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Scandal as Matteo Barana leaves Trinity City Eagles

Federation News Service

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BETA ANTARES IV — The Trinity City Eagles have cut off talks to re-sign Matteo Barana, their former star Centre.

Barana is coming to the end of his two-season contract with the Raskor Giants, the only “off-station” team in the three-tier league system aboard Starbase 118 and based in the capital of Raskor IV.

Fans were ecstatic at the news of Barana’s return. His participation in the league was instrumental in four of the Eagles’ last five title wins.

A curt club statement asserting all talks were off, and would not be rekindled, left many fans stunned and wondering just what had occurred behind the scenes.

Our on-site reporter can reveal the Eagles came into possession of a recording in which it shows Barana making xenophobic comments towards his Andorian teammate, Kahl Shreth.

When asked for his views on the matter, Shreth simply said, “I have not the time for childish word games.”

With Barana’s reputation in tatters, fans will now have to wait to see if the Starbase 118 Ice Hockey Association will allow him to even remain a registered player.

Stay tuned for further updates. Bringing you the latest sports news from around the galaxy and Starbase 118: Tetraball, Speed-Racing, Ice-Hockey, and more. Thunderbolt Sports Report keeps you in the loop.

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