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Ensign Katsim Peri - "Making The Jump"

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Our normally reserved Ensign Peri Katsim may not say much, but she certainly expresses herself through some inner dialogue that's very well used in the scene.  It's a dynamic moment but we still get an insight into what the character really thinks!  Thanks for taking the leap! 

Great job @Alora DeVeau


((Yacht Outside 99th Floor Domicile Administrative Center, SalCorp Cohousing Unit 34556))

Alieth: Peri, what were you thinking, you almost…

What was she thinking?  Shock registered over the young woman’s face.  What else should she have done?  How could the doctor ask such a thing?  Peri didn’t have time for a reply, for Teller was too busy hurling insults at her friend.  

Teller: You crazy green blooded hob...

Nozku: No time! I've got control, we need to go. Now!

It was only because the others grabbed on to something that Peri did the same, though perhaps a second behind them.  Because it was enough of a delay, she managed to go tumbling to the floor of the vessel as it suddenly lurched away from the gangplank and into the air, and barely managed to get a grip on the side of the vehicle as the Zet suddenly manoeuvred into to a downward angle, plunging straight for the ground that lay far, far beneath them.  If the wind had been noisy and annoying before, it had become downright abusive as they sliced through the air in their kamikaze dip.  Clinging to the ship as best she could, Peri’s eyes shut tightly, then opened, only to see a vague sense of a reflection in the blurred maze of windows that sped by them.  

Quen: Up ahead, ten- ::There was the briefest of pauses before she finished::-Against the building!

Peri didn’t want to look, but there was something about resisting a call to do just that.  Moving her gaze upward, she caught sight of yet another craft, one far more slick and lean.  It was was the sort of craft designed for speed - and theirs?  Theirs was not. Another lurch off to the side almost sent Peri reeling, but she managed to keep a tenuous hold, if barely. 

Alieth: Geoff, make this thing speed up a bit more because we are being followed closely.

Teller: Aye aye ma'am, but it looks like Nenni already has us way the safety zones.  If I'm reading this right we've...::Geoff squinted at the display then shook his head:: ....voided the warranty.  

Nozku: This thing isn't a racer, its made for lazy trips around the lake! How far away are they

Not far.  Not far at all.  Lazy trips around the lake, well this wasn’t one of those.  That would have been a much nicer way to spend their day, but alas, that was not what the Prophets had in store for them.  A sudden tremor almost shook Peri’s grip and once more she tightened her hold.  

Alieth: Close, VERY CLOSE.

Suddenly, they changed direction.  Peri’s stomach, which had decided to climb up into her throat with the dive, suddenly found it self thrust into the bottom of her feet as Nokzu managed to completely, totally, utterly change direction.  The Bajcardy attempted to keep the contents of said stomach inside where they belonged rather than subjecting her fellow crew members to more misery than they already were.  

Nokzu: Hang on tight!

Weren’t they already doing that?  Peri was desperately trying to do so and finding herself on the cusp of losing her hold only to re-establish it just before another swerve or jerk managed to wrench it off.  As she pressed against one side of the boat, a flash of colour sped by on the other side, then another appeared above her briefly.  Once more, they changed, down was first, then up, suddenly they were going down again, as if on some crazy, jerky, railless roller coaster ride.  Peri, for one, wanted to get off.  

Teller:...level...off...have to...contact ship...

Katsim: How?

The soft voice was no match for the wind that cut off the sound before it could reach the others.  There was another sudden shift, tossing the passengers again off to the side. Peri’s face banged against the railing to which she clung, sending a stream of lights before her eyes for a brief moment.

Alieth: Alive, but I have a few tips for our driver

Nozku: If you'd rather the next shot take out our thrusters, I can smooth out the ride for you!

That would be wonderful, but a rather difficult request considering they were currently in the middle of a chase scene.  Keeping her tight hold upon the ship, Peri attempted to twist in order to get a better look at those chasing them, the up and down making her stomach flip and flop way too much for comfort.  Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Teller’s attempt to get the combadge to work.  Even over the whistling of the wind, she caught the faintest sound of a chirp.  Wait...did that mean it was working?  

Teller:  =/\= Teller to Thor, Teller to Thor, Priority One Emergency! =/\=

The communicator made a sound that sounded very much like a child sticking out a tongue and blowing a raspberry.  Hope which had sprung up within the young scientist dimmed.  Tellers expression was thoughtful.  Suddenly, it was more than just thoughtful.  Peri wasn’t sure she wanted to know what was going through his mind.

Quen: Are there seatbelts on this thiiiiiing?!

That would be far too easy, wouldn’t it?  So much for convenience.  As Nozku swung the yacht to the other side, Peri found herself thrown once more against the edge, her back taking the abuse this time as she was shoved against a pile of lashing and the hook upon which it was wound and, after barely hanging on to its own tentative place, suddenly came on wound and began whipping about with each jarring movement.  Gritting her teeth, she could physically feel the strain of the vessel beneath them.

Nokzu: We need a way to lose our friends back there, and we need to do it fast!

There was a smile on Teller’s face. Why was there a smile on Teller’s face? 

