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Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Merry Christmas"


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Amanda (the writer behind Alora) has let me read this marvel today and, of course, I think it should be here. I think the positiveness, how well she knows the characters, the rhyme, everything, makes her a great and super considerate sim with her fellow writers. @Alora DeVeau  you do better this site being here :D

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Merry Christmas" (FAO: ALL)


OOC: Since the mission started way before Christmas, I thought it would be nice to assume they celebrate Christmas afterward ICly.  I was going to hold off on this for a few more days, but you know what?  I think tonight is a great night to spread some cheer.

Thank you for being here, my Ops family.  Y'all are a gift, and I'm grateful to have each and every one of you.  I'm grateful to be a part of this awesome online community.  You are dearly loved. ❤️




((Starbase 118 Ops - All Over The Place))


Twas two nights before Christmas and throughout 118

Not a creature was stirring, it was quite late.

The children were tucked in their beds for the night,

The late shift was waiting for dawn’s early light. 

Yet among the shadows a form slipped unseen

Dark hair tumbling down and eyes of bright green.

A mischievous smile played upon her fair face

As she swept through the halls of the sleeping Starbase. 

She came to the first set of doors in the hallway

And left a wrapped package then laughed and sped away.

From quarters, to quarters, to quarters she flew

Leaving more packages shiny and new.


Each one was unique and quietly brought,

Each one wrapped with care, each one filled with thoughts

Of sweetness and light, of the happy yule season,

The desire to bring joy twas her only reason.

Whiskey was given to the Vulcan marine,

Made and aged on earth, its tone rich and clean.

For the first officer with girlfriend so loving,

Two tickets to listen to some klingons singing.

For Ishani Kasun, twas something she wished,

Candied chilis were now marked off of her list.

And for the unborn child, sure to be sweet,

A warm purple quilt within a package wrapped neat

For Prudence the figure of a unicorn,

Silky white body and silvery horn,

A woman she hoped would be a good friend,

Reminded her nothing ever would end. 

For Talas, she left at the door of his lair,

A scroll for his wall, a Bajoran prayer.

For Nalni two brightly coloured bouquets,

Of some silken flora to brighten her days.

Handmade cherry blossom comb and barrette

Was left for the kind Sheila Bailey to get. 

For Taelon a real book filled with the glories

Of Isaac Asimov's amazing stories.

A blue yukata with blossoms of cherries

Was left for his daughter, the lovely Cyri.

A custom katana was made for the one,

The counselor by the name of Ruwon.

For Ditala, amber jewelry that shone

Was given to her now, her very own.

Canvas and paints were left very neatly

For the Ariana who smiled so sweetly.

A real record player Maxwell received

A rather neat gift that she had achieved.

A model of the USS Narendra she gave

Williams in honour of new friendship to pave

Drevas received Tolkien, carefully bound

With stories of hobbits roaming around.

And Andrews found in his box full of cheer

Two bottles of wine from a very good year.

Solaris, Casino Royale was gifted

Signed by the author. As the lady drifted

She moved place to place, and then door to door

Alora had only a few presents more. 

Yet those could not be left by the front door,

For those required a little bit more.

Later in person, she knew she’d give out

The presents for those she couldn’t leave out.

For Tony and Ashley, friends loved so much,

For Wyn and for Sal, well theirs was just such

To be given in person, not in a box

For now, Alora slunk away like a fox

And into the night, she softly did call.

Merry Christmas, my friends, to one and all. 

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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