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USS Constitution Returns to Starbase 104, With Puzzles To Solve

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STARBASE 104 — Following a relief effort, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) returned with a member of a newly discovered species, to learn of strange happenings on the Starbase.

Having effected an impromptu relief effort following significant seismic activity on the resort world of Endaasi, the Constitution returned to Starbase 104 to restock and reunite crew with friends on the Starbase in time for a local celebration of ‘Giftmas’.

However, the Constitution did not leave Endaasi empty-handed, bringing with it a passenger, the amphibious alien Ishar, who represented an entirely new First Contact situation.

During transit, the ship’s crew worked long hours to resolve the unique challenges to Medical and Communications provided by Ishar’s unique biology, in order to render medical aid. In the meantime, the crew created a functioning translation system as well, to ease communication.

Meanwhile, their arrival home was not without incident.

Two children of a crewmember visited their friends on Starbase 104, only to discover that someone had stolen their Giftmas gifts. The intrepid Kapoor twins raised the alarm, recruiting other children and ship’s Security to investigate the incident and hopefully return the presents.

“The last day of Giftmas is in only two days!” exclaimed young Vijanyendra Kapoor, clearly concerned about the implications for the holiday celebration.

“We can only hope the gifts are still on the base,” explained Petty Officer Davis, Security Officer. “With all the ships coming and going from and to the Starbase, it will be a puzzle to find them.”


Written by Saveron

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