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Lt. JG Alieth - boQDu'

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OOC:  I've really enjoyed exploring the line between the serious side of Teller's character against his more jokey nature, and Alieth has been an absolute pleasure to write with.  It's also allowed me to revisit some of Teller's early antics and the impact other officers have had on him.  Been a real pleasure - thanks @Alieth!  


((XO's office, Deck 1, USS Thor))


Alieth: Sir... I am truly sorry for what happened. And I will strive not to disgrace this uniform again... nor the ideas and people it represents.


Commander teller nodded gravely,the brief smile that had brightened up his features, gone.


Teller:  See that you don't, Lieutenant.  I'm a firm believer in second chances.  Not third chances.  Understood?  


Geoff's voice was sharp and clear.  There was no hostility or malice in it, but the note of warning was obvious. The young Vulcan didn't need any repetition of the query and answered promptly.


Alieth:  Yes, sir, I do.


Then, Teller  stood, and the awareness of danger which even the firmest instruction in the Logic had failed to eradicate suddenly became activated in her mind. She frowned faintly, dreading what would come next.


Teller:  Oh there's one other thing - mentioned in the report.  The tattoo.  Lets see it.  


The Vulcan's face became suddenly pale and then shifted to a bright green


Alieth: Sir... ::the human remained unruffled:: ...Mister Teller… ::She swallowed before appealing to her last resort::Geoffrey John, I… I doubt that will be necessary.


Her attempt failed disastrously.


Teller"Starfleet uniform code regulation 231, Paragraph J, Subsection 3 - Should any active duty personnel receive cosmetic body modifications without first seeking authorization from their commanding officer, said personnel must submit to a command inspection of same prior to returning to duty to verify it poses no impediment or hazard to the performance of said duties."   If you prefer, I could ask Fleet Captain Kells to come by and take care of it.  


After she had ensnared the Captain in a trap during their last mission the last thing she needed to make a 'perfect' impression was him discovering... THAT.


Alieth:  No-no sir, that will not be necessary.


She pouted before the diabolical usage of regulation against her. Despite this, she took off her jacket and pulled back the sleeve of her shirt until her left shoulder blade became visible.


As the commander's eyes settled on the sharp Klingon letters, he laughed, and she turned even greener.


Teller:  No impediment or hazard here, I think.  If anything, it might serve as a good warning label.  As you were, Lieutenant.


She opened her mouth. She closed it. She opened it again, her face even greener as before, and finally decided that silence was a valid retort to that outrageous comment, as she threw the uniform jacket over her shoulders once more.


As Alieth made a hasty retreat for the office door, Geoff rolled up the left sleeve of his uniform jacket. , The movement halted her flight and she turned around slightly just to see how Geoff pulled his sleeve all the way up and exposed his left bicep.


Teller:  We all make mistakes, Lieutenant.  For example, this tattoo?  


The Vulcan's eyes locked on .... THAT. For an instant they wandered up to the face of the First Officer, disbelief percolating through the cracks in her broken dignity, but they hopelessly returned to focus on the voluptuous depiction of a dark-skinned woman on top of a Veritas Class in the First Officer's ashy arm.


Alieth:  Sir?!?!?!?!? How?!?!?! WHEN?!?!?!?! Why I did not know .... !?!?! ::The questions piled up on the tip of Alieth's tongue until she was finally able to summarize them into one:: WHY?!


Teller:  Well, in the original version, Captain Rahman wasn't...::Geoff coughed, momentarily embarrassed::...in uniform.  This lead to some...serious professional awkwardness.  If Lt. Jg. Teller can learn from that, you can learn from this.  ::Geoff wiggled his bicep and the stylized starship and it's equally stylized Captain seemed to ride an invisible wave.::  


The Vulcan's eyes remained firmly anchored to the rolling tattoo for two endless minutes before she regained her ability to speak.


Alieth:  Yes sir, I will sir.


Geoff rolled his sleeve back down, which broke the spell that had petrified the Vulcan doctor until that moment. While Teller headed back behind his desk,  she had a few seconds to pull herself together.


Teller:  That'll be all, Lieutenant.  


Alieth:  Yes, sir. :: She hesitated for a moment and finally (and with the tip of her ears still glowing green) she added:: Thank you, sir.


As the doors to his office slid closed Geoff shook his head and chuckled, rubbing his bicep wistfully.  Captain Rahman had been right to make him keep it, as she had been about so many other things.  Geoff smiled ruefully.  oO Of course.  Skipper's always right. Oo


As soon as she uttered those words, she left the room as fast as she could, ignoring the surprised glances of other crew members when she ran up against them.


On her way back to her quarters the only thing she could see in her mind eye was the disproportionately gifted figure of Captain Rahman on her First Officer's bicep. Her mind kept revolving around the question if whether she had previously had other incorrect attributes and her spot pattern had gone all the way down or...


That day, and many that followed, every time Alieth tried to meditate or sleep, all he could see was Geoff's white biceps and the little Kriosian that rode it. Each time, she opened her eyes with her ears irremediably dyed green.


End of the Scene

OOC: boQDu' -> She-devil in klingon



Lt. JG Alieth

Medical Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607 

E239702A10   Image Collective Co-Facilitator Trainee


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