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Lieutenant (JG) Meidra Sirin - Hello Mother

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((Streets of Vulcana Regar ))


The hovercar made its way down the quiet streets of Vulcana Regar, the slight desert breeze weaving its way between the old stone buildings and occasional public gardens. Meidra watched the passing scenery with a jaded eye; the cultivated order that so impressed the tourists hid a darker side. And she was heading to one of the darkest. 


Saran didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t employed to make small talk. She studied the back of his head, wondering how many family secrets he had absorbed into his stoic demeanor over the decades. Before she could make a flippant remark, they we’re heading away from the industrial area and quickly speeding towards her family estate, and her thoughts turned to her family.


She wasn’t going to stay long, she promised herself this for what seemed the hundredth time. She’d meant what she’d said to Genkos, she was going to pay respects to her family, then leave at the earliest possible time. And if anyone tried to stop her, it would not end well for them. The closer she was to the estate, the more her growing headache multiplied. It was just stress, she told herself, remembering that she hadn’t had pain like this since her kahs wan, something she did not want to think about.


She thought back to the last time she’d been at the estate after being gone for close to thirty years. She’d thought that they’d settle in and start over as a family . Her brother had never fully healed from his kahs wan injuries, but he could walk, and was learning how to fight again. Their reunion had been bittersweet. Then she’d left again.


This time it had only been five years, but it still seemed like yesterday that she’d been chosen to be the bonded mate of a psychopath just to build up her grandfather’s empire.


Klomak Karik-es loomed large in the distance, an ancient fortress of stone and iron. Her great, great grandfather had built the compound with his four brothers. The cold grey building was just as imposing as she remembered. She could almost imagine seeing herself riding the horse like jarels her uncle raised, shouting her joy to be racing the river that stretched across the clan’s land. 


((Klomak Karik-es (Fortress of Strength) Outskirts of Vulcana Regar, Vulcan))


The hovercar veered into a large courtyard, stopping in front of the large bronze doors leading inside the main residence. Meidra got out of the craft, nodding slightly to Saran, and allowed the guard on duty to open the entrance to her childhood angst.


She didn’t make eye contact with the guard, so focused as she was on the door several feet ahead of her, through the formal entryway. As she approached her grandfather’s office, she could feel her mother on the other side of the door. Taking a deep breath, she pushed it open and walked through to see Lenore Sirin, famed writer and historian standing at the window, seemingly unaware of her eldest daughter’s presence.


Lenore: ::without turning around:: I’m surprised you showed up.


Sirin: My brother invited me. It would be illogical not to visit….him.


Lenore turned away from the window, green eyes staring in silent appraisal. Her long auburn hair was loose around her face, and her expression impossible to read if one did not know her. Meidra walked the rest of the way into the room, casually glancing around to check for guards that may have instructions to keep her at the estate. 


Sirin: I was hoping to see Salan, is he here?


Her words, spoken so casually, were a warning. If this was set up to be some sort of trouble, Meidra would be ready to show how much self defense skill she possessed. She still wasn’t sensing her grandfather, yet she was not above thinking he was nearby, waiting.


Lenore: He is with your grandfather on business. Come, sit.


It was not a request, but Meidra wanted to know what her mother was up to, so she sat on of the ornate chairs, not surprised when a servant appeared with a tea tray and fresh fruit. She ignored it to stare at her mother.


Sirin: ::Formally:: I come to pay respects.


She would not use the Vulcan greeting. Her mother was not Vulcan. But she would show her basic civility.


Lenore laughed, a slightly bitter sound. 


Lenore: You speak of respect as though you know what it is. Five years Meidra. 


Sirin: We keep in contact. I call you when I can. I have not disrespected you as you have done to me, Mother. When you chose to allow your own daughter to be sold to the highest bidder.


There. It had only taken five minutes to reopen a wound five years in the making. Lenore glared, her posture rigid, her eyes cold. Meidra could feel something stirring in her mind, but whether it was a memory, or simply being near her mother again was up for debate.


Lenore: That is not what happened. You were finally being accepted into the clan, worthy of being the bondmate of someone of a high ranking family. And you threw it away to play soldier just to prove that you were above it all.


Sirin: I was thrown at a disgusting boy to build an alliance with a family known for their cruelty. You sat by and let it happen. Then you told me never to come home if I escaped.


Her mother’s hand balled into a fist, deep emotions fighting for dominance on her still youthful face. Her other hand slammed down the teacup she’d been holding, shattering it on the pristine table in front of them. Wordlessly, servants came in and cleaned the mess, ignoring the two females glaring at each other. In moments, they had left and Meidra was once again alone with the woman who should have been there for her during her struggles fitting in with the clan.


Lenore: I did what I could to protect you. But you ran away like a child. Out of your bedroom window before anyone could discuss the situation.


Meidra felt the repressed anger building inside of her. This is what her family did, bringing up her past errors to remind her of her failings. She drew a harsh breath; what mother would not see how much that hurt? She could still feel Somek’s hands around her throat as he pushed her towards her bed. The hot breath in her ear telling her how he owned her now. She took an unsteady breath and met her mother’s accusing eyes.


Sirin: He was going to hurt me Mother. What is there to discuss? You were going to let him….he almost….


She could not get the words out. 


Lenore: There was a plan in place. He was going to be our…..


Her voice trailed off and Meidra’s headache grew. One of the gardeners came in and whispered into Lenore’s ear. She looked disgusted, but quickly schooled her features. 


Lenore: You’ll have to excuse me. One of our sehlats have gotten into the vegetable garden and destroyed much of the redspice. I need to assess the damage. 


She didn’t wait to see if Meidra cared, and rushed out through the door leading outside, locking it behind her. 


Meidra wandered the office, looking for something to treat her headache. Opening one of the drawers in her grandfather’s desk, she saw a PADD that hadn’t been shut off. Wryly reaching for it, she saw her name on the screen.


Glancing outside and not seeing her mother returning, she opened the file and began to read. 




Lt JG Meidra Sirin 

Counseling officer 

USS Resolution 


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