Peri didn’t know the man very well.  Having arrived on the ship only a few months prior, the two had interacted a handful of times.  In general, he seemed like a sweet, pleasant fellow.  However, she had certainly heard quite a few stories involving him.  Him and destruction.  Explosions.  Chaos.  

Peri didn’t like the smile on Teller’s face.  

Teller:  Like you said Nenni, we're not going to outrun them in this thing.  That's why we're going to jump.  

Oh Prophts, preserve them!

Teller:  We set this thing on autopilot and jump when we're behind one of those buildings - they'll never see us.  Transporter can get us on the way down.  No problem.  

Immediately, enthusiastically, unequivocally, Peri shook her head.  No! No way!  Nuh uh!  No how!

Alieth: Response

Quen: That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!

In that, she  and Quen were in agreement.  Silently, Peri wondered if maybe Teller needed a psychological evaluation. 

Nokzu: Are you crazy!? We'd never survive something like that!

Something bright flashed behind them, sending the little airship shivering.  Peri shivered with it.  

Teller:  Sorry Nenni, but you're going to have to trust us on this one.  It's this, or end up back in Anroc's hands.  Frankly, I'd rather take my chances.  If anybody feels differently, say so now. 

Trust us?  When did this become an us?  This was allllll Teller.  Sighing, Peri peered over at the first officer.  She supposed it probably wouldn’t do not to trust him. But she really didn’t feel like she wanted to plunge to her death.  

Quen/Alieth/Nozku: Response

Teller:  Ok fine, if we all die you get to say you told me so.  Nenni, can you jam the controls, make sure the yacht keeps going after we jump?  

Nozku:  Response

Teller:  Well, I don't think we should leave without expressing our gratitude to President Anroc.  ::Geoff's smile turned a bit wicked::  See that big statue over there? 

Dark eyes followed where Teller pointed and upon the statue he indicated.  What did the statue have to do with...wait.  Oh no.  He was just going to make this worse, wasn’t he?   

Nozku:  Response

Teller winked at them, as if they were all in on this little conspiracy.  It was only made worse when Nozku returned the wink with a multiplicitous one of her own.  

Teller:  When we jump, try to stay close together.  Start calling for transport as soon as you're clear of the dampening effect.  

Quen/Alieth/Nozku: Response

Katsim: Are...are you sure this is going to work?

Peri tried desperately to be heard above the continuous muted roar of the wind. Another slice of light zipped past them, barely missing them.  Shivering, Peri craned her neck back up.  Those ships were closing in.  

Alieth/Nozku/Quen/Teller: Response

Katsim: Sure there’s something else we can do?

Alieth/Nozku/Quen/Teller: Response

No.  Peri didn’t have any other ideas.  The other ships were getting closer, and their particular vehicle was getting closer to the statue.  They didn’t have much time.  

Alieth/Nozku/Quen/Teller: Response

Katsim: Sir, I officially go on record that I don’t like this plan.  

But what was she going to do?  There wasn’t any time to think before the Zet, Teller, and Quen suddenly launched themselves off the ship.  Alieth was climbing over the edge and Peri was attempting to do so as well.  By the time Peri managed to get one leg over the side, all the others were gone.  The ship was headed on a collision course with the statue and her crew members were sailing through the air.  Glancing up, she saw the ships making a beeline straight for that little yacht that had so valiantly carried them as best it could away from harm.  Tremulously, she managed to get the other leg over the edge and, taking a deep breath, Peri closed her eyes, then jumped. 

Alieth/Nozku/Quen/Teller: Response

It was a strange sensation, the wind pressing against her as she pushed downward.  On one hand, it was almost as if it were trying to lift her up rather than let her fall, but gravity was a stronger force and it would not be denied.  As much as that wind tried, it was no match for the greater power that exerted its strength. 

Slowly, Peri squinted her eyes open and almost wished she hadn’t.  Below, a quilted puzzle stretched out, and she was so high she couldn’t even make out the bodies of individual Zets beneath.  Was she far enough away yet?  Would the communicator work now?

Allowing her eyes to close once more, Peri managed to force her arm to tap the combadge.  There was chirp, but it was followed by a resounding ‘blat’ of failure  Not far enough.  Slowly, she forced her eyes open.  The ground was closer and inching more so every second.  Silently, she counted to thirty, trying not to let the welling of panic overwhelming her.  Another tap.  Another failure.  

Tears stung her eyes, though it was difficult to say if it was from fear or the rush of wind beating at them.  Peri closed her eyes, counted to thirty again and tapped.  Nothing.  She set into a pattern, count, tap, count, tap.  Closer and closer the ground rose up to meet her.  Finally, a chirp, a secondary one.  Success!  

Katsim: =/\=Katsim to Thor….Get me out of here!=/\=

Alieth/Nozku/Quen/Teller: Response

Thor: ?

Ensign Katsim Peri
Science Officer
USS Thor

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Amanda is a really talented person and I love that she has been willing to embrace the scene even though it' s completely out of character comfort zone, she also has dared to let her speak a bit and even retort to her First Officer. Of course it's a bad idea my dear Peri, it's Teller's idea. I love seeing your little scientist taking part in the action, I can't wait to see what else she dares to do next!

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