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You're the Captain now! Crisis in the Eta Sector!


Do you pick one of these, or do you have your own plan? Tell us below!  

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  1. 1. What action do you take?

    • Helm and XO: This is clearly an internal issue, so we should not interfere or request reenforcements. Leave the people to whatever fate awaits them.
    • Tactical and Medical: Call back to Starfleet to request reenforcements and block them. While it is true that IFKR are likely insurrectionsts, denying sentients their rights and freedom over power is unethical and will just continue the unrest.
    • Science: Hail the battlecruiser and explain you are prepared to support the CEO of the planet below, so that the unrest can be settled, and a more targetted application of justice created.
    • I have my own plan! (explain below)

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As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do?

Your ship, the Steamrunner class USS Âu Cơ, is on a routine diplomatic visit to the world of Ferinoat IV, in the Theta Sector. Newly allied to the Federation, this world is known for it's raw material shipments for what cannot be replicated, and there is a diplomatic push to get it as a full trading partner of the Federation. It is also a paradise world, with half of it's 1.4* Earth sphere given to extreme low impact business and eco friendly tourism.

Upon arriving, the ship is hailed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ferinoat, Arcturan Nadarion, with an urgent request for aid against a paramilitary movement commiting actions of insurrection and terrorism, the Independence For Kel-Mora Republics. An officially proscribed organization since 2367, the organization had a political wing gathering power, unhappy with the allotment of resources and power given to non favoured component republics.

Investigations by the Chief Tactical Officer reveal that the reason is an upcoming plebiscite that there is some doubt is entirely free - from either side, and the ship is contacted by one of the IFKR members, disguising themselves as an animated fox-girl. They claim that the Chief Executive's party has been subverting their contractual rights to free expression, free movement, and the right of licensed press to print the truth.

Two days later, your senior staff assemble to pool the information gathered, revealing the following

  • The Ferinoat system produces 45% of all raw tarsonium, a material used in starship construction.
  • Reports have been filed by Federation and Starfleet Intelligence supporting both claims
  • The contract granting the Ferinoat IV Colony, KSLC rights to incorporate by the Satikail Corporate Nations, also guarantees those rights, but also states that the planetary corporation must allow for severability and spinning off.
  • While there have been few deaths so far, it is the opinion of your tactical officer and counselor that this will soon end, as there are clear signs of escalation on both sides. However, throwing your support behind either side would likely end the conflict without any more escalation.

However, the time for debate ended abruptly with the arrival of a Satikail Battlecruiser. While they permit you to stay in orbit, you are warned in no uncertain terms not to interfere. After a trial back on Staikail Secundus (in absentia, which is legal under their laws), they intend to send down an management team and corporate security assets and perform mass arrests of anyone on either side.

What do you do?


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  • Nadeshiko changed the title to You're the Captain now! Crisis in the Eta Sector!

It's a sticky situation, no doubt about it. Negotiation would be the first consideration. Second would be the safeguarding of Federation citizens. Intervention in a possible civil war is not something I would want to do. Defend my ship and citizens absolutely, then maintain the ability to observe the status of the factions on the ground and in space. Even offering assistance to those in distress could cause problems, but as a Starfleet captain, that aid would be provided to either side if requested on an emergency basis.

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  • Jo Marshall changed the title to You're the Captain now! Crisis in the Eta Sector!

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