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[sb118-chintoka] Representative Dagden Tych - See for Yourself (Part 2)

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Thank you, @Mei'konda  ,for making us laugh. I throughly enjoyed the read as I know some others did as well. :)

Also, I hope I did this right. Lol

(( Inside Tych Manor, Elazar IV ))

Kiax: With all due respect, Representative, that doesn’t really seem fair. Surely we should be dealing with a representative from both species governing bodies here? Yourself, and a Mekra’fari.

Dagden was just opening his mouth to angrily rebuke Kiax when Serala stepped in.  He closed his mouth, and did his best to settle down.  This was an uncomfortable situation to be in.  Once again, no one in his life would dare question him to this point, not even his own family.  It made him angry.  It also made him feel afraid, because if this Kiax got upset enough, would she pull some hidden weapon and simply kill him where he sat?  He had no idea… but he didn’t doubt that they might have that kind of technology.

As Serala spoke, he took the time to settle down.

Serala: That’s enough, Commander. We are their guests here and have no right to dictate to them how they govern their world. No matter our own opinions on the matter.

Kiax: Aye, Commander.

Kiax might not respect him, but at least she quieted down when instructed to by her leader.  Drawing in a deep breath, he exhaled it slowly, and glanced toward Azorius when the furred one hastened to speak so that he could further smooth the tensions.

Azorius: We mean no disrespect, Representative. We are just accustomed to a different way of life. As you know, we value all species equally and share our ships, our resources, our lives with every member of our crew. Their race, gender and background are irrelevant. It is hard for some of us to understand your ways as it is for you to understand ours.

Serala: We have had our share of conflicted opinions about others of different species in our own histories. But we have moved past that kind of attitude, and some take it a bit more personally that others. However, it’s not our place to dictate how your world behaves.

All species equal?  The notion of idealists, and of aliens who had just visited this planet and who, as far as he could tell, had thankfully not met the Mekra’fari.  As much as he wanted to make use of these people and what they had to offer, it was getting difficult to suppress his irritation with them.

Zadok: Response

Serala: I am curious, however. Why do you view the Mekra’fari in such a negative light? What is it about them that you consider inferior? Our scans seemed to indicate an equal level of development between the two of your species.

They really didn’t seem to have any idea.  As advanced as they were, Dagden decided to try his best to explain.  He slowed his speech and leaned toward Serala a touch, as though explaining a simple concept as best he could to a child.

Tych: I don’t view them in a negative light, Commander, I only view them as they are.  As they’ve proven themselves to be over centuries of coexistence.  Surely you can understand that not all races are intellectually equal to each other.  That must be the case, even where you come from.

Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: I am confused. If they are so inferior, how is it they managed to develop along the same technological lines that your own people did? I mean, we have detected a third species on this planet and they are clearly at a more primitive state of development. Perhaps you could explain this for us?

So, they’d picked up the Elnazri beneath the surface of the oceans.  Dagden once again felt his frustration growing.

Tych: General, could you… take this question, please?

Zadok: Response

Kiax /McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: Fascinating. So, how does it work then? What is the exact relationship between the Feladoni and the Mekra’fari?

Dagden spread his hands out on the table.

Tych: Do your people have pets, Lieutenant Commander Serala?

Zadok: Response

Kiax /McKnight / Azorius: Response

Tych: Then it’s very simple.  Think of them as… exceptionally intelligent pets.  They are usually well behaved, and quite useful.  We occasionally allow some of them to work in our businesses.  Even the Spacefold complex has some Mekra’fari employees.  We share technology with them, hence the… shared technological lines that you mentioned before.

Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Dagden finally shook his head.  He felt as though they were going in circles in this conversation, and that it was time he asserted his authority over his own home.  And, to an extent, his planet.

Tych: Well.  In any case, this has been a highly productive meeting, but I feel that perhaps you have questions that I am simply unable to answer.  Or… :: He paused, glancing at Kiax. :: that I am going to be judged harshly for answering.  Perhaps, then, I should retract my previous statement, and give you my blessing to go and meet some Mekra’fari for yourself.  No doubt, an interaction with them will confirm what I’ve told you.

Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response


Representative Dagden Tych

Political Representative overseeing the GSEO (Grand Space Exploration Organization)

As Simmed By

Aaron / Captain Mei’konda Delano / Lieutenant JG Jamie MacNemar


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