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PNPC Sobok & Ens. Jehe Saja - The Last Journeys of an Old Tree

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A JP between one of our newer members @Brutus and a well established member @Sirok that I thoroughly enjoyed.  

((USS Ra - Leaving DS9))


The orders for Ensign Jehe were not the most usual. Picking up a civilian from DS9 to take him to New Bajor. Her passenger was an old Vulcan. The man even used a cane, denoting that despite all the Federation's medical advances time reaches everyone, even the long-lived Vulcans.


He wore a simple tunic, but the fabric and the small embroidery he wore with words in Vulcan denoted a great quality in his craftsmanship. He presented himself simply as Sobok and his speech, though monotone, was not as uncomfortable and flat as that of other Vulcans. 


Jehe Saja had encountered a few Vulcans during her time at the Academy, and had found the species, as a whole, to be somewhat the opposite of her own. Bajorans were often known for fiery tempers and Vulcans kept a close reign on their emotions, tighter than any other species she had met to date. But at the same time, she’d seen glimpses of Vulcan spiritualism, that allowed her to believe that perhaps, they weren’t so different as she might like. Thus, when facing the elder Vulcan who would accompany her to her new posting, she greeted the opportunity as just that: an opportunity.


She had kept her own introductions just as brief,as she’d resisted the urge to adjust the black collar of her uniform, denoting her position within the auspices of Starfleet Intelligence. 


He asked Jehe to take his things inside the Runaboat, so that he could walk more easily.

Once they started the trip the Vulcan did not go to the living area, but chose the co-pilot's seat. He left his cane on the chair and relaxed his arms on the armrests. He didn't say anything, his gaze reminded him of a Starfleet flight instructor. Every time Jehe introduced a command into the console the man seemed to judge every little decision, or it was simply the severe look of a Vulcan, even though he had no eyebrows.


Sobok: I know that on the new maneuver thrusters it is less necessary but if you adjust the ... :: He brought one of his hands close to the panel and quickly introduced several adjustments to the maneuvering drive, but without executing them. :: But you are the pilot today.


Jehe: oO Well, looks like I am learning something today Oo


Jehe: Thank you, sir. ::She reached forward, re-entering the commands herself, so that she would be familiar with them, and punched the execution:: While I have shuttle pilot training, it’s not my primary vocation. 


Sobok: You can always learn more. And in Starfleet, getting as much knowledge as possible will help you better accomplish your mission. Even if you think it is not your specialty. Many officers are pigeonholed in their department rather than trying to be more complete.


The man looked again into the blackness of space, trying to find with his eyes the place where the wormhole should open.


Jehe: You sound like you speak from experience. 


Even as she spoke, Saja readjusted the approach of the runabout. She’d not been told anything about her passenger really, other than that he was seeking transport to New Bajor, and as she was going to her own assignment in orbit of that planet, she was tagged to escort him. She hardly minded, and in truth was working harder to repress her own near giddiness at getting to enter the Celestial Temple. 


After a small lapse of time the ship crossed the space that separated the station from the wormhole. Illuminating everything with a blue light.


Sobok:Ensign, do you believe that prophets are gods?

The question, though abrupt, was asked in the same instructive tone he had had moments before.


For a long moment, the Bajoran did not respond, as the ship made its way closer to the aperture, to be guided into the swirling light. Saja forced herself to breathe and nodded her head, though she did not allow herself to look away.


Jehe: I do, yes. At least, they meet most definitions of ‘gods’ that I have heard, and have been demonstrably active in the history of my people. ::She tilted her head and chuckled softly:: And my father is a Prylar. I’d be a rather poor daughter if I did not believe in the Prophets.


Sobok: Interesting. :: He simply said, without trying to change the Bajoran's mind.


The bushy haired intelligence officer nodded, and drew her attention back to her console as the runabout gave a shudder. They were approaching the event horizon of the wormhole, and Saja had to make some minor adjustments. 


Jehe: Compensating for spatial drift. I’m told the ride will be a bit bumpy.


She didn’t outright say ‘maybe you should strap in’  but she thought it pretty hard.


Sobok:Try to give some more energy to the inertial dampers, there has to be a configuration for the wormhole.



((USS Ra - Entering Bajoran Wormhole))

And then, they were inside the Celestial Temple, and it was all that Saja could do not to gape like a fish. As Sobok switched his gaze between the view from the front window and the instrument panels.


Sobok:Is this the first time you travel through the wormhole? ::Sobok did not know if the runoboat came from the Thor, or if it came directly from DS9.::


Jehe: Yessir. Though I grew up on Freehaven, one of the Bajoran colonies, I’ve never had the chance to experience this before. ::She had made the adjustments suggested and the flight evened out, as her head slowly turned side to side, taking in the truly alien vista before them:: And you?


Sobok: No, although I had a first officer. Rashur Sul, who often insisted that we try to get closer. But Bajor and the Wormhole was far from our area of operation. It is certainly an interesting experience.

The Vulcan was slightly incorporated and carefully observed the data on the console. Alternating with the immensity of blue before them.


Sobok: Soon after, the war with the Klingons began and immediately after with the Dominion. She was no longer my first officer after that.


Jehe: I didn’t realize you served. I apologize. They didn’t really brief me on my passenger. ::She frowned for a moment.:: I was born during the conflict. I can’t say that I remember much of it at all, just stories from my family.


The ship finished its transit through the wormhole. The interior of the ship was once again illuminated only by its own light.


In the pilot’s seat, Saja began a series of system checks to confirm that there had been no issues with the runabout. Her pulse was still racing from the trip through the Temple. It had been magnificent - even if only only looked at it from a purely secular viewpoint. 


Sobok: It was interesting. 


The old vulcan took his cane and with the help of it and the armrest he stood up.


Sobok: Do you need help for the rest of the trip? Otherwise I will try to rest a little. I have a lot to do in the New Bajor.

Jehe: I should be fine sir. Please, take all the rest you need. I’ll notify you when we’re on our final approach.


The old Vulcan nodded in what might have seemed like gratitude. But to nod was to show a feeling, he had simply nodded to imply that he understood what the ensign had said. True, the old Vulcan knew that some people confused the two facts. And that begins guided by their feelings felt better in the presence of such emotional displays. So the old Vulcan did not take them out of their error.


The ship traveled for a few hours in warp until it reached New Bajor. Following standard procedure it went to impulse as it approached the system. From space, it could still see some ravages caused by the blight. Although some improvement was already visible since the arrival of Thor.


The Ra continued to approach the planet's orbit, but on its trajectory it passed near its mother ship, the Thor. Illuminated by the planet, it shone with its characteristic blue color of its hull and its slender form. Sobok observed it from one of the windows when they passed near it.


The Vulcan returned to the command module.


Sobok: I have loaded the coordinates of my meeting point on the transporter, Ensign. Your mission is over.


Jehe: Very well, sir. ::She rose to accompany him to the transporter pad.:: If you’ll step up here.


Sobok: Live long and prosper, Jehe Saja. :: He said by raising his hand and making the characteristic greeting of his culture. :: Energize.


Jehe: ::Carefully approximating the gestures:: Peace and Long Life, Sobok.


Lowering her hands, she activated the transporter sequence and watched as the eldarly Vulcan whom ahd been her passenger for the duration of the trip vanished in the familiar swirl of blue white motes, leaving behind an empty pad.


Jehe: oO I hope he finds what he was looking for. Oo


With that, she returned to the conn and adjusted her course to take the runabout to it - and her - new home.




Lieutenant Sirok

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding





Ens. Jehe Saja

Intelligence Officer

USS Thor




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