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Taybrim promoted to commodore, Klingon cult threat persists

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STARBASE 118 Ops — As word of the promotion of Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim spread, the crew members of Starbase 118 Ops planned a special celebration to honour their commanding officer and the Gratitude Festival.

Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau led a scavenger hunt and provided food and decor, and a plethora of invitees arrived just in time to celebrate. Included among the honoured guests were Commodore Jalana Rajel, Senior Commander Nugra, Commander Saveron, and Lieutenant Commander Cade Foster of the USS Constitution-B.

“With all the work he is doing in the sector, it was overdue for Sal to be promoted,” said Rajel. “If it had been in my power, I would have done that a long time ago, and then file the petition that every new commodore has to be celebrated with at least one tackle hug.”

“It was an amazing party,” said Jimmy Hedge, owner of Cabo Breeze, a popular bar on Starbase 118’s promenade. “I have never seen flag officers looking as relaxed and happy as when they are at Little Risa. Admiral Vivian Hauke even danced! What an amazing evening. Congratulations, Commodore Taybrim!”

Visitors did not leave empty-handed. Several received pots containing brightly coloured flowers with fuzzy leaves, the significance of which has not yet been determined.

Following the celebration, events took a serious turn.

At a classified emergency meeting, members of Starfleet and the Gorn Hegemony, along with USS Constitution-B officers, discussed the Cult of Molor and its lingering threat to the region. Speculation abounds on the Starbase left citizens guessing whether the cult will seal its hold on Q’onoS.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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