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Lt. Parvana - "Joining The Party"

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((Starbase 118 Ops - Parvana’s Quarters))

Blue and green, or red and orange?  Parvana peered into the mirror,
holding up one outfit, then another.  The warm tones reminded one of the
sun that sat high in the brilliant sky, raining down its warmth upon all
below.  Yet, the cooler ones automatically put in one’s mind the sea,
it’s hues shifting in its depths.  Eventually, she decided on the green
and blue.  Though darker, they did match the crystalline blue of her
eyes more closely.  Once dressed, she turned once more to her image and
posed, turned, then posed again.  Yes. She definitely made the right choice.

Leaning forward, Parvana examined her face more closely.  Her silver fur
had been carefully brushed, smoothed down and every strand in its proper
place.  A light dusting of ebony spots danced over her cheeks and
forehead, then turned to full out rosettes over her neck and body. 
Black outlined her eyes and trailed down the side of her nose.  She’d
been asked on more than one occasion if they were natural.  Oh yes.  She
was all natural.  She would never do anything to herself.  After all,
why change perfection?

Turning, the halter top showed off her delicate shoulders and hugged her
curves.  Provocative, but not vulgar.  The ebony tip of her tail
twitched with pleasure.  Just right.  With that last check, Parvana
turned and strolled out of her quarters.

It was her first day on Ops.  She had arrived just that morning and been
informed that the Captain and First Officer were both engaged as the
former was celebrating a promotion to Commodore and a party was being
held in his honour.  Well now, wasn’t that a lovely way to get
introduced to a new posting?  Parvana was never one to turn down a
party, and as she was now one of the new members of the crew, she
considered herself invited.

((Little Risa - Cabo Breeze))

It was lovely indeed.  While she had never been to the planet Risa,
Parvana had seen enough pictures to recognise how well done the smaller
version on Ops really was.  Crystal blue waters stretched as far as the
eye can see.  The sun was ablaze in the sky which was only a hint paler
than the waters below.  Because of the rather large crowd, it was easy
to find where the party was being held, and without a moment’s
hesitation, Parvana approached and took up a glass.  She had good
timing, for it seemed that the guest of honour arrived but a moment
later, and he was then pounced upon by a woman who looked to be a Trill
in a manner that was almost, almost as good as a Caitian’s.  Impressive
for a non-feline humanoid.

Parvana sipped at her drink, her gaze shifting and coming across two
men.  Both were taller than she, the shorter of the two by a good four
inches, the other by a good foot or more.  Purring softly to herself,
the Caitan closed the short distance between them and greeted them both.

Parvana: Hello Ensigns.

The s’s were soft and held out, like a gentle hiss when each one was voice.

Taelon/Talas: ?

Parvana: Lieutenant Parvana, recently transferred from the USS Payne. 
And you are?

Taelon/Talas: ?

The taller one was hesitant.  Shy?  Certainly the quiet type. The
shorter seemed more buoyant, perhaps a more outgoing personality.  A
very interesting contrast.  Parvana studied them from over the rim of
her glass before continuing on with her inquiry.

Parvana: Have you both been on Ops for very long?

Taelon/Talas: ?

Parvana: Are parties like this common here?

If so, then Parvana was sure she would enjoy her time there.  She did
enjoy a good party - and this one was as good as good a chance as any to
meet some of those with whom she’d be working.

Taelon/Talas: ?

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