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Battle Of The Bands: Gorgeous George VS Maria Chicchoni, USS Veritas Caught In The Middle

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DONOVA IV — Supporters of Maria Chicchoni interrupted Battle of the Bands preparations to protest Gorgeous George’s treatment of exotic animals.

The Donova IV convention centre was awash with Starfleet personnel over the weekend: the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) offered their services to help with preparations. To the ire of government officials, organiser Sokarn zh’Kuujn accepted their offer.

But as the Veritas practise band, comprising Antero Flynn, Hannibal Parker, Charlena Vanlith, Ikaia Wong, and Callistra Navarro concluded their practice on-stage, chaos erupted. A crowd of protestors equipped with t-shirts, signs, and chants, broke through the event’s security, approaching the stage. At the convention centre’s entrance, thirty more protesters breached the main doors.

Their chanting overpowered the event’s security personnel’s attempts to communicate with one another: “E-vil George! Gor-geous An-i-mals! E-vil George! Gor-geous An-i-mals!”

Supposedly the protestors were avid supporters of Maria Chicchoni, an animal-loving veterinarian marred in controversy. While fending off rumours of her husband Abossaon Th’shriqak’s disappearance, Chicchoni has set her attention firmly on the Battle of the Band’s most popular event: Gorgeous George (actual name George Dalmanoda). Chicchoni has accused Dalmanoda of illegally trafficking exotic animals.

Dalmanoda has countered these accusations with loud proclamations of th’Shriqak’s alleged death. He believes Chicchoni murdered her husband.

The Starfleet crew were quick to step in and mediate. They agreed, on Chicchoni’s behalf, to meet with Veritas’ Captain Roshanara Rahman in hopes to mediate the dispute.

Little did they realise Dalmanoda was actually already aboard the ship.

“He barged into our captain’s ready room to propose a broadcast to the entire fleet. Some kind of special performance,” said Ensign Seeker Macedon. “I don’t think he even knows what our ship’s name actually is.”

Rahman reportedly brushed off Dalmanoda’s request and left a new Veritas recruit, Ensign Breanna Shepherd, to his mercy.

As Veritas prepares to have two boisterous personalities aboard their ship, other members of the senior staff are presenting “Starfleet” at one of the Shoals’ top universities: the University of New Shanghai.


Written by Sky Blake

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