and spotless. Nevertheless, the design was somewhat old-fashioned, yet every little detail was strictly functional and every piece was made of the finest materials.


Sirok: Sometimes I came here to meditate and study when my brother's Sehlat did not allow me to enter the main house. Have a seat.


Rekika: Lovely, even the little kitten despised my groom.


She sat down just before kept talking, at ease and leisurely, as if she owned the room. In some ways she did, or would do so in the future.


Sirok: the reason why he did not accept me is related in part to my condition. :: he said as he sat down. ::


Rekika: Is that the answer to my question?


Sirok: As you should know now, I was born with brain damage. It mainly affects my telepathic abilities, which are practically non-existent. Also, my memory is worse than it should be. Although unlike telepathy I have applied techniques developed by some of the best Vulcan masters to alleviate its effects, making it practically unnoticeable for the time being.


Sirok said it with his usual dreary tone. Only someone who knew him very well would know that he was showing some nervousness. 


Rekika: … for the time being :: She echoed, her tone much more nuanced, if as contradictory as her expression.:: And what about the future? Will I find myself married to a chunk of worthless meat soon? 


She tipped her head fractionally and indulged herself in a momentary display of compunction. Something she studiously made an effort to prove that she did not feel. At all.


Rekika: No offence to your brother's condition.


Sirok: I am a follower of Surak. I am not offended by such comments. But as you said, yes, I have a higher probability of having neural afflictions of different nature.


Rekika: When.


The word was delivered both as a query and a demand.


Sirok: I cannot know. It should not happen for quite a few years, I am still young, so maybe plenty.  Or perhaps it will never happen. Only if everyone has some chance of that kind of disease, mine is higher. This probability will increase with age.


The Vulcan was direct, no secrets, no half-measures.


Rekika: So you are like a ticking bomb scheduled to explode. We just don't know when or if you'll do it.


Sirok: This is quite accurate.


She chuckled openly, a clear, musical laugh from one who had never had to suppress it in her life. She laughed not at him, though, nor at the response to her remarks, but merely because of the brutal sincerity and endless candour of her groom. It was, somehow,  refreshing.


Rekika: I can live with it, or with the lie underneath it.


Sirok: I recommend that you accept it for what it is. It is simply the truth.


He did not know what Rekika thought about Surak's teachings, but Sirok thought that following them was the best thing to do, more so for his situation.


Rekika: Perhaps, but my version is more fun.


The smile widened dangerously on her lips.


Sirok: But it is a long-term danger. The lack of telepathic ability disrupts certain biological functions of my species. For example in the ceremony, when we have joined together and our fingers touched, a certain bond should have been created. I only felt your skin and you felt mine.


He maintained his monotone. But he had used all his concentration to suppress the fear he felt in that situation. One of the moments he dreaded most in his life.


Rekika: That's what happened for you?


She left the question lingering in the air, as if her experience had been different, but her face retained the same derisive expression that had accompanied her for much of the conversation. Still, her mind buzzed with ideas: she had trained herself to engage a vulcan, to have a spy inside her own mind. She had woven lies within her lies, hidden behind shadows of half-truths. But her new husband? He was something else. Something quite different.


Oh, and convenient.


She allowed herself to lean forward, amidst a ruffle of the fabric of her betrothal gown.


Rekika: As for the contract your mother reached with my family, what are you going to do about it?


Sirok remained still in his seat, like a talking piece of furniture. And imperceptibly he was relaxing with the situation, accepting it little by little.


Sirok:I do not know all the details, I just asked to be allowed to continue my work in Starfleet. I think I can learn and do a lot as an officer.

Rekika: As for the contract your mother reached with my family, what are you going to do about it?


Sirok remained still in his seat, like a talking piece of furniture. And imperceptibly he was relaxing with the situation, accepting it little by little.


Sirok:I do not know all the details, I just asked to be allowed to continue my work in Starfleet. I think I can learn and do a lot as an officer.


She leaned back and raised an elegant hand in front of her.


Rekika: My family and the people associated with it will continue to have the rights to occupy a portion of your family lands to formalize a Romulan settlement. You will be provided with assistance in carrying out this endeavour without interference. Alongside this, my family's trading enterprise will be sustained, by helping to smooth out any friction that may arise with the Vulcan government.


She fell back for a moment and watched him carefully before resuming her speech.


Rekika: The other details are less important, but that is the heart of the matter. Your role, naturally, will be as caretaker of it if your family decides to break the agreement.


