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Lt JG Yael - Dressing the Part

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A wonderful little character study, well done @Ashley Yael!

((Starbase 118 Operations - Counselor Yael’s Quarters))


Ashley set about a few things at a rapid pace after leaving his meeting at the Black Tower.  First, he canceled his appointments for the foreseeable future, making certain the other counselors knew to take on his cases.  He hated leaving them to take on the brunt of the work, but it was for a mission after all, so it was necessary.


Next up, he gave a call to the base petting zoo and arranged for them to take Feazel.  He wasn’t sure if that would be permanent, but he certainly couldn’t leave him without care in his quarters for an extended period of time.  The Denobulan lemur glanced at him as he said his name… the petting zoo staff agreed to take him in for the time being.


He did warn them he wasn’t *quite* domesticated yet… though he wasn’t quite as face-clutchingly clawtastic as he was the day he’d arrived.


Next he requisitioned several items from medical… first, a dozen emergency med kits, and a complement of portable medical equipment, including a full bio-bed with a surgical dome and body scanner.  One bio-bed was better than nothing, and since it was all portable and not directly integrated into the ship systems, they could excuse the Fleet technology as a black market purchase.


He also made a point of having sub-dermal communicators prepared in injectors.  They wouldn’t be able to use their normal communicators, but they may need a way to discreetly communicate.  Injecting the team could be his first medical duty.  He arranged to have all the gear transported directly to the Yan.


After that, he set about packing a few things for himself, and replicating some clothing.  Off came the uniform, everything that could identify him as an officer or Starfleet was dismissed.  He needed to look the part of a semi-successful merchant… but still be functional.  After putting some thought into it he finally got the combination he was going for.


The only item he didn’t discard was his electro-stabilizing wrist braces.  Couldn’t do without those… but they weren’t Fleet-specific technology.


Dressing, he pulled on a pair of snug black pants.  The material was leather-like but still quite comfortable, with a laced-down pattern running down each side from hip to ankle.  Next he pulled on a pair of black boots that appeared simple, but they were made of a luxurious Terellian leather.  They gave him an extra inch of height, having a thick, ridged sole.  He made sure to add just a little scuff to the boots, to make them look not-quite brand-new.


Next he pulled on a black button up collared shirt, which had a bit of formal flair down the chest, and slipped on a decorative red and black vest atop it, buttoning it down.  It was embroidered with a classic Denobulan pattern.  Finally he buttoned the wrists of his shirt, a double cuff decorated with amethysts that were almost as pale as glass.


Ruffling his hair and sweeping it forward somewhat haphazardly, he made certain it was a bit more care-free than his typical well-kept look… he was glad he’d been growing it out.  It looked much less “Fleet” this way.


Overall, as he took a look… he looked *expensive* and somewhat formal, but not stuffy.  The look of a relatively successful merchant with an eye for the finer things, without looking extravagant or overly wealthy.  For good measure, he raided his stash of latinum, sliding several strips into the hidden pockets on the inside of his vest.


He lifted the last item he’d requisitioned and had replicated.  A set of rather pricey looking wire, frameless eyeglasses… which were actually a wireless smart computer.  He could interlink with it using pre-set eye movements, or verbal commands, and he could link it with any unprotected computer system.  Definitely not standard issue gear… he set them atop his head in his hair, and the slightly iridescent sheen of the screens reflected the color of his hair.  It had limited processing power, but it was just the sort of toy a tricky merchant might use for his benefit.


Finally, he used an ankle brace to hold a small medical hypo-spray close to his skin and hidden beneath his pant leg… the daily medication he had to take.  Not something he could do without, but something he didn’t want to advertise... or lose.


Standing, he smoothed down the vest.  Overall… he was definitely liking what he saw in the mirror.  If he went to work at counseling like this, no one would take him seriously.  But for a rogue merchant on a commandeered Bird of Prey?  It was random, individualistic, functional… and as far from Fleet as it got.


He had one more stop to make… for cosmetic alterations.


Making his way from his quarters to the Promenade, he found the tattoo shop and stepped inside, quickly getting the attention of the artist who was unburdened by a client.


Yael:  I need a few piercings.


He pointed to the end of his eyebrow just at the upper arch before his facial ridge began.


Yael:  One here. 


Then he lifted a hand to his opposite ear, gently gripping the curve of his inner helix.


Yael:  And three smaller ones here.  All amethyst.


The artist eyed him curiously but didn’t ask questions.  Thankfully the Human woman was fast at what she did.  Four quick stabs of pain later, and tolerating the small touches required to get it done, he had four new piercings.  Nothing he couldn’t have healed up when they returned home.


For good measure, he had a semi-permanent tattoo done… a thin line of black liner added to just the top of his eyes, adding a touch of glamour, he thought, and completing the almost-ostentatious look he was going for.  He was quite pleased with the overall disguise, actually.


Now he just had to *act* the part.


Paying for the cosmetic service and giving the artist a smile, he walked to the nearest transporter and had himself delivered to the Yan so he could get the lay of the Bird of Prey's, and place the emergency med kits in a variety of vital points.




Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael


Starbase 118 Ops


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