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MSNPC Lofali'jit Katnar'fari - Cave of Tears

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There has been some truly amazing writing for our current mission, but this was so beautifully written. It really hit me in the feels. 😢


((ooc: Warning, this sim deals with some difficult subjects of oppression and colonialism. Read at your own preference.))

((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground))


She noted how their leader remained silent, likely just letting them slake their own curiosity rather than asking her own questions. The reserved nature of this woman further confirmed her belief that she must be some sort of Chief among her people. 


Katnar’fari: This is quite...interesting but we know the Feladoni. They take from Fari without care most of the time. They do not respect her for what she provides all of us. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: I can appreciate the care you show for Fari. My mother’s people quite nearly destroyed our home through thoughtless actions. However, that changed centuries ago. We are much more enlightened and strive to take care of what we have been blessed with.


Katnar’fari: The way you speak, you are of two different peoples? Born of two worlds and two different species? 


She asked and looked to Qalipu’fari and the others. Such a thing would be the ultimate vision of equality. Where peoples could truly join together completely in every way. Such a thing must be a wonderful thing to live with. She hoped that one day her own kin could know such prosperity. 


Qalipu’fari: Response


Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: I am both Human and Al-Leyan. My mother is from Earth and my father is from a world called Leya-I. They met through her service in an organization called Starfleet.


Snow: As am I. It’s quite common amongst our quadrant of the universe. 


Qalipu’fari: Response


Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Not at all. Our interest in your world is scientific in nature. But we wouldn’t dream of taking or harming your natural resources without your explicit consent. 


Katnar’fari: Of this we only have your word, but that for now is all we can judge you on. Your future actions will show your true intent in time. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Levinson: ::Inclining her head:: Quite logical.


Katnar’fari: I must ask, Lieutenant Commander Rosek. Your eyes. They are quite remarkable. They did not look like this outside, but here, they glow. Can you see better in the dark? 


Rosek: It’s one of the perks, yes. The glow is especially prominent when the light makes contact, such as with fire or a handheld light source.


The Mekra’fari woman smiled warmly and gestured for the group of prisoners to follow her a few steps. To the large cavern she had been meditating in before, with the hundreds if not thousands of crystals all gleaming in the light. Reflecting the lighting from the larger chamber where her people gathered in a dazzling array of colors. They called them star crystals for the way they twinkled like the stars in the sky when exposed to light. Others might call them by another name. Dilithium. 


Kantar’fari: I think you will appreciate this then. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Snow: Wow.. ::she looked at it in awe::


Rosek: ::whispers:: This is incredible.


Levinson: Those are dilithium crystals…


The wonder and surprise from the trio, as well as the recognition suggested that what they were seeing was known to them and also of some value potentially. She made note of this observation. 


Katnar’fari: Dilithium? We do not know this word. What..


She was interrupted by the sudden subharmonic vocalization that rang out in the chamber. A cry of alarm from one of her people. All the Makra’fari in the room suddenly looked to the younger one standing by a computer with rows of monitors. 


Youth: Chief! They’ve begun the relocation early!


Her heart sank when she heard the announcement and she rushed over to the male who had given her the alert. The larger monitor that was affixed to several stalactites descending from the ceiling. As it turned on Katnar shifted her view to the screen and the older Mekra’fari scowled. 


As she watched the slightly static filled image shifted as if being held by someone moving. In it, dozens and dozens of Feladoni security personnel dragged Mekra’fari from their homes. Men, women and children. Some not even being permitted enough time to gather their things before being forced out of their caves and surface dwellings and into many, multiple wheeled vehicles for transport to the new ‘reservation’ that their oppressors had deemed a better place for them to live. None of the Mekra’fari seen did anything to resist. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Snow: They’re not even resisting.


Rosek: ::murmurs:: Oppression can have unseen psychological impacts, Lieutenant.


Katnar’fari: They will not resist. ::She said in a somber tone:: My people view any violent act not done out of self defense to be abhorrent. It’s why we here are shunned. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Rosek: ::nods:: A difficult choice.


The elder chief gave a curt nod. 


Katnar’fari: ::She picked up the mic for the radio transmitter:: Now, strike at them when they enter the caves. No more. We can’t let them dictate where we can and can’t live any longer. Do not kill them if you can help it. 


The Mekra’fari set the mic down and watched as the image showed dozens of Mekra’fari suddenly emerging from shadows of caverns, taking down the security like ghosts. Or openly firing their disruptors at them. One even shrieked at a pair of soldiers when his weapon was damaged beyond use and disabled the pair from the sonic waves unleashed on them, though Katnar knew it would mean intense pain for that young warrior. It was a brutally fierce few dozen minutes, but when it was all over, all of the Feladoni were dispatched, with only a scant few casualties. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Katnar’fari: This is why we have taken you. This is what my people have lived with for centuries since the Feladoni realized that if they do not openly attack us, we won’t resist. Because they know they cannot beat us in battle. They never have. 


Qalipu’fari: Responses


Snow: I still don't get it…


Levinson: I see. Yet I am still puzzled as to how... taking us would be of help.


Rosek: ::pauses and turns to Katnar’fari and Qalipu’fari:: If I’m correct, you believe that we are here to aid the Feladoni? That we are a threat and the means by which the Feladoni can completely overpower you? 