Sirok:My family has always supported Unification, even before the Hobus disaster. So as long as there are no criminal acts we will continue to do our best to keep Unification moving forward.


Another musical laugh echoed through the stark Vulcan chamber.


Rekika:::In a playful tone:: No promises, my dear


The Vulcan raised an eyebrow slightly.


Sirok: I expect that it is a joke that I do not understand.


The smile stretched across the Romulan's face once more.


Rekika: Don't worry my dear, you'll figure it out... over time.


Whether she meant the joke or the allegation of the illegality of her family's deeds was left unsaid.


Sirok remained silent for a moment.


Sirok: I understand then that there is no problem for me to return to the Thor to do my job.


Rekika: And meanwhile I'll wait here, as a faithful bride longing for her gallant officer, while i help in the family business.


Sirok: Everything has been so sudden that I have not been able to know what is your business.


 She then made a faint smacking sound with her lips and leaned back in feigned annoyance.


Rekika: There's nothing to drink here? So much chatter makes me thirsty


The young engineer got up in the direction of the kitchen.


Sirok: It has been years since I have been in this house, but there was a good selection of juices. At the wedding alcoholic beverages were served in courtesy to our guests, but it is not something we consume.


He spent a moment searching without success. So he fired up the replicator and replicated a pair of vulcan mocha. The replicator had not been checked for some time and did not work as the young man would have liked, he would check it when he had time.


When he brought the cup towards her she took it in turn and managed to ensure that their fingers touched. Her hands remained there for a time and, as she did so, she glanced up at his face in search of a reaction, or lack thereof. What she saw on Sirok's countenance brought a mirthful gleam to her eye.


Sirok: I expect you like it.


Thereupon, she settled back against the back of the couch and drank the cup almost dry in a single gulp. Next, she slipped her right hand onto the armrest, the nearly drained cup held loosely between her fingers.


Rekika: Excellent and adequate. As expected.


Sirok nodded. Despite Rekika's positive response, he would check the replicator. The young man returned to his seat with his own cup in his hands.


Sirok: You were going to tell me what you do for a living.


Rekika: Oh well, we're mere traders. My people need commodities that can't be obtained on the planet, and we provide.


Sirok: I know that the population increase is being a problem for a reasonable use of Vulcan's resources.


She looked into his eyes and held his gaze for a moment.


Rekika: :slowly: I think that given our shared situation it’s better to start calling it Ni'Var.


The Vulcan took a long sip of the mocha. He hadn't realized his mouth was dry until he had felt the liquid.


Sirok: A designation to exemplify the unification. It is appropriate.


Rekika: You'll learn soon enough that I don't speak in vain, sweetheart.


Sirok: as it should be.


Without further ado she laid the cup indifferently on the arm of the couch and rose to her feet, with an almost feline elegance. In a vaguely coquettish manner, she arranged the slight misalignments in her attire before she resumed speaking.


Rekika: Well, enough of the chitchat, we should get back to the party.


She held out a hand waiting for him to take it, as was expected of a married couple. Sirok stood up, leaving the cup on a nearby table. Placing his hands with her in the traditional way, feeling her skin again.


Rekika: ::Casually::. By the way, will you please be sure to inform your captain that I'll be joining you on that Starfleet vessel of yours?


The Vulcan raised an eyebrow, not expecting such a proposition.


Sirok: I think I can reason with Captain Kells. But I do not think my mother will allow both of us to be off planet given my brother's situation.


Rekika: Don't worry about that, I'll make T'Lil see the logic in my decision to join you.


A musical laugh followed them as they crossed the lintel of the secondary house and flickered in the air for a moment before the Romulan whispered her follow-up remark.


Rekika: And in case I fail... my father will persuade her…


She was certain that he would see as much merit as she herself did in her returning to cross the stars aboard a starship. Even more so in one so different from the Birds of Prey in which she had served a decade ago…



As simmed by


Rekika of Romulus

Former Romulan Star Navy Lieutenant

Romulan Colony of Ni’Var





Lieutenant Sirok

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding


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With shows like Picard and Discovery Season 3 contributing surprising new material to the Star Trek canon, new opportunities exist for creative storytelling in our universe and I think this beautiful JP is a perfect example.  Here, @Sirok & @Alieth artfully begin construction of a story development that will take ~500 ic years, but that links to the 'future history' found in Disco S3 about the reunited Vulcan & Romulan peoples.  Even without this connection to the new canon I think this is a great piece and can't wait to see more from these two and the emergent Ni'Var civilization!  

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