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USS Resolution Embarks On Search For Missing Freighter Andalucia

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CELENDI NEBULA — Arriving at the Celendi Nebula, the crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) began locating the disappeared freighter, Andalucia.

Commanded by Cormac Finnegan, the freighter left Deep Space 224 on a mission to deliver terraforming supplies to a planet on the opposite side of the nebula. Scheduled to arrive at their destination several days ago, the whereabouts of the freighter are currently unknown.

While the vessel is independently owned and operated, both the ship and its crew have a history of carrying out shipping operations for Starfleet and the Federation. Administrators on Deep Space 224 called Finnegan and his crew “efficient and reliable,” and stressed that the lack of communication was highly unusual for the freighter captain.

The Celendi Nebula is a volatile area of the Borderlands.

With high concentrations of proto-matter, methane and ion gases, pockets of metreon gas, and synchrotron radiation, travel through the nebula is ill-advised even for ships with advanced shield and propulsion systems. It is highly unusual for any freighter to traverse the region.

The Andalucia’s flight plan put the Resolution on a course to travel around the nebula’s perimeter, though the freighters’ last reported location suggests they may have abandoned their original course and entered the nebula. Their motivation was cause for speculation, though detouring through the nebula would have cut down on the freighter’s travel time by several days.

The Resolution is currently developing plans to streamline its search for the freighter based on its last-known location and projected flight paths. The Resolution’s command staff said the crew are preparing for all contingencies, including rendering engineering or medical help, and believe there is currently no reason to assume that something destroyed the freighter.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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