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Crew of the USS Juneau discover a thousand-year-old vessel

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AAVARO WILDS — A rapid-fire series of discoveries rocked the USS Juneau (NX-99801) on its most recent mission. While exploring the report of a probe, they discovered a Mithgiln vessel and an unknown ship that had collided on the edge of a black hole.

Research showed that the Mithgiln ship, Ma’al was a living vessel known as a Shonora, barely alive for the centuries it lingered in the ebb and flow of the black hole as it teetered on the edge of falling into the singularity.

While the crew of the Juneau tried to establish help and communications with the Shonora, the away team was making progress as well. Beyond the cell block, they had discovered a smaller room filled with stasis chambers. The room was full of an unknown species and a single Mithgiln survivor of the disaster that had taken place.

The team divided further, with the majority proceeding deeper into the ship, while Doctor Rel Cassi and Lieutenant Shark stayed behind to examine the one thousand-year-old survivors. While conducting their examinations, the teams became permanently separated by a series of landmines that detonated by the other team’s explorations.

Between the rescue of the Ma’al and the detonation of the mines, the unknown prison ship slipped further into the tidal pull of the black hole and the time dilation. With the increased danger to the away team, Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey called for an emergency beam out of the team and the bodies in stasis.

Meanwhile, on the Juneau, Captain Oddas Aria led a full crew coordinated effort to not only resuscitate the Ma’al but help pull the ship out of the edge of the black hole just before the consuming entity could drag the ship past the event horizon and into the oblivion beyond the singularity.

With a fully returned crew and a complement of unknown aliens, the Juneau departed the system and headed for well-earned shore leave on Lightside Station.


Written by Jansen Orrey

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