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LtJG Yogan Yalu Tries To Talk His Way Out

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The order of comedy in this literally had me laughing, so I had to share.


Beem:  =/\= Ah, yes, well, what’s done is done, I suppose. =/\= ::beat:: =/\=  My name is Rohjess Beem, and I am the Guardian who has been assigned to perform your zhian’tara.  Please let me know when you will be arriving and I will make the necessary arrangements here at the Compound.  You are the eighth Yalu, yes?  You will need to bring seven willing volunteers to complete the ritual.  =/\=

Yalu:  =/\= I am afraid it is not that simple.  I am a Starfleet officer and my ship is heading to Vulcan.  Our captain needs urgent medical care and we are carrying a shipload of refugees. =/\=

The Guardian let out an exasperated sigh.

Beem:  =/\= You’re making that up. =/\=

Yalu:  =/\= No, I promise I’m telling the truth.  We just got back from 200,000 years in the future… where a race of… lizard people was… kidnapping and enslaving… =/\= ::long beat:: =/\= This isn’t helping, is it? =/\=

Beem:  =/\= No, but nice try.  No one has ever claimed ‘lizard people’ as their excuse before.  Mister Yalu, I have been a Guardian for twenty-nine years, and in that time I have overseen one hundred and twenty-three zhian’taras, everywhere from Peliar Zel to Portugal.  You know the rules: if you won’t come to us, we will come to you.  I will make arrangements to have you brought to us from Vulcan. =/\=

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I just read that post. Its funny :)  I like that post.

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