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Arrow Makes The Most Of Shore Leave As Trouble Brews Beneath Surface of Theta 122

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THETA 122 — Following a harrowing pirate attack that endangered both Starfleet and civilian assets, the crew of the Starship Arrow (NCC-69829) has knuckled down to the business of shore leave.

Overtones of exhaustion and fatigue have been near-constant adversaries to crew morale in the months since the arrival at Theta 122. What began as a diplomatic conference on this occasion, an attempt to bring the various species confined to the planet into some form of cooperative cohesion, ended with bloodshed and chaos as one participant revealed the trap she had laid for both the Arrow and the guests aboard her.

“No comment”, remarked an engineering crewman who preferred to remain anonymous. “We’ll talk more when I’m well and truly (redacted).”

Meanwhile, on the surface, a detachment of Starfleet officers led by Lt. Cmdr Collins did their best to install a water filtration system for the new inhabitants of the planet. However, as part of a more coordinated assault by piracy forces, hostile aggressors attacked and tried to prevent the team from completing the mission.

In orbit, a skeleton crew worked to defend against a relentless onslaught from the Razor’s Edge, an Orion privateer raider. Compromised, low on power and with boarding teams beaming aboard, Arrow’s senior staff defended key locations with phasers and computer trickery. The Saber-class vessel’s history of service in the Dominion War proved useful, with the hull specifically adapted to be resistant against the Edge’s polaron-based weaponry.

Seeing a way in, Cmdr. Shayne ordered helm officer Lt. Chloe Waters to approach the Edge for an ultimate attack; though this went somewhat awry, help from Captain Beriali Dau of the Caldonian vessel Syrtan, and General Murkad of the IKS K’prong saw off the privateer threat.

Recognizing the need for leave (after completing urgent repairs) Shayne saw to the shore leave of all personnel, while doctors and Arrow counsellor Lt. R’Ariel treated serious injuries of every shape and sort.

Acknowledging the season, Shayne established a small village on the northern part of Theta 122 for the crew to enjoy. Where he presented awards of every sort to crew members for their brave and bold action in the most recent conflict.

The Arrow’s staff, despite setbacks, have begun to acclimate to their (hopefully) temporary surroundings.


Written by Randal Shayne

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