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Lt. Commander Solaris McLaren - A Little Bit of Funk

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(( Starbase 118 - Commercial Sector - Cabo Breeze ))
The party had been going well. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. The Commodore was just stepping down from his speech and recognitions. Sol caught the eye of the band and nodded. The music started to fade and then pick up in to a slightly more upbeat tempo with just the drummer drumming along with occasional hits from the other instruments. Sol started moving just a bit to the beat as she made her way up to the stage. She stepped up to the mic, reaching one hand behind her back to loosen the laces of her ubiquitous corset, loosening it just enough to that she could fully breathe. She was gonna need all the lung power she could muster.
McLaren: Well now that all the formalities are out of the way I think its time we really got this party started... we have a lot to celebrate tonight. :: She grinned. ::
Sol reached down and picked up her trombone, which had been silently sitting on the stage all night joining in with the group and the music continued to build for a few more moments more before ending in a riff before the rest of the band picked back up at a slightly quicker tempo again. She let her trombone dangle from the crook of her arm, moving with the beat as she stepped back up to the mic.
McLaren: Ohhhh... :: She clapped along with the beat, trying to encourage the group to clap along and get moving. :: ...feel like throwin' it up.... ohhhh I feel like throwin' it up... here we go!
Sol again stepped back bringing her horn back to her lips joining in with the song, moving along with the beat as she played, her foot stomping with the beat. The funky beat seemed purposefully written for her instrument, letting her blare high notes and utilize every bit of the range it had. After a few minutes of playing she dropped out and let the rest of the band play, again stepping up to the mic. She was again clapping to the beat.
McLaren: Uh... I say ah! I feel like throwin' it up. :: beat: I say ah! I feel like throwin' it up. :: beat : I say now ah! I feel like throwin' it up. :: beat :: I say now aHh! I feel like throwin' it up, uh... You feel like throwin' it up, throwin' it up. Throwin' it up, throwin' it up. Blowin' it up, blowin' it up. Blowin' it up blowin-- you feel like throwin' it up, blowin' it up. Blowin' it up, throwin' it up. Throwin' it up, throwin' it up, ooooo.
Sol stepped back bringing her horn back up to her lips to finish up the song. The song eventually grew into a crescendo before finishing of with a strong note at the end. She brought her horn down setting it on its stand. It was clear she was breathing heavily. She stepped back, gesturing to the rest of the band before they started back up into more upbeat music in the same style that people could dance to. She started moving to the beat as she came down off the stage, retightening her corset back up. She tied the laces back off, dancing along to the beat, seeing just who else she could dance with. She spied the Commodore, gesturing from him to join her.
McLaren: Enjoy yourself, Sal!
Taybrim: ?
McLaren: Well, I figured theres a lot of things coming down the pipe at us... the crew could use a proper party to cut loose and just have fun. What better way than with soulful music and dancing?
Taybrim: ?
McLaren: Besides all that... I dont get as much time to play as I used to... so this was a great way to keep my skills sharp. :: She laughed. :: I enjoy entertaining just as much as I enjoy my job... if anything its good to know I could probably fall back on it if Starfleet winds up not working out. :: She laughed again. :: Not that I plan on that.
Taybrim: ?
(( OOC; Enjoy the party! Have fun! ))
Lt. Commander Solaris McLaren
Director of Intelligence
Starbase 118 Ops
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