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USS Resolution Returns Back… From The Future…

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CELENDI NEBULA — Returning from a time portal inside the nebula, the crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) bring back their crew and those from several other vessels, including the missing Andalucia.

The Resolution returned to our time but a few days ago, having travelled hundreds of thousands of years into the future in their search for the missing freighter, the Andalucia. A race known in the future as the Sau, a species that does not exist in our time, had been manipulating the nebula to ensnare ships from the present and captured their crews to use as slave labour. Fortunately, the ship’s crew brought this practice to a halt through ground combat and space standoffs.

“Thank the Exchequer they were technologically comparable to us,” squealed Lieutenant JG Gnaxac, a Ferengi Engineering officer. “Can you imagine if we’d run into the Borg with three hundred thousand years of bonus experience? It doesn’t bear thinking about!” he added, before shuddering and refusing to talk to us anymore.

Good news for most families who believed that the nebula had taken their relatives. The Resolution returned through the spatial anomaly packed to the gills with crew members from countless different vessels who had disappeared over the years. Not least of whom is Cormac Finnegan, the Captain of the Andalucia, the very ship that the Resolution investigated its disappearance.

When the crew of the Resolution passed through the anomaly a second time, the portal was permanently closed behind them, preventing the Sau from capturing further vessels. A collective sigh of relief occurred on the bridge of the ship at this discovery, cementing the idea that the Sau are a race who should not have access to time travel.

Next to unconfirmed reports of injuries within the crew, the FNS also learned that another Engineer, Ensign Callium Treetus, lost an arm in a firefight with Sau ground forces, whilst rumours swarm around the sudden disappearance of Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti. Our sources claimed that she may have suffered an aneurysm aboard the ship and that the Resolution’s next destination will be somewhere with specialist medical facilities, able to deal with her sudden condition.


Written by Genkos Adea

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