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NPC Ensign Kisau Pes - Some First Contact Gossip

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A fun little look at our lower decks by the Chin'toka's Noa Levinson. :) Thank you for an entertaining interlude, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson



((Port Observation Lounge, Deck 6, USS Chin’toka))


Kisau was quite excited after her shift. While she wasn’t involved in that work directly, she’s heard some… curious chatter among the more superior officers. A first contact with a new species! Even without a lot of details, that was really exciting. She only graduated a few weeks ago and the ship was already getting ready for a first contact?! That was just awesome.


She entered the lounge, still in uniform, and headed directly for the replicator to order something to eat. A burrito sounded good.


With her food in hand, she spotted a familiar face she befriended. She waved at him with a smile.


Pes: Oh hey, Brian! Mind if I sit with you?


Stenner: ::Gesturing to the chair opposite:: Not at all, please.


She quickly paced over to the table, and took a seat while placing the tray on the table.


Pes: Thanks. ::Wrapping her right hand around her burrito:: You heard some of the first contact chatter going around?


Stenner: ::With a wry grin:: Only hearsay and musings, though Doctor Snow did brief us before she left. She seemed particularly concerned about bringing back unknown pathogens, so I've been setting up the quarantine procedures all afternoon. Still - First contact with a brand new race! Very exciting.


Pes: ::Grinning, obviously excited:: I know, right? I don’t even have a lot of details and it sounds awesome!


Stenner: Did you just come off shift?


Kisau nodded, still somewhat excited.


Pes: Yep. Figured I’ll grab myself something to eat before catching some rest in my quarters.


The two kept chatting a bit more about various subjects, including the first contact - she was still really excited by it, and she was sure it was gonna stay there for a while. She definitely looked forward to how it was going to turn out.


Ensign Kisau Pes
Science Officer
USS Chin'toka
As simmed by
Lieutenant JG Noa T'Nessa Levinson
Science Officer
USS Chin'toka
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