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MSPNPC: Teril - All Good Things

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This a beautiful ending to a storyline by @Meidra Sirin, a character at the end of their rag, forced to murder and suicide.


((Bridge, the Megalana))

Teril was not a good being, that was never in question, but he was not proud of how his life had turned out. Fighting the weak was not part of the mercenary code he’d followed his entire life. You kill those who have what you want, but you do it and move on to the next score, you don’t become part of the established cruelty. 

He found his way to the communications area and frowned. What he was planning was considered treason, but truth be told - Teril was tired. Tired of pretending to enjoy the boring, pointless existence he had been living as one of Lo’Thar’s lieutenants. He sent a message to the other ship, and waited in the silent command center of a doomed ship.

Soon, an answering beep to his message came through. The warm bloods were willing to talk again. He had the feeling that they liked to talk quite a bit. Pushing the appropriate button Teril took a deep breath and sealed his fate.

Farrel: Response

Not the pretty bird...he vaguely wondered where she’d flown off too, he would have enjoyed seeing her again. No matter, there were greater things to sort through now. 

Teril: Resolution - I grow weary of thissss game. Lo’Thar isss dead. I am in command. I no longer think wasting resources of chasing your pitiful ship a good plan.

Farrel: Response

Teril ::glancing down at Lo’Thar’s corpse:: There wasss a….difference of opinion. It hasss been resolved.

Teril could feel the alien presence in his mind again, a calming influence - he doubted she even knew she was doing it, but still, he was grateful to have it during this last exchange. He bowed to the screen, knowing that this would have angered Lo’Thar by its implied respect, and he felt even lighter now. He sent a silent thank you to this….Meidra….who gave her sense of peace to those who did not deserve it. 

Farrel: Response

Any: Response

Though they did not need it, Teril felt that he would give these people a basic understanding of why they had found themselves in this situation. He paused, not knowing why it mattered to him to explain, only that if he was to rid himself of the stench of Lo’Thar’s incompetence, he must begin with this explanation. 


Teril: Our people have used this tunnel in space to draw in prisoners for years. We’ve let them die to feed our machines, we’ve used that energy by ssselling it to the highest bidder. We have become ssstale cogs of a machine that bringsss no glory. It will be ended. I’ve sent the necessary information to your data banks. Tell your people on the planet to get far from the refinery, or they shall perish with the guardsssss. You have exactly two hours before it will be too late.

Farrel: Response

Any: Response

Teril: Sssoon, reinforcements will arrive to help Lo’Thar’s pathetic quest for power. When they arrive, they will see a burning pile of death. This machine was a prototype, the only one built. When it issss gone, I will have no reassson to remain. It was ::searches for word:: entertaining to meet you. Tell your captain that I regret never hearing her sssssing for me. I’m sure she would have been my favorite songbird.  

He didn’t wait for an answer, switching the screen off. He did not have long before the soldiers arrived. He put in the code to start the self destruct sequence, knowing that merely crashing the craft into the buildings below would not give the explosion he required to send his soul into the warrior’s afterlife. 

Once he was certain that the little ship had received the instructions on how to reverse their trip through the anomaly, he sat back and contemplated how this mission had gone wrong, yet somehow had ended in the perfect way for all involved. 

Farrel: Response

Teril ignored the summons, his work was done, his life done as well. He allowed himself a few moments to reflect on his actions, knowing that the repercussions would echo through Sau history for years to come. There would be no second machine. There would be no reason to harvest slaves for the comfort of the elite. He could almost pretend he was a hero, instead of a weary soldier for hire, tired of his very existence.

Somewhere, on a small planet, Lo’Thar’s wife would hear the news of her husband’s passing. She would hear that his small craft was pulled into a malfunction of the machine she had helped create. Perhaps she would feel guilt that her work had killed her mate, perhaps relief. Teril would have no one to grieve his death, as his father had declared him dead to his clan years ago. 

Putting in the coordinates to his final glory, he instructed the computer to play a lullaby his nanny had sung on the cold nights of his childhood. It was fitting to be lulled into the final sleep in such a way, not as the hardened mercenary he had tried to be, but the lonely boy who never had a home of his own. He grinned as he realized how maudlin his thoughts had become, watching as the instrument panel warned him of his reentry into the atmosphere while being in self destruct mode. 

As the song floated into his memory, he could almost imagine seeing his mother’s face, beckoning him to her side. He closed his eyes and sat back in the commander’s chair, ignoring the computer’s warning that the ship was on a dangerous course that would likely kill him. As the ship made its final burst of speed and crashed into the refinery, his last thought was that he had finally found the true meaning of glory.


End scene/life

Teril - Sau Commander 


Simmed by :


Lt JG Meidra Sirin

Counseling officer

USS Resolution


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