Qalipu’fari: response


Katnar’fari: You arrive on our world shortly after we reach into the stars and have already spoken to the Feladoni in charge of the test flight. You clearly have technology and understanding beyond our own and I know the Feladoni would not willingly include us in talks with such visitors. We have to be sure we can protect our people, even if they won’t raise a hand to protect themselves. 


Levinson: I see. ::Beat:: I suppose there is a logic in that.


Snow: A few moments ago your people were complying with the Feladoni and wouldn’t resist. The Feladoni haven’t proceeded any differently, but you gave your people an order to fight back. Not that I disagree, it’s your world, but what changed? 


Qalipu’fari: response 


The chieftain gave the woman a warm, motherly child for a moment. She could tell there was innocence there behind the comment and the eyes staring at her. It reminded her of her own children. She wanted to give them a world where they could keep that innocence. 


Katnar’fari: The Mekra’fari you saw fighting back were those who’ve chosen to risk being marked with dishonor in order to bring about change to our people. We are willing to become pariahs, ‘jit,  in order to give our children, my children and others, a chance for a life where we are not viewed as lesser. Or as pets. 


Snow: And you didn’t fight back sooner because?


She heard the tone and looked to the woman with a determined gaze. 


Katnar’fari: Because some of us have had enough. I want my children to be able to live alongside Feladoni without being marginalized, only able to do the work that the Feladoni tell them they can do because they aren’t seen as smart enough, capable enough. Even though the willing take the metals we create to build their cities and use our scientists and engineers to build their Spacefold ship and the satellites in orbit to provide global communication. 


Qalipu’fari / Levinson: Responses


Snow: Apparently we have different definitions of violence and self-defense. 


The frills along her neck rippled slightly causing the fur to bristle slightly at the intonation of the young woman’s comment. She wondered how this one could understand if she lived in a world where all were considered equal, she likely had never been viewed as anything ‘lesser.’ 


Rosek: I admire you, Katnar’fari, for your integrity under duress. I cannot imagine it has been easy to hold to your beliefs given the circumstances. However, I hope you understand that it goes against the primary law governing myself and my officers to interfere in the natural development of a society. 


Katnar’fari: I have had to sacrifice some of my beliefs to try and change things. I accept this. The dishonor I bring is my own. All of us here are among the dishonored now. But we will not sacrifice everything that we are if there’s a better way. I do not wish us to become like the Feladoni. ::She sighed softly:: Are you not interfering just by being here on our world? 


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson: Responses



Rosek: ::inclines her head:: It prevents officers from abusing their position for personal gain. The Prime Directive has served us well over the centuries since its inception. 


Katnar’fari: And if someone in that society asks for help? 


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson /  Rosek: Responses


((Mini Time Jump))


Suddenly, the noise in the room beyond stopped. Katnar was keenly aware of it as were all of the Mekra’fari within as they were especially sensitive to changes in noise, sound and sonic vibrations. She tensed immediately and looked to the monitors, to her shock she saw unfamiliar faces. Clearly not Feladoni, perhaps more of these aliens. They must have used their advanced technology to find them and were trying to free them. 


Snow/Levinson: Responses


Rosek: ::nods:: Caraadians. But what are they doing here?


The question from the alien leader was surprising and she looked to the glowing eyes of the female officer. 


Katnar’fari: You say that as if these are not from your own people. Are they not from your crew here to rescue you?


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


The revelation that they had a species of highly advanced peoples with a civilization of their own closeby Fari was as shocking and unnerving as seeing these aliens for the first time had been. She couldn’t have comprehended before just how large the universe was but she was beginning to see that they were just a small, small speck in a grander scheme. 


Katnar’fari: They are armed. If they are not here for you, then why have they come? 


Dozens of sub-harmonic vocalizations resounded through the chamber as word from one of their scouts reached them. Shortly after the unmistakable sound of a weapon discharge not their own echoed through the caves. One the monitors, she caught glimpse of one of their guards trying to make contact in warning for these Caraadians to halt and watched her being gunned down by several of them in a hail of energy discharges. Several gasps echoed through the cavern as they all watched the Mekra’fari not just die, but was completely reduced to ash. 


Katnar had never witnessed such a weapon in use and she instantly felt a wave of panic and fear well up in her gut, causing her fur to bristle while she cried out in anguish. Their body was gone, destroyed, which meant their spirit could not be properly freed from the body. 


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


Katnar’fari: Fari save us!!...they...they destroyed her. Her body...there’s nothing left for us to free her spirit. They destroyed her spirit. She can’t join our ancestors. 


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


The sound of weapons fire echoed through the caves as her people fought back. Their sonic disruptors at least seemed effective against these aliens. But their weapons utterly destroyed those they struck and there were so many of them. She only had two dozen Mekra’fari with her in the camp. Holding her rifle weakly in her hands she looked to the glowing eyed woman. 


Katnar’fari: Go, you’ve seen what the Feladoni don’t wish even their own kind to see. How they relocate us. You must survive to tell the truth..please. ::Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, still in shock:: I know you said you cannot interfere, but please, if you die while under our care then it will bring even more destruction to our world. I would not wish to see Fari burn because your people might seek revenge or justice for your deaths. 


Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses



Lofali’jit Katnar’fari

Formal Tribal Leader

Leader of the Mekra’fari Equality Movement


As simmed humbly by 


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/SOR Team Leader/Acting FO

USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

PodCast Team Member

Training Team Member

Chin'toka Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0



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