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MSNPC Awane'jit Qalipu'fari: Approaching Limits

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A great post from Lephi introducing a new species for our current mission. The writer really does a fantastic job of setting things up and digging into what makes this race so unique. An enjoyable read. :D
((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground))
The Mosh'ja Alet camp was quite stunning to see. The complex leant itself to a natural beauty, set deep under the surface. The camp was a labour of love that had been born of a desperate necessity. It was already well established by the time that Qalipu had first set foot in it, beckoned to the cause by Katnar'fari. Hesitation had never crossed his mind when the message came from the longstanding ally. He was tired of the Feladoni pushing his people around, and as he sat at a table in the strategic defense room, deep within the complex, he thought back to when he received her message.
((Flashback - 1.5 Years Ago - Awane'jit Reservation)) 
Things had largely been calm as of late. It seemed the Feladoni had placed his people out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, it was not as easy for Qalipu to forget as he sat at his desk remembering the atrocities of Moving Day, which is what the Feladoni called the day they forcibly and bloodily relocated his people to this unforgiving subterranean land. The technology and knowledge they possessed made their living situation more palatable, but still Qalipu longed for the freedom he had not long ago experienced.
Anger and frustration boiled dangerously close to the surface of the man. Aggression was frowned upon in their society, a fact which he routinely found himself at odds with. The Feladoni took advantage of their kind and trusting nature to exploit them for their own gain, and he was tired of it. He stared down at the message that had come through for him from Katnar'fari, a leader from a long trusted and allied tribe. It was vague, but he was intrigued and knew he had to reach out to her for answers. His people deserved as much.
((Two days later)) 
He had gathered his most trusted associates together to say his goodbyes. He picked up his satchel, containing the few belongings he planned to bring with him on the trek, and addressed the crowd that had assembled.
Qalipu'fari: Friends, loved ones. I go, not of desire, but of necessity. I cannot promise that major change will come from this. Jiptug (hopefully) this changes things for us. Though I hope to see you all again, I know I may never. 
He walked towards the door, the crowd parting for him as he passed. Once he reached the entrance, he turned back to face them all once more.
Qalipu'fari: Welaʼlin, nigmaq (Thank you, my family) 
He turned and walked out, deeper into the caverns. 
((End flashback)) 

As he freed himself from the memories he was experiencing, Qalipu stood and headed to the main chamber of the camp. He decided that some socializing would do him good, after the negative memories. He found the room bustling with activity.

Ethas’fari: The launch was successful and the pilot returned to the Spacefold Travel Complex. ::They seemed marginally excited:: They are cheering in the streets, but there is no mention of our contributions at all. None! 
Katnar’fari: Did you expect there to be, Ethas? ::She said sagely:: We only mined the metals they crafted it from. We only helped them make the proper calculations to manage such a thing and the satellites are of our design.
The calmness with which his compatriot spoke to the younger Mekra’fari delivering the news was equal parts inspiring and frustrating to him. They were all among friends here, she shouldn't need to censor herself as she spoke. He knew that despite her outward appearances, she was just as frustrated as he was.
Katnar’fari: Do not be saddened entirely. Despite the Feladoni’s nature, this is a historic and momentous occasion to be proud of. They may not be willing to openly voice our contributions, but we have done a grand thing together. Fari willing, much good will come of this day.
Qalipu'fari: Fari willing, the Feladoni will come to regret leaving us out, subjugating us, treating us this way.

Katnar'fari: Response 

Qalipu'fari: The time for passive hopes is passed. We are hidden down here in the shadows while they hog all of the glory! 

Katnar'fari: Response 

Qalipu'fari: They can't keep getting away with this, Katnar. How many more of us have to lose our freedom, how many more lives are to be lost before you acknowledge the anger within? 

Katnar'fari: Response 

Awane'jit Qalipu'fari
Awane'jit Tribal Leader
Mekra’fari Equality Movement
As simmed by,
Lieutenant JG Lephi
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Chin’toka NCC-97187
Community History Team Member 
Chat Team Member
Wiki Team Member
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