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JP: Sirok son of S’Vek - Sobok son of Sutter - T’Lil daughter of Sazak “Theeee Sooooboooooks”

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I really enjoyed this collaboration between @Sirok and @Geoffrey Teller.  I especially enjoyed seeing more of Sirok, one of our resident and most emotional Vulcan. 


((Vulcan - Kir province - Sobok family mainhouse))


Sobok and Sirok materialized in front of a . It was of straight lines and its glass exteriors, orderly, designed for a simple use of the interior space. A classic Vulcan construction of the 23rd century. It was built on a small promontory surrounded by several trees with reddish leaves that gave warmth to both the exterior and interior of the house.


Sobok knew the coordinates well and was able to give them accurately enough to save him having to climb the small hill that led up to the house. He had also arranged for his and Sirok's luggage to wait for them in their respective rooms, not wanting to leave the young man to carry both .


Feeling the increased Vulcan gravity indicated to the chief engineer that the transporter cycle had ended and Sirok looked around for a moment. It was the first time he had been back since being admitted to Starfleet Academy and he looked for any changes the house might have undergone. As he expected  there were none. The trees were so carefully trimmed that they seemed frozen in time.There was no noticeable stain or scuff on the glass surface of the house. The grass around the house grew to the desired height, never beyond. The distant sound of the drones that controlled the plantations indicated like a calendar what time of the year it was and what was the state of the crops.


He had left his uniform and rank on the ship and like his grandfather wore a simple light colored robe. That robe was one of the few belongings he had taken with him when he left and was part of the few belongings he brought back.


They approached the front door and it opened, revealing the figure of a slender Vulcan woman. Her bearing was elegant, regal. She kept her hands behind her back and looked inquisitively at the two newcomers.


Sobok: Good morning, T'Lil.


Sobok stopped, leaning on his cane and staring at T'Lil. Sirok stood behind him.  


Sirok: Mother. :: It was his brief greeting. ::


T’Lil considered the sight before her the way some would review a shipping manifest. Her son, home for the first time in many years, was here in the company of his grandfather.  She noticed the tiny imperfections age had left upon her sons features, along with his disagreeably emotional greeting.  She noticed everything, but made no comment beyond a simple reply.  


T’Lil: Son.


Sirok:  What is the status of Sopeg?


T’Lil: Unchanged.  His biological functions are being sustained efficiently.  His injuries have been evaluated by the Vulcan Medial Institutes Dean of Neurosurgery.  What can be done has been done.  Your arrival here is another matter entirely.  


T’Lil arched an eyebrow, her gaze landing on her son with the weight of Mount Seleya, a sliver of genuine concern flashing through her mind.  Her son had been among emotional species for far too long. 


Sobok: I know there is a lot to catch up on. But my physical condition is not adequate to do it at the entrance, standing up... Can we enter?


A long moment passed before T’Lil replied.  Even the wind was still and silent.  


T’Lil: You may enter. 


Sobok: Where is S’Vec? Where is my son?


T’Lil: S’Vec is where he is expected to be, running the organization this family has maintained for generations. 


Her emphasis on the word generations was subtle but the jab was sharp.  Sobok’s irresponsibility had disrupted the work of centuries and led to her son's needless dalliance with Starfleet.  


As T'Lil spoke Sobok slowly walked to a wide couch, where he slowly sat down. And he did not respond until he had made that slow heavy movement. Sirok kept an eye on his grandfather in case he needed help, since he had arrived at the Thor he had clearly noticed how he was finding it more difficult to walk.


Sobok: And he has done a great job. Despite making risky bets. :: Sobok glanced at Sirok for a moment before turning his gaze back to T'Lil, remarking on the situation they were now in. ::


Sirok raised an eyebrow slightly, not quite understanding what bet Sobok was referring to. The young engineer had long since removed himself from any discussion of family and its activities. He had focused all his efforts on his Starfleet career.


T’Lil:   His time is in exceedingly short supply, as is mine.  I will inform him of your presence…::she took a long look at Sirok, and then at Sobok::  You may wait.  


Sobok kept his gaze on T'Lil. And remained silent for a moment, letting the sound of some bird and the distant drones fill the room.


Sobok: Well, we will wait, when you reach a certain age it becomes an habit. But at other ages time is exceedingly short, so let's take advantage of it. For example I can tell you that your second son achieved the rank of Lieutenant and Chief Engineer of one of the most modern ships in the Fleet in a single year of service. A much faster promotion than I had at the time.


Sirok fell thinking that he would not be given importance he saw no point in informing his parents of his progress in Starfleet, or even what ship he was serving on. But Sobok did not make that comment gratuitously, the defective son now held a position of importance in a respected organization.He was not just the son of S'Vec anymore.


Sirok: It has been a matter of circumstances, although rebuilding a ship almost from scratch has been an experience from which I have been able to learn significantly.


Sirok did not try to be modest, it was what he thought of his rapid rise as he believed he still had a lot to learn.

If T’Lil was proud, or impressed, or even the smallest bit respectful of her son's achievements, none of it showed on her face.  If anything registered, it was a slight deepening of her scowl at the thought of her son risking himself needlessly, and in a pursuit as foolish as Starfleet.


T’Lil: I am gratified to learn the son of S’Vec is now a skilled mechanic.  It is certain to reflect highly on our esteemed family.  


Her tone implied the opposite.  


Sirok: Is the Romulan refugee colony progressing properly?


His entire family had always been strong supporters of the Unification between Romulus and Vulcan. When Hobus went supernova and Romulus was destroyed, they offered several of their lands to create settlements for refugees. Not just to take in temporary refugees, but to make them permanent residents on Vulcan. Sirok held his family's efforts in that direction in high respect and believed that this was the future for his planet and his people.


