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Burger Nagus Expands As It Opens Another Franchise


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DEEP SPACE 224 — Expanding enterprises across the galaxy, Burger Nagus launches yet another franchise; it’s first in the Borderlands, aboard the space station.

Burger Nagus is a Ferengi-run franchise that offers unhealthy, disreputable food at dirt cheap prices. Previously only on the species’ homeworld, Ferenginar, and on Iana Station, the company has branched out, with a new outpost on Deep Space 224. It joins such estimable companies as Twilight’s Edge, and Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, both of which are on different levels of the Promenade.

“Despite the instant nature of replicated food these days, we find there’s still an enormous market for the greasiest, most indulgent burgers you could want. With a giant cup of Slug-o-cola to wash it down with,” said the latest franchisee of Burger Nagus, a diminutive Ferengi named Ples. “We get hundreds of customers a day. Yes, they’re mostly Ferengis, why?”

The origins of the food served in a Burger Nagus are a closely guarded secret, and when this reporter contacted their Head Office, a spokesperson told us not to ask questions we didn’t want the answers to. Saying that, however, we treated ourselves to the Nagus Deluxe, and soon wished we hadn’t.

Next door to the House of Commerce, the new shop is a perfect spot for a Ferengi-orientated food business, and this reporter predicts they will be incredibly successful. Certainly, when we were there, we counted no less than thirty Ferengi ordering their burgers at the counter, and one very confused looking Lurian.

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