A minute sigh escaped T’Lil’s lips.  


T’Lil: It is progressing.  I believe it is premature to determine if it is doing so properly.  Reintegration after millennia of distrust is a complex endeavor.  One in which you could assist, son.  


Sirok raised an eyebrow slightly. As Sobok kept his eyes on T'Lil he foresaw what he was going to say.


Sirok: I have participated in some first contacts, but my diplomatic skills are not very good, at least with beings who are driven by their emotions. :: To logical beings, the young engineer performed as expected even by his family. ::


T’Lil:  I have made what arrangements seemed logical to me so that our family can achieve its goals, efficiently.  I do not see why either of you would object.  


Sirok: I will try to help if possible, mother.


Sobok looked at his grandson. As a good follower of Surak he felt no pride in his relative, but his grandson though naive, seemed praiseworthy to him.


Sobok: I have never meddled in your handling of these matters. But if you saw it necessary I would consider interfering.  


T’Lil:  Sopeg’s injury leaves our family in a challenging position, one to which we must adapt.  So we shall.  Your wedding is scheduled two days hence.  ::T’Lil glanced at the Starfleet uniform in dissatisfaction.::  You will dress in something more befitting our people.  

Sirok watched his mother for a moment.

Sirok: the Starfleet uniform is perfectly suitable for such a ceremony, as it is in a multitude of other options. Although that is a trivial detail. So far you have not sought out a wife for me, and the difference in doing so now as opposed to when it was due is that I have a duty to perform.

Sobok said nothing, on the one hand his grandson was right. But biologically speaking he needed a mate. Due to Vulcan physiology his life would be in danger when the time came if he didn't have someone to share it with.

T’Lil: Your logic is flawed, son.  I have sought out a wife for you and all the arrangements have been made.  There is only the ceremony remaining, and that requires your presence. 

Sirok: May I know with whom you intend to marry me?

T’Lil: Her name is Rekika, and she has completed all the necessary arrangements to my satisfaction.  

Sobok raised an eyebrow slightly, it was not the response he expected. Sirok in appearance remained unchanged. Though his family, who knew him well knew that he struggled to keep his feelings contained and in control, with relative success. So it was Sobok who kept asking questions, trying to make the young man maintain as much dignity as possible.

Sobok: Do they know Sirok's condition? It is a very difficult situation for the chosen one. :: Part of the reason why such an agreement had not really been sought until now. ::

T’Lil: In this instance, his deficiency will not be a detriment to the union.  Your intended is one of our long separated Romulan cousins and her expectations are already quite low.  

Sobok: Be that as it may, the agreement should not affect Sirok's Starfleet career.

T’Lil’s expression hardened and a room normally exposed to desert breezes became suddenly colder.  

T’Lil: I do not recall seeking your council or input on the matter, Sobok.  

T’Lil glanced back to her son, the lowly starfleet engineer. A small part of a small system, one of questionable value and enormous personal risk.  T’Lil could see the logic in the pursuit for others, but not for her family, and certainly not her son.  

Sobok: It is one thing to adapt to the situation and another to ruin his career, which is being successful. Besides, you are already used to having an absent family member. Another one is not going to change the situation. :: Sobok had known T'Lil for many years and at all times avoided reacting to any comment. Although it was well known that the old Vulcan was more protective of Sirok than any other member of his family. ::

T’Lil: Sirok has an obligation to fulfill for this family, and the needs of the many should always outweigh the needs of the one.  He will come to appreciate this in time. 

Sirok kept quiet. Until that moment, observing the not-so-veiled dialectical conflict between his elders.

Sirok: I will do as I am asked, if she accepts me. :: He barely managed not to say "and my condition".

:: But as Sobok has expressed, I will maintain my Starfleet career for the time being. Consider it my training for the position you want me to take if Sopeg does not recover.

T’Lil’s lips, which had never been especially emotive, pressed into a line so thin they seemed to disappear entirely.  She disapproved and would work to make the arrangement ultimately untenable, but for the present her goal had been achieved.  Her son would wed, and their bond with the emerging Romulan families would grow stronger, and their own family would grow in influence and respect.  T’Lil stood and prepared to leave.  

T’Lil: It is gratifying to discover you have not entirely lost your discipline, son.  Your responsibilities to the family are paramount.  So long as those are dispensed properly, you other conduct is your business and ::T’Lil glared daggers at Sobok:: no one else's. I will take my leave of you now.  

T’Lil offered her hand in the ta’al, but turned and exited before either man had even gotten out of their chair.  

Sobok watched as T'Lil left and then looked at his grandson.

Sobok: Are you sure of your decision?

Sirok: I am the emotional one of this family. It is normal for me to make an illogical decision. Yet I cannot find a better one.

Sobok: Neither do I, for the moment.

The old Vulcan looked out the window. The landscape he saw was different from the one he remembered from his childhood. Now it was a sumptuous place, even the trees looked strong and lush. The irrigation system and the care of the land were being used with meticulous precision.

When he was a child the crops, although sufficient, seemed rickety compared to what he saw now. The house they had was being expanded and renovated from the ruin his grandfather had. A person who practically lived in hiding because he belonged to the Syrranite movement. That house was demolished by his son to build the current one. It was much more modern and served as a control center for all his operations.

Sobok stood up with great effort, leaning heavily on the cane.

Sobok: Sirok, help me get to my room. It has been a long trip, I need to rest. Then I will let you free, I am sure you have a lot to do. 

He doubted that the family chosen by his son and daughter-in-law had the disaffection for politics that Sirok had.

Sirok: Yes grandfather. :: he said showing her his arm for support. ::

At a very slow pace and with short steps they both headed for the room they had prepared for the old vulcan on the first floor.


T’Lil of Vulcan

Matron of House Sobok



Lieutenant Sirok

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